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Since the transcriptions for Lenora East Cemetery, Lenora South Cemetery and Prairie Gem Cemetery are on the Lenora Cemetery Association web-site, they will not appear on search results here on Solomon Valley Chronicles. The link above will open a new window where you can search that site.

County Cemetery Name Community, Township
Sheridan Adell Cemetery Adell Twp.
Graham Anderson Cemetery Gettysburg Twp.
Norton Archer Cemetery (aka West Union Cemetery) West Union Twp.
Sheridan Bethel Christian Cemetery East Saline Twp.
Norton Bieber Cemetery (aka Calvert Cemetery) Emmett Twp.
Sheridan Bow Creek Cemetery - partial Bow Creek Twp.
Graham Brush Creek Cemetery
            Originally called Turner's Cemetery
Millbrook Twp.
Graham Buchanan Brown Cemetery Pioneer Twp.
Norton Butler Cemetery (aka Crystal Township or Deal Cemetery) Crystal Twp.
Norton Calvert Cemetery (aka Bieber Cemetery) Emmett Twp.
Norton Carlson-Telleson Cemetery Almena Twp.
Graham Coleman Cemetery Pioneer Twp.
Norton Cope Cemetery (aka Leoti Cemetery) Leota Twp.
Norton Crystal Township Cemetery (aka Butler / Deal Cemetery) Crystal Twp.
Norton Deal Cemetery (aka Butler / Crystal Township Cemetery) Crystal Twp.
Norton Densmore Cemetery Densmore, West Union Twp.
Norton Devizes Cemetery Rock Branch Twp.
Norton Edmond Cemetery Edmond, Solomon Twp.
Graham Fagan Cemetery Wild Horse Twp.
Graham Fairview Cemetery Indiana Twp.
Norton Fairview Cemetery Almena Twp.
Norton Farmingdale Cemetery Almena Twp.
Norton Gettis Cemetery Noble Twp.
Graham Gettysburg Cemetery (Abandoned) Gettysburg Twp.
Hill City Cemetery
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Hill City, Hill City Twp.
Norton Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery Garfield Twp.
Graham Leland Cemetery Bryant Twp.
Norton Lenora East Cemetery
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Lenora Twp.
Norton Lenora South Cemetery
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Lenora Twp.
Norton Leoti Cemetery (aka Cope Cemetery) Leota Twp.
Norton Long Branch Cemetery (aka Wray Cemetery) Crystal Twp.
Sheridan Lucerne Cemetery Adell Twp.
Norton Maple Grove Cemetery Rockwell Twp.
Graham McFarland Cemetery Pioneer Twp.
Graham Memorial Lawn Cemetery Hill City, Hill City Twp.
Norton Modell Cemetery Modell Twp.
Graham Morlan Township Cemetery
            Refered to as Asbury Cemetery in a 1921 obituary.
Morlan Twp.
Graham Morland Cemetery Morland, Solomon Twp.
Norton Mount Calvary Cemetery (aka St. Mary's Cemetery) West Union Twp.
Norton Mount Hope Cemetery Almena Twp.
Graham Mount Olive Cemetery Nicodemus Twp.
Norton Mount Olive Cemetery Grant Twp.
Sheridan Mount Pleasant Community Cemetery East Saline Twp.
Graham Nicodemus Cemetery Nicodemus Twp.
Norton Norcatur Cemetery ** Rockwell Twp.
Norton Norton Cemetery, partial Norton, Center Twp.
Norton Oronoque Cemetery Leota Twp.
Graham Penokee Cemetery Penokee, Millbrook Twp.
Graham Prairie Dale Cemetery Pioneer Twp.
Norton Prairie Gem Cemetery
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Highland Twp.
Graham Prairie Home Cemetery
            Originally known as Law's Cemetery
Happy Twp.
Norton Railsback Cemetery Crystal Twp.
Graham Rock Creek Cemetery Gettysburg Twp.
Graham Roscoe Cemetery Graham Twp.
Graham St. Anthony Cemetery, partial Bryant Twp.
Norton St. Joseph Cemetery New Almelo, Almelo Twp.
Norton St. Mary's Cemetery (aka Mount Calvary Cemetery) Densmore, West Union Twp.
Graham Samuel Cemetery Wild Horse Twp.
Norton Sheley Cemetery Harrison Twp.
Graham South Star Cemetery Indiana Twp.
Sheridan Studley Cemetery Valley Twp.
Norton Union Church Cemetery Rock Branch Twp.
Norton West Union Cemetery (aka Archer Cemetery) West Union Twp.
Graham Whitfield Cemetery Pioneer Twp.
Graham Wildhorse Township Cemetery Wild Horse Twp.
Norton Wray Cemetery (aka Long Branch Cemetery) Crystal Twp.
Norton Zellmer Cemetery Grant Twp.

** While the town of Norcatur is in Decatur County, Norcatur Cemetery is in Norton County. The opposite is true at Clayton: the town of Clayton is in Norton County but Clayton Cemetery is in Decatur County.

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