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Surname Given Names Birth Date Death Date Inscription Other Information
        Forever Unknown But to God Vernacular marker.
BABCOCK Child     of Grant Vernacular marker.
BABCOCK Elizabeth (Lacey) 3/28/1893 6/20/1971   This marker is hidden under the tree in the SE section of cemetery.
BARNETT Delbert L. 5/6/1919 11/1/1920    
BLAKESLEE Ollie M.   6/25/1907 Dau of G. A. & E. H.; Aged 17 yrs. 6 ms. 5 dys.  
BOLES O. A. 1865 1925    
BROGAN (Infant) 5/11/1907 5/15/1907 Infan son of Richard Vernacular marker.
BROGAN Adelia H. 3/20/1906 5/13/1906    
BROGAN Louisa   11/5/1918   Same stone as Richard Brogan. Vernacular marker.
BROGAN Richard   11/5/1918   Same stone as Louisa Brogan. Vernacular marker.
BROWN (Infant) 8/1/1886 10/2/1886 Our last Infant son; with Jesus Same stone as Emma Brown; the Infant's inscription is on the North face.
BROWN Emma J. 1/19/1855 8/6/1897 Wife of J. Nelson Brown; Aged 42 yrs. 6 ms. 18 ds. Same stone as Infant Brown; Emma's inscription is on the West face.
BROWN John Nelson     Co. L. 9 Ill. Cav.  
BROWN Ora     Son of J. N. & Emma  
CAMPBELL Elizabeth L. 1882 1944    
CAMPBELL Elizabeth O. 12/24/1909 3/10/1910 Daughter of J. M. & E. L.  
CAMPBELL J. Mortie 1886 1965    
CAMPBELL Jasper N. 1861 1945    
CAMPBELL Ollievine 3/24/1865 1/20/1935    
CASS Carl Lee 8/4/1909 8/20/1983 Married 6/20/1937; Our love lives on Same stone as Ina (Ninemire) Cass.
CASS Circea A. (Hite) 6/20/1914 10/17/2015   Circea was the wife of Clyde Cass.
CASS Clyde A. 5/4/1907 9/25/1985   Clyde was the husband of Circea (Hite) Cass.
CASS Darlie Luzenia (Mitchell) 1880 1937    
CASS Fred D. 12/12/1914 1/22/2001 My sons Richard and Terry Fred was the son of Fulton Vance and Darlie Luzenia (Mitchell) Cass. 
CASS Howard Lee 10/10/1945 2/17/2018   Howard was the son of Clyde and Circea Cass.
CASS Ina L. (Ninemire) 11/29/1911 1/29/1990 Married 6/20/1937; Our love lives on Same stone as Carl Lee Cass.
COLE Stephen   12/23/1904 Aged 81 yrs. 10 ms. 5 ds.  
CONARD Daisy A. (Ewers) 7/1875 1963   Same stone as John R. Conard. Daisy was the daughter of Francis Marion Ewers.
CONARD John R. 10/1870 1943   Same stone as Daisy A. Conard.
CONARD Myron O. 5/10/1905 1/22/1982 Sgt US Army; World War II Myron was the son of John R. and Daisy (Ewers) Conard.
CONARD Oma A. 1911 1913 Our infant daughter  
CONARD Ralfe L. 2/22/1901 6/16/1995 S Sgt US Army; World War II Ralfe was the son of John R. and Daisy (Ewers) Conard.
CORTRIGHT Alcinda (Hedge) 1855 1892 Wife of Isiah  
CRAYNE (Infant)   4/1919 Daughter of Thomas Crayne Vernacular marker.
CRANE Mary Isabel (White) 3/12/1854 11/19/1884   Vernacular marker.
CRAYNE Minnie Belle (Eddings) 5/28/1878 1947 Mother Same stone as Thomas Crayne.
CRAYNE Thomas Elbert 1/23/1875 1954 Father Same stone as Minnie (Eddings) Crayne. Thomas was the son of Benjamin and Ellender (Cole) Crayne.
CRESSLER Ellsworth   1916 Inf. son of W. E. & S. C. Cressler  
CRESSLER James Herbert 4/21/1942 4/21/1942 Son of Mr. & Mrs. Howard Cressler  
CRESSLER Oris A. 12/3/1900 5/26/1982   Oris was the son of Walter and Susanna (Russell) Cressler.
CRESSLER Susanna C. (Russell) 10/18/1879 6/19/1949   Same stone as Walter Cressler. Susanna was the daughter of George and Martha (Linthicum) Russell.
CRESSLER Walter E. 11/8/1873 11/21/1930   Same stone as Susanna (Russell) Cressler. Walter was the son of Alfred and Ellen (Marshall) Cressler.
DANCER (Infant)   11/16/1914 Daughter of Walter Dancer. Vernacular marker.
DANCER Dorothy       Small stone without any dates.
DANCER Emma J. 1886 1954    
DANCER Murle       Small stone without any dates.
DANCER W. Sidney 1875 1923    
DAVIS Infant 3/30/1909 4/1/1909 Son of A. A. & S. M.  
DAWES Elmer James 4/7/1912 5/10/1912    
DAWES Frank Addison 8/29/1865 4/10/1938 Married June 16, 1896; Parents of Ivan and Herschel (buried in Morland Cemetery), Franklin, Lola and Elmer Same stone as Mattie (Hedge) Dawes.
DAWES Franklin Addison 1/4/1904 11/19/1974   Franklin was the son of Frank and Mattie (Hedge) Dawes.
DAWES Harry W. 1909 1947 Brother  
DAWES Ivan Wesley 7/8/1899 8/14/1973   Ivan was the son of Frank and Mattie (Hedge) Dawes. He married Ethel Bell Patterson who is buried in Gove City Cemetery, Gove County, Kansas.
DAWES John W. 9/15/1863 7/4/1915 Father Same stone as Sarah A. Dawes.
DAWES John W., Jr. 1903 1925   Same stone as Laura M. Dawes.
DAWES Laura M. 1907 1936   Same stone as John W. Dawes, Jr.
DAWES Lola Mae 8/12/1906 7/27/2001   Lola was the daughter of Frank and Mattie (Hedge) Dawes.
DAWES Mattie Della (Hedge) 5/17/1874 12/24/1932 Married June 16, 1896; Parents of Ivan and Herschel (buried in Morland Cemetery), Franklin, Lola and Elmer Same stone as Frank Addison Dawes.
DAWES Sarah A. 10/1/1878 3/2/1933 Mother Same stone as John W. Dawes.
DAWES Virginia 1837 1897 His wife Same stone as William Dawes.
DAWES William 1835 1895   Same stone as Virginia Dawes.
DESJARDINS A. L.       Same stone as D. A. and Raymond Desjardins. Vernacular marker.
DESJARDINS D. A.       Same stone as A. L. and Raymond Desjardins. Vernacular marker.
DESJARDINS Raymond       Same stone as A. L. and D. A. Desjardins. Vernacular marker.
DODD Clevie "O" 11/8/1886 11/18/1892   Vernacular marker.
DODD Ruth R.   7/20/1885 Dau of T. P. & M. E.; Aged 4 mo. 4 day  
EILERS Charles 5/10/1851 4/29/1895 Father; Aged 43 ys, 11 ms, 12 ds  
EILERS Francis Marion 1/29/1879 6/8/1895    
EILERS Martha (Wales) 1/1/1858 11/6/1940 Father  
ESQUIBEL Esther Ann 1916 1970    
EWERS Francis M. 1849 1917 Father  
EWERS George B. 1900 1901 Our infant son  
FAIRCHILD C. H. 9/27/1862 1/10/1918    
FITZJARRELL (Infant)   3/15/1909 Son of Mr. & Mrs. C. O. Fitzjarrell  
FITZJARRELL Charles Oscar 8/7/1873 1/13/1940   Same stone as D. Belle Fitzjarrell.
FITZJARRELL Child     of Joseph Vernacular marker.
FITZJARRELL Dora Belle 3/1/1882     Same stone as C. Oscar Fitzjarrell. No death date is inscribed on the marker.
FITZJARRELL Joseph 4/11/1849 6/21/1918   Same stone as Sarah (Cole) Fitzjarrell. Vernacular marker.
FITZJARRELL Sarah Jane (Cole) 12/13/1858 1/15/1919   Same stone as Joseph Fitzjarrell. Vernacular marker.
FLESHER Ira   4/16/1887 Aged 8Ys. 1Mo. 12Ds.   
FOLLIS Anna E. 1875 1958 Mother Same stone as Robert Follis.
FOLLIS Dale Riley 1920 1921 Son of Mr. & Mrs. D. R. Follis  
FOLLIS David R. 1879 1958   Same stone as Mamie Follis. Obit
FOLLIS Erval 1918 1941   Erval was the daughter of David and Mamie Follis.
FOLLIS Ida Mae (Becker) 8/12/1876 6/12/1963   Same stone as Thomas Jefferson Follis. Vernacular marker.
FOLLIS James W. 1916 1970    
FOLLIS Mamie 1892 1968   Same stone as David Follis.
FOLLIS Martha Ann 1837 1924    
FOLLIS Robert F. 1864 1959 Father Same stone as Anna Follis.
FOLLIS Ruby P. 11/21/1898 6/12/1913   Obit
FOLLIS Thomas Henry 4/10/1918 1/28/1969   Vernacular marker.
FOLLIS Thomas Jefferson 10/20/1866 5/28/1942   Same stone as Ida Mae Follis. Vernacular marker.
FOLSOM Leonard 7/3/1938 9/26/2019    
HARRISON Luther L. 1906 1955   Same stone as Velma Harrison. Luther's inscription includes a Shriner's emblem.
HARRISON Velma M. 1905 1986   Same stone as Luther Harrison. Velma's inscription includes an Eastern Star emblem.
HAYNES Truman   8/2/1900 Age 3 years Vernacular marker.
HEDGE George S. 1857 1938   Same stone as Susan Hedge.
HEDGE John 1831 1911   Same stone as Mary Hedge.
HEDGE Mary E. 1836 1890 His wife Same stone as John Hedge.
HEDGE Susan M. 1858 1932   Same stone as George Hedge.
HORTON Mildred E. 5/24/1890 9/22/1890 Daughter of Mark & Anne Eliz. Vernacular marker.
HUMES Barbara (Troutman)       Vernacular marker.
HUNTER (Infant)   1/21/1907 Son of M. S. & R. S.  
HUNTER Cleo E.   12/11/1913 Son of F. E. & D.  
HUNTER Dorrence O. 3/14/1916 12/29/1923 Son of F. E. & D.  
HUNTER Etta 1895 1970 Wife  
HUNTER Frank 1888 1966 Husband  
HUNTER Melvin S.   5/11/1919 Father; Aged 54 ys. 11 ms.  
HUNTER Rhoda S.   8/177/1923 Aged 58 ys. 11 ms. 28d  
JOHNSON Ruth K. 1922 1925 Daughters of C. W. & I. N. Same stone as Wilma Johnson.
JOHNSON Sarah E. 8/22/1860 5/29/1933   Beside the marker for Charles Johnston.
JOHNSON Wilma E. 1917 1918 Daughters of C. W. & I. N. Same stone as Ruth Johnson.
JOHNSTON Charles W.     Co. A. 7 Ill. Inf.  
KARNES (Infant)   1910 In memory of; Daughter of William & Sarah  
KARNES Ada M. 3/9/1876 3/1/199   Same stone as Ada Karnes.
KARNES Arthur R. 1899 1955 Father  
KARNES Charles Ray 12/11/1926 7/25/1928 Son of Ernest & Mattie  
KARNES Dorothy Ilene 11/16/1926 11/24/2003 Dau of Oscar & Elma Karnes  
KARNES Eliza A. 5/17/1845 7/20/1914   Same stone as John T. Karnes.
KARNES Elma V. 1900 1969   Same stone as Oscar Karnes.
KARNES Elmer 7/11/1903 3/20/1907 Son of J. C. & Hettie  
KARNES Ernest 1900 1974   Same stone as Mattie Karnes.
KARNES George Calvin 4/21/1925 5/19/2001 Married 5/30/1954; Parents of Janet & Joyce Same stone as Margaret Karnes. Also military marker: Tec 5 U S Army, World War II
KARNES Herbert D. 1/31/1869 7/29/1929   Same stone as Ada Karnes.
KARNES Hettie 4/30/1877 12/20/1916 Mother; Wife of J. C. Karnes  
KARNES James E. 4/24/1876 5/9/1956 Father Same stone as Maude Karnes.
KARNES John Calvin 10/2/1871 1/29/1943 Father  
KARNES John T. 1/4/1841 9/5/1918    
KARNES Lila Lee 2/22/1925 11/6/2001   Same stone as Wayne Karnes.
KARNES Margaret Marie (Brant) 8/7/1929 1/16/2001 Married 5/30/1954; Parents of Janet & Joyce Same stone as George Karnes.
KARNES Mattie 1900 1978   Same stone as Ernest Karnes.
KARNES Maude M. 6/25/1884 3/4/1964 Mother; A Faithful Couple Same stone as James Karnes.
KARNES Oscar A. 1901 1982   Same stone as Elma Karnes.
KARNES Stella May   1906 Infant daughter of Hubert & Mattie  
KARNES Wayne D. 3/2/1918 1/27/2001   Same stone as Lila Karnes.
KENNEDY Elsie Pauline 1934 1944    
KENNEDY Ethel 1904 1952 Mom Beside the grave of Raymond Kennedy.
KENNEDY Irma 1932 1932   Same stone as Margaret Kennedy.
KENNEDY Margaret 1926 1926   Same stone as Irma Kennedy.
KENNEDY Raymond 6/2/1907 6/19/1987 Dad beside the grave of Ethel Kennedy.
KENNEDY Viola   8/1951 Infant daughter  
KERR Grover 7/2/1888 8/28/1917 Aged 29 ys. 1 mo. 26 ds.  
KERR Lucille 1915 1920    
KIGGINS William Henry        
KING Comma Fay 7/31/1890 5/2/1907   Vernacular marker.
KUNTZ William   1/8/1887   Vernacular marker.
LACEY Bobby A. 1924 1931    
LACEY Frank 1859 1938 Father Same stone as Rosalie Lacey.
LACEY Rosalie 1863 1931 Mother Same stone as Frank Lacey.
MANN C       Vernacular marker.
MAUCK Emma Blanch 9/5/1895 8/7/1930    
MAUCK Henry C. 9/25/1893 3/29/1976    
McCORMICK Marion M. 5/10/1858 12/14/1929 Father  
McCORMICK Martha A. 9/7/1847 8/2/1920 Mother  
MILLER Jess 1876 1929    
MILLER Lionel   2/8/1926    
MOBBS Ellen (Cone) 11/15/1886 11/25/1923   Vernacular marker.
MOTT Harry     Infant sons of Irwin & Lottie Same stone as Samuel Mott.
MOTT Samuel     Infant sons of Irwin & Lottie Same stone as Harry Mott.
MOTT William A.   4/15/1889 Age 26 years Vernacular marker.
NEAL Elizabeth C. 11/8/1857 3/11/1911 Mother Same stone as William Neal.
NEAL William A. 12/24/1850 1/2/1932 Father Same stone as Elizabeth Neal.
NEAL Wm. Michael "Mike" 7/10/1879 4/5/1973    
NEEL L. D.       This is a vernacular marker of concrete and marbles.
NELSON Frank   11/17/1888 Age 16 years Vernacular marker.
NONDORF John   5/23/1898 Age 66 years Vernacular marker.
NONDORF Margaret Jane 4/11/1883 11/25/1895   Vernacular marker.
O'DELL (Baby)        
O'DELL Grace M. 1885 1969    
O'DELL Marie 1912 1932    
O'DELL R. A. 1879 1940    
PARKIS W. P.       Vernacular marker.
ROSWALL John C. 5/9/1864 7/6/1936    
ROSWALL John P. 1839 1908 Father Same stone as Regina Roswall.
ROSWALL Regina C. 1836 1922 Mother Same stone as John P. Roswall.
ROSWALL Wm. H. 1873 1889    
RUSSELL George M. 7/23/1847 3/9/1937 Father  
RUSSELL Martha E. 10/11/1850 10/23/1934 Mother  
SANDMEIER (Infant) 12/22/1889 12/24/1889 Son of Gottlieb  
SANDMEIER Elizabeth 5/31/1854 9/20/1903 Mother Same stone as Gottlieb Sandmeier.
SANDMEIER Gottlieb 9/6/1851 12/1/1935 Father Same stone as Elizabeth Sandmeier.
SANDS Richard 1813 1887    
SCOTT David R. 10/12/1812 3/10/1897    
SCOTT John A. 5/8/1890 10/13/1890 Son of J. W. & L. A.; Though lost to sight to memory dear  
SHAW Janet Marie (Karnes) 4/18/1958 1/12/2020   Daughter of George and Margaret Karnes. Obit
SHIPLEY Lutells 9/20/1865 6/18/1941    
SKINNER (Infant)   11/5/1926 Infant of Dewey Skinner Vernacular marker.
SKINNER Leo Otis   12/1/1927   Vernacular marker
SMALL Charley J.   10/4/1897 Son of T. M. & M. M.; Aged 5 months  
SMALL Gertie E.   9/28/1899 Daughter of T. M. & M. M.; Aged 14 ys 14 ds  
SMALL Mary M.   12/30/1898 Wife of T. M. Small; Aged 38 ys 10 ms 13 ds  
SMALL Thomas M.   6/12/1905 Aged 44 ys. 10 ms. 12 ds; We loved him  
SMITH (Infant)   2/26/1962 Twins of Coy & Nina Smith  
SMITH (Infant)   2/26/1962 Twins of Coy & Nina Smith  
SMITH Frank       In George Smith lot.
SMITH Frank A. 1875 1951    
SMITH Fred       In George Smith lot.
SMITH George J. 1878 1955    
SMITH Iva H. 1896 1982    
SMITH Owen Clifford 2/25/1920 10/30/1920 Gone but not forgotten  
SMITH Roy       In George Smith lot.
SMITH Walter       In George Smith lot.
SMITH Walter C. 2/22/1884 11/8/1917    
SPENCER Cynthia S 1849 1925 Wife of M. D.  
SPENCER M. D. 1848 1927    
SPRINGTON Dotty May 5/2/1894 6/5/1923   Vernacular marker.
SUMNER (Infant)   12/16/1935 Son of Roy & Myrtle  
SUMNER Myrtle A. 1911 1965   Same stone as Roy D. Sumner.
SUMNER Roy D. 1910 1997   Same stone as Myrtle Sumner.
THOMPSON Jimmy L. 1949 1957    
THOMPSON Thomas E. "Tom" 1922 2000   Same stone as Wanda Thompson. Also military marker: U. S. Arm Air Forces, World War II
THOMPSON Wanda J. 1921 1984   Same stone as Tom E. Thompson.
TODD Earnest 12/2/1890 3/16/1891   Same stone as Nelson Todd. Vernacular marker.
TODD Fred 10/7/1873 2/10/1893   Vernacular marker.
TODD Locadie   3/20/1891 Wife of Robert Todd; Aged 38 years  
TODD Nelson   12/2/1886   Same stone as Earnest Todd. Vernacular marker.
TOWNSEND Albert J. 1895 1977    
TOWNSEND Hannah 1/331/1859 3/29/1934 His wife Same stone as James Townsend.
TOWNSEND Hugh A. 7/22/1883 11/24/1905 Son of Mr. & Mrs. J. B. Townsend  
TOWNSEND J. Seawood 1899 1974    
TOWNSEND James B. 7/26/1854 4/1/1919 Father Same stone as Hannah Townsend.
TOWNSEND William 10/1/1878 7/13/1934   Vernacular marker.
TRAXLER (Infant)   7/3/1900   Vernacular marker.
TRUEBLOOD Clayton E. 5/10/1920 12/17/1944 T/5 AUS; KIA ~ Battle of the Bulge; Buried at Margraten, Holland  
TRUEBLOOD Doris Irene (Messamore) 1/7/1924 4/23/2001 Md. 10/6/1946 Parents of Linda, Michael, Marsha Same stone as Edwin Trueblood. Obit
TRUEBLOOD Earl J. 6/27/1893 12/11/1930   Same stone as Florence E. Trueblood.
TRUEBLOOD Edwin 1/3/1919 7/9/2011 Md. 10/6/1946 Parents of Linda, Michael, Marsha Same stone as Doris (Messamore) Trueblood. Obit
TRUEBLOOD Marritta A. 1868 1940 Mother  
TRUEBLOOD Melvin J. 1867 1933 Father  
TRUEBLOOD MAUCK Florence E. (Trueblood) 4/17/1898 7/30/1980   Same stone as Earl J. Trueblood.
TURTLE Alice E.   1934 In memory of; Wife of Fred C. Turtle; Age 87 yrs.  
TURTLE Charles W. 1874 1924 Son of F. C. & A. E. Turtle  
TURTLE F. C. 1850 1901    
WALDEN Elva C. 1866 1933    
WALDEN Emory O. 1858 1916   Same stone as Elva Walden.
WALDEN Emory R. 1825 1884   Same stone as Ruinda Walden.
WALDEN James Orlan 10/29/1889 12/9/1889   Same stone as William Walden.
WALDEN Ruinda L. 1828 1898 Daughter Mary Same stone as Emoray Walden. It appears there is a third grave and the marker is inscribed with "Daughter Mary".
WALDEN William 5/20/1897 5/22/1897   Same stone as James Orlan Walden.
WHITE A. 5/21/1822 11/25/1880 Father & Mother Same stone as J. H. White.
WHITE Child     Child of Benjamin Vernacular marker.
WHITE J. H. 8/19/1817 3/20/1880 Father & Mother Same stone as A. White.
WILLIAMS (3 Infants)     of Sidney & Etta Williams Vernacular marker.
WILLIAMS (Infant)   1926 Son of W. A. & Jennie Williams  
WILLIAMS Clarence Oscar 6/25/1919 1/31/1948 Kansas; Sgt 4, Marines 6 Marine Div.; World War II Obit
WILLIAMS Etta Catherine 9/4/1896 6/26/1929   Same stone as Sidney Williams. Vernacular marker.
WILLIAMS John Ellis 1/24/1890 1/17/1956   Vernacular marker. Obit
WILLIAMS John Henry 1/15/1846 9/30/1935   Vernacular marker.
WILLIAMS Mary E. 6/25/1852 4/1/1920    
WILLIAMS Sidney Robert 10/19/1877 1/17/1933   Same stone as Etta Williams. Vernacular marker.

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