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Nicodemus Cemetery

Directions: On U. S. Hwy 24 at the West edge of Nicodemus, turn North onto 390 Avenue. Drive one mile. Turn East onto T Road. Drive one mile. The cemetery is on the Southwest of the corner of T Road and 400 Avenue.

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Nicodemus Cemetery gate photo

Surname Given Names Birth Date Death Date Inscription Other information
Adams Wanda L. 5/10/1932 10/11/1999 Mother Same stone as Garth Williams and (Living) Adams.
Alexander Alex 6/26/1874 10/20/1958 Father Same stone as Katie Alexander.
Alexander Alonzo G. 1872 1937   Same stone as Rose Ann, Eugenie and Alonzo G. II (1917) Alexander. Obit
Alexander Alonzo G. II 1917 1994   Same stone as Rose Ann, Alonzo G. (1872) and Eugenie Alexander.
Alexander Alonzo G. III 4/26/1957 9/8/2017    
Alexander Andrew J. 1893 1977 Father Same stone as Cordelia Alexander.
Alexander Andrew J. 7/4/1848 8/12/1912 He giveth his beloved sleep  
Alexander Anita 3/24/1909 9/18/1990   Same stone as Earl Alexander.
Alexander Cordelia A. 1892 1974 Mother Same stone as Andrew J. (1893) Alexander.
Alexander Earl 12/3/1908 10/11/1978   Same stone as Anita Alexander.
Alexander Elizabeth 1889 1947   Same stone as Ruth Shannon and Hattie Napue.
Alexander Eugenie 1878 1961   Same stone as Rose Ann, Alonzo G. (1872) and Alonzo G. II (1917) Alexander.
Alexander Glorietta Alvena (Bates) 11/11/1928 12/17/2018   Obit
Alexander James Earl 4/1/1944 4/28/2011 In loving memory of; Rest in peace  
Alexander Katie 12/10/1883 12/13/1964 Mother Same stone as Alex Alexander.
Alexander Ordral James 7/2/1920 9/26/1992 In loving memory of  
Alexander Rose Ann 1915 1935   Same stone as Alonzo G. (1872), Eugenie and Alonzo G. II (1917) Alexander.
Allen Ollie E. 1891 1960 At rest  
Barnett Wellington 10/1833 10/6/1911    
Bibb J. C. 12/17/1887 1/23/1962   Same stone as Mattie Bibb.
Bibb Loyd 12/3/1836 11/1/1911 Born in Kentucky  
Bibb Mattie 2/3/1887 8/28/1968   Same stone as J. C. Bibb.
Boles Anderson     Co. B 6th U. S. C. Cav.  
Brown Mildred 8/25/1903 1/9/1921 Wife of C. H. Brown  
Buckner Anna 10/29/1872 11/19/1910    
Burney Hattie (Craig) 6/9/1887 1/2/1988   Obit
Cannon Willie       Same stone as Margaret Watts and Mary Murry. No dates.
Clark Celia B. 8/7/1880 12/24/1905   Same stone as Philip H., Jasper and John W. Clark.
Clark Esther T. 7/30/1894 8/4/1956   Same stone as Hughley H. Clark.
Clark Hughley H. 4/13/1889 3/13/1993   Same stone as Esther T. Clark.
Clark Jasper 7/20/1912 2/12/1912   Same stone as Celia B., John W. and Philip H. Clark.
Clark John J. 1/15/1883 4/21/1968 Father; At rest  
Clark John T. 1/12/1850 10/8/1911    
Clark John W.       Beside Hughley & Esther Clark. No dates.
Clark John W.   9/13/1915   Same stone as Celia B., Jasper and Philip H. Clark.
Clark Philip H. 1/4/1923 3/23/1924   Same stone as Celia B., Jasper and John W. Clark.
Cohen Sarah   3/31/1904   This grave is unmarked.
Coleman J. C. 3/15/1852 6/19/1914    
Coleman Lucinda 1889 1966    
Coleman Oleathia   6/1907   Unmarked. Obit
Combs Eldridge     Co. F. 114 U. S. C. I.  
Cruder Vernita R. (Napue) 1/6/1927 9/2/2010   Daughter of Halbert and Verna (Williams) Napue.
Davenport Benjamin     Co. K. 109 U. S. C. Infantry Same civilian stone as Malvina Davenport with given name spelled Benjiman; no dates.
Davenport Ellen       Beside Benjiman Davenport but no surname or dates on this marker.
Davenport Liza       No dates.
Davenport Malvina     His wife Same stone as Benjiman Davenport; no dates.
Davenport Nancy       No dates.
Davenport Pearlie       No dates.
Daye Earl W. 7/23/1926 3/9/1951 Iowa; PFC 580 Ord Maint Co; World War II  
Dowdell Frank E., Jr. 10/13/1943 2/22/2002   Obit
Eastman Henry     Co. E. 12th U. S. C. H. A.  
Fletcher Thomas 1845 1907   GAR emblem
Fletcher Zachariah 6/12/1846 2/24/1927 Co. B. 3 Regt U. S. Cld Hv Arty  
Girley Richard D. 1873 1948 Beloved; Oh how we miss you  
Grant John     Co. I. 116 U. S. C. I. Obit
Griffie Delbert Leon 7/6/1938 9/8/2004 Son Same stone as Emma Geneva (Williams) Griffie.
Griffie Emma Geneva (Williams) 3/20/1911 10/6/2003 Mother; You were God's Amazing Grace Same stone as Delbert Griffie.
Griffin Geraldine T. 7/4/1914 11/14/1964    
Hale C. G. 12/26/1836 9/12/1908    
Harris Ellen 1851 1903    
Harris Johncy 1874 1895    
Harris Tabitha 1877 1892    
Hawkins Infant   8/18/1893   Unmarked. Newspaper item
Hayden Lettie   1912 Mother  
Henderson Anna 12/14/1892 1/13/1958    
Henrie Reginald B. 7/21/1892 6/24/1944    
Hughes H. H.     Co. H. 17 U. S. C. I.  
Jenkins John     Co. I. 107th U. S. C. T.  
Johnson Thomas     Co. B. 116 U. S. C. I.  
Jones Annie     Wife of J. Jones  
Jones J   3/13/1905 years  
Jones Lulu J. 1887 1946 Sister  
Kirtley Eva Mae 12/22/1910 2/7/1937    
Lacey Bobbie 9/12/1906 4/8/1992    
Lacey Timsley 12/25/1871 12/3/1954    
Lacey Tuscombia 3/14/1873 11/6/1945    
Lacy Juda Bell 10/1845 6/1940    
Lacy Walter 8/1876 8/1917   Footstone: He was born in old Kentucky where the meadow grass is blue.
Lacy William 3/1840 11/1912    
Lee Birth G   6/2/1902 Dau. of S. M. & L. J. Lee; Age 17 ys.  
Lee Eliza 5/15/1832 7/1/1912    
Lee Luisa J   5/29/1890 Wife of S. M. Lee; Age 45 ys.; At rest  
Lee Mary E.   10/22/1881 daut. of Rev. S. M. & L. Lee; Aged 11 ys. 2 ms. 16 d's.; In Heaven  
Lee W.   2/3/1892 At rest; Age 79 ys.  
Lilly M. K. E. 2/2/1861 7/11/1919 Age 58 yrs 5 mos & 9 dys  
Lilly Steven 6/6/1848 1/3/1929 Age 80 Yrs 7 Mos. 3 Das. Faithful until the end; Gone but not forgotten  
Lored Bennie 4/10/1889 4/19/1912    
Lored Elizabeth 12/17/1852 3/1/1923    
Lored Mont 1890 1953 Brother  
Lored Myrtle 4/1894 10/31/1912    
Morton Daniel L.     Co. I. 4 U. S. C. I.  
Murry Mary   1917   Same stone as Willie Cannon and Margaret Watts.
Napue Garold D. 1906 1977 Married May 8, 1930 Same stone as O'Letha (Van Duvall) Napue.
Napue Hattie 1881 1941   Same stone as Ruth Shannon and Elizabeth Alexander.
Napue O'Letha M. (Van Duvall) 1907 2002 Married May 8, 1930 Same stone as Garold Napue.
Napue Verna O.        
Napue William H. 1/11/1925 12/14/1995 Beloved husband & father  
Nevels Donna Adell (Alexander) 11/3/1930 8/10/2001 Mother of Russell, Stephen, Tony, Andrea  
Nevels Tyrone Anthony 4/18/1957 10/9/1997 Our beloved Tony  
Olden Edward Claude 2/9/1980 8/10/2016 "Big Ed", The Lord is my Shepherd Psalm 23 Obit
Payer Elmo 2/2/1886 10/13/1959    
Petrie Wray Ustacia (Alexander) 1/6/1928 1/13/2014   Daughter of Andrew James and Cordelia Atwinna (Van Duvall) Alexander.
Redd Guy W. 6/1/1904 7/20/1988 Married 12/24/1936 Same stone as Juanita Redd.
Redd Juanita 4/4/1909 3/20/1995 Married 12/24/1936 Same stone as Guy Redd.
Redd Lewis 1839 1916   Same stone as Mary F. Redd.
Redd Mary F. 1866 1905   Same stone as Lewis Redd.
Robinson Elizabeth 3/18/1862 12/15/1932 Mother  
Robinson J. R. 5/15/1863 3/21/1927 At rest  
Robinson Roberta R. 5/21/1927 10/28/2013    
Robinson Theresa L. 6/4/1914 12/3/1966 Married 38 yrs. Oct. 18, 1966 Same stone as Virgil Robinson.
Robinson Virgil B. 2/16/1908 12/24/1999 Married 38 yrs. Oct. 18, 1966 Same stone as Theresa Robinson.
Sayers Alfred M. 1915 1946 Tho lost to sight to memory dear  
Sayers Ethel M. 1/9/1898 6/1/1920 In fond remembrance of the only daughter of Mr. & Mrs. G. M. Sayers  
Sayers George Irvin 8/5/1902 9/7/2000   Same stone as first wife Wilma (Watson) Sayers. Second wife was Bernice Jones; third wife was Minerva Wellington.
Sayers Clarence 8/28/1930 2/9/2012 June 16, 1949 Same stone as Yvonne (Napue) Sayers.
Sayers George M. 10/20/1858 7/13/1956   Same stone as Mary E. (Bates) Sayers.
Sayers James H. 12/15/1940 1/2/1987 SP5 US Army; Vietnam  
Sayers Mary Eliza (Bates) 9/1/1863 11/10/1934   Same stone as George M. Sayers.
Sayers Wilma (Watson) 1908 1951   Same stone as George Irvin Sayers.
Sayers Yvonne Z. (Napue) 5/22/1933 5/13/2011 June 16, 1949 Same stone as Clarence Sayers. Obit
Shannon Ruth 1896 1945   Same stone as Elizabeth Alexander and Hattie Napue.
Simpson Lena (Kirk) 1880 1960    
Smith Charley     Co. A. 122 U. S. C. I.  
Smith Diana 10/20/1819 11/30/1896 At rest  
Smith Elizabeth       Same stone as Henry, Henry Jr., and Lucrecia Smith. No dates.
Smith Henry       Same stone as Elizabeth, Henry Jr., and Lucrecia Smith. No dates.
Smith Henry, Jr.       Same stone as Elizabeth, Henry, and Lucrecia Smith. No dates.
Smith Lucrecia       Same stone as Elizabeth, Henry, and Henry Jr. Smith. No dates.
Switzer Fern Nannette (Stalnaker) 7/16/1933 6/20/1998    
Switzer Fred L. 2/22/1899 3/12/1984   Same stone as Ora (Wellington) Switzer. Obit
Switzer Freddie T. 5/30/1924 7/11/2010    
Switzer Lee Everett 12/3/1927 9/14/2008 Pfc US Army; Korea  
Switzer Ora T. (Wellington) 2/24/1903 8/23/2009   Same stone as Fred L. Switzer. Obit
Switzer Orin L. 1904 1940    
Switzer William 1866 1910 In memoriam  
Taylor Mrs. John   5/9/1893   Unmarked. Newspaper item
Terry Bernadine E. 1/29/1930 12/12/1976    
Thompson Wilma (Wilson) 1903 1974 Mother  
Van Duvall Alex G. 3/23/1855 8/8/1944   Same stone as Mary E. Van Duvall.
Van Duvall Alfred L. 5/8/1917 12/28/1959    
Van Duvall Ernestine C. (Williams) 2/16/1921 5/25/2004   Same stone as Phillip L. Van Duvall.
Van Duvall Grace F. (De Prad) 7/1/1896 4/3/1979 Mother  
Van Duvall Henry L. 4/4/1897 12/5/1969 Kansas; Pvt Sup Co 65 Pioneer Inf; World War I  
Van Duvall Jessie B. 1884 1963   Same stone as Leonard C. Van Duvall.
Van Duvall John D. 1/8/1854 12/10/1934    
Van Duvall Leonard 1882 1964   Same stone as Jessie Van Duvall.
Van Duvall LeRoy Henry 8/5/1921 1/12/2012    
Van Duvall Lucy J. 11/17/1867 7/15/1932 Mother  
Van Duvall Mary E. 9/27/1872 10/17/1960   Same stone as Alex G. Van Duvall.
Van Duvall Phillip L. 5/14/1899 11/17/1975   Same stone as Ernestine (Williams) Van Duvall.
Vaughn Charles S. 9/13/1885 4/9/1950   Same base as Clementine Napue Vaughn.
Vaughn Clementine (Napue) 5/21/1886 3/26/1988   Same base as Charles S. Vaughn.
Vaughn Electa 11/21/1897 8/28/1911    
Vaughn Hugh Jerome 3/18/1895 8/29/1911    
Vaughn Jennie 11/4/1882 1/21/1946 At rest  
Vaughn John        
Vaughn Junior 2/27/1879 5/15/1880   Same stone as Vergie Vaughn.
Vaughn Laura        
Vaughn Lottie 10/14/1888 10/31/1907    
Vaughn Vergie 1/8/1881 12/1/1882   Same stone as Junior Vaughn.
Wade Raphiel        
Wade Roderik A.        
Watts Margaret   1915   Same stone as Willie Cannon and Mary Murry. Obit
Weaver J. A. 9/29/1837 2/20/1912 At rest  
Wharton Helen Mary 5/5/1915 5/14/1915   Same stone as Ruby Wharton.
Wharton Ruby Louise 5/28/1916 6/12/1916   Same stone as Helen Wharton.
White Arthur W. 1/18/1912 4/24/1969   Same stone as Marie White.
White Homer 10/20/1883 10/3/1983 In loving memory of our dear uncle  
White Marie E. 1/30/1909 4/12/1976   Same stone as Arthur White.
Wilkerson Margaret A. 1919 1973    
Williams Arlene E.        
Williams Charles 1880 1940   Vernacular marker.
Williams Cora        
Williams Cora        
Williams Elizabeth (Garland) 1891 1954   Vernacular marker.
Williams Eugene S. 11/30/1916 11/17/1970    
Williams Garth 10/10/1953 7/15/1999 Son Same stone as Wanda L. Adams and (Living) Adams.
Williams Henry        
Williams Henry        
Williams Lonnetta 4/25/1904 5/4/1980    
Williams Vanessa G.        
Woods Alberta Mae (Williams) 5/12/1926 7/12/1987 Rest in Peace  

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