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Directions: On KS Hwy 9, between Edmond and Logan, turn South at the Densmore exit. The cemetery is on the East side of the road, approximately one-quarter mile from the highway.

The "Other Information" column may contain information not on the marker and/or data garnered through research.

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Surname Given Names Birth Date Death Date Inscription Other information Photo
  Molissa       Too eroded to read. Beside and the same style as the marker of Frank George. Photo
ADAMS Elsie Archer 10/2/1894 4/14/1927     Photo
ADAMSON Abraham 2/26/1852 1/2/1912 At rest Husband of Nancy Ellsworth. Photo
ADAMSON John   2/9/1890 Aged 66y. 1m. 27d.; Come ye blessed   Photo
ADAMSON Nacy 11/17/1853 4/30/1914 Wife of A. Adamson; At rest Given name should be Nancy. Daughter of Jeremiah & Elizabeth (Cline) Ellsworth. Born in Bond County, Illinois. Photo
ARCHER Abbie M. 1880 1951   Wife of Harry Archer. Maiden name was Thomas. Photo
ARCHER Adah M. 1877 1963   Same stone as Garfield Archer. Daughter of Clarence & Teressa (Illingworth) Burnap. Photo
ARCHER Asbury 1850 1928   Same stone as Emmaline Archer. Son of Michael & Sarah (Young) Archer. Photo
ARCHER Elizabeth 1825 1893   Same stone as Jacob Archer; she was his second wife. Maiden name was Sadler. Photo
ARCHER Emmaline (Archer) 1853 1947   Same stone as Asbury Archer. Daughter of Jacob & Elizabeth (Sadler) Archer. Photo
ARCHER Garfield J. 1880 1940   Same stone as Adah Archer. Photo
ARCHER Harry D. 1/5/1884 2/7/1974 He loved and cared Bertha May Archer Husband of Abbie Thomas. Photo
ARCHER Jacob 1814 1893   Same stone as Elizabeth (Sadler) Archer. Photo
ARCHER Joseph Jr. 10/4/1897 5/8/1972   Large Archer family stone. Son of Joseph & Laura (Moore) Archer; never married. Photod
ARCHER Joseph Sr. 11/29/1859 4/11/1915   Large Archer family stone. Son of Ananias & Mariah (Miller) Archer. Photo of family marker Photo
ARCHER Laura (Moore) 3/25/1865 7/18/1956   Large Archer family stone. Obit. Photo of family marker Photo
ARCHER Mabel 1/28/1895 2/18/1933   Large Archer family stone. Daughter of Joseph Sr. & Laura (Moore) Archer. Photo of family marker Photo
ARCHER Maggie E.   8/8/1896 Dau of A. J. & E. E.; Aged 15y. 23d. The circle is broken, Our seat is forsaken, Another flower blossoms in the dews of heaven Daughter of Asbury & Emmeline (Archer) Archer. Photo
ARCHER Mary J. 1873 1950   Same stone as Raymond Archer. Maiden name was Daily. Photo
ARCHER Ole E. 11/2/1887 6/29/1964 PFC Co. I 21 Engineers WWI Son of Asbury & Emmaline (Archer) Archer. Photo
ARCHER Raymond N. 1865 1907   Same stone as Mary Archer. Son of Jacob & Elizabeth (Sadler) Archer. Photo
BAKER Marguarett M. 1833 1917     Photo
BARDEN Emily 1841 1927 Mother Obit and Article. Photo
BARDEN Orrin 11/18/1830 5/14/1904   Enlisted as a private in Company K, 5th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment. Mr. Barden's grave was unmarked for 107 years until a VA marker was installed during June 2011. Obit and Article. Photod
BAUGUESS Infant 5/10/1920 5/12/1920 Daughter of Sam & Edna   Photo
BAUGUESS Richard D. 5/16/1845 6/16/1917 Father   Photo
BAUGUESS S. A. 5/16/1847 8/5/1909   Newspaper item Photo
BEST Elmer E.   6/11/1896 Aged 8 y. 6m. 12d.   Photo Close-up of inscription
BEST Frank B.   11/27/1899 Aged 42y. 3m. 15d.   Photo Close-up of inscription
BEST John H. 12/22/1890 9/10/1984   Same stone as Ralph Best. Also military marker: Sfc US Army World War I Photo  Photo of military marker
BEST Ralph E. 1889 1900   Same stone as John Best. Photo
BOOTH Esther A. 12/29/1905 9/2/1906 Dau of G. N. & N. V.   Photod
BOOTH Florence 1/12/1878 8/20/1904     Photo
BOOTH G. W. 3/22/1854 7/11/1914     Photo
BOOTH Julia A. 12/16/1850 8/30/1903     Photo
BOYS Etta H. 9/20/1902 5/18/1989   Same stone as George Boys. Photo
BOYS George W. 2/24/1888 12/27/1974   Same stone as Etta Boys. Photo
BOYS Jennie M. 4/8/1888 3/8/1922 Wife of G. W. Boys   Photo  Portrait
BRUINEKOOL Anna 1904 1915     Photo
BRUINEKOOL Emma 1886 1939 Mother Same stone as Pete Bruinekool. Photo
BRUINEKOOL Pete 1875 1949 Father Same stone as Emma Bruinekool. Brother of Etta Voss. Photo
BRUNT Amy L. 1888 1913     Photo
BRUNT Nancy I. 1863 1887     Photo
BUHR Albert J. 1871 1944   Same stone as Johanna Buhr. Photo
BUHR Johanna H. 1875 1945   Same stone as Albert Buhr. Photo
CAMPBELL Chlorinda 1840 1921     Photo
CAMPBELL Dollie   3/23/1898 Dau of C. E. & C. A.; aged 7 ds.   Photo
CAMPBELL Edwin C. 7/2/1836 2/20/1906 At rest   Photod
CAMPBELL Georgie   1/9/1919 Aged 33ys. Beloved one farewell   Photo Close-up of inscription
CHAPMAN Ida   9/30/1889 Wife of Hugh; Aged 23Yrs. 8M. 23D. Broken; lying on ground. Photo
CLARK Fannie Myrtle 1868 1924   Same stone as Melvin Clark. Photo
CLARK Melvin H. 1871 1941   Same stone as Fannie Clark. Photo
DENSMORE Thomas J. 1827 1890     Photo
DILMOND Infant   10/15/1925 Infant son   Photo
EVANS Ira A.   1/27/1892 Son of S. & L.G.; Aged 3m. 10d.   Photo
FRENCH Lois J.   6/2/1891 Wife of Orlando; Aged 33 yrs. 11m. 13ds.   Photo
FRENCH Orlando 1852 1922     Photo
FRENCH Orlando E.   8/28/1901 Son of B & HB; Aged 9 ds.   Photo
FRENCH William H. 1849 1904     Photo
GEORGE Frank G.   3/26/1884 Son of B.F. & M.D.; Aged 2 years 5 days   Photo
GRIFFIN Clara A. 12/11/1888 2/28/1900 Children of J. A. & R. A. Same stone as Dollie, Frank and Rosanna Griffin. Photo
GRIFFIN Dollie 3/30/1895 4/23/1895 Children of J. A. & R. A. Same stone as Clara, Frank and Rosanna Griffin. Photo of inscription Photo
GRIFFIN Frank A. 3/10/1896 3/11/1900 Children of J. A. & R. A. Same stone as Clara, Dollie and Rosanna Griffin. Photo
GRIFFIN Rosanna 2/27/1898 2/17/1900 Children of J. A. & R. A. Same stone as Clara, Dollie and Frank Griffin. Photo of inscription Photo
HADDON Virgil H.   3/17/1933   Vernacular marker. Photo
HOUCHIN Bessie L.   5/8/1901 Dau of J & Ida; Aged 11ys. 9ms. 6ds.   Photo
HOUCHIN Ida L. 1856 1934 Mother Same stone as Joseph Houchin. Photod
HOUCHIN Joseph 1854 1936 Father Same stone as Ida Houchin. Photod
HOUGHTON Ione   5/21/1886 Wife of E. L.; Aged 27y. 2m. 6d.   Photo Close-up of inscription
HOUGHTON Seymour Ledoit   1/29/1893 Son of E. L. & K. E.; Aged 2y. 11m. 8d.   Photo Close-up of inscription
KACKLEY Sarah T.   8/18/1886 Wife of O. B. Kackley; Aged 26y. 8m. 16d.   Photo
KELLEY Elsie Ellen 3/15/1923 9/21/1999     Photo
KENDRICK A. Ernest 6/19/1883 10/30/1954     Photo
KENDRICK Infant     Son of R.W. & R. M.   Photo
KENDRICK John Henry 4/20/1868 2/2/1940     Photo
KENDRICK Rachel A. 1/24/1879 5/7/1957 At rest   Photo
KENDRICK Samuel Meade 5/29/1842 9/22/1923 At rest Same stone as Sarah Kendrick. Also military marker: Sgt. US Army; Civil War. Photo  Photo of military marker
KENDRICK Sarah E. 10/15/1850 5/9/1911   Same stone as Samuel Kendrick. Photo
KINSLOW Lottie Voss 1/3/1901 12/30/1935   With Etta & John Voss. Photo
KOWALKE Harold 10/4/1965 11/1/1975 Son of Peggy Wilcox & Herman Kowalke   Photo
KROGER Catharina   2/27/1899 Wife of Detlef; Aged 82y. 8m. 16d. Same stone as Detlef Kroger. Two stones; both contain the same information. Photo of both markers
KROGER Detlef   10/18/1896 Aged 87y. 18d. Our father. Same stone as Catharina Kroger. Two stones; both contain the same information. Photo Photo of both markers
LOCKHART Mariah 3/25/1841 3/24/1913 Wife of Wm.   Photo of both markers
LOCKHART William   5/7/1905 Aged 74ys. 2ms. 27ds.; Thy trials ended, they rest is won.   Photo of both markers
LOUGHRY Crystal A. 1915 1933   Covered by peonies; South of Samuel & Lucy Loughry. Photo of both markers
LOUGHRY Elmer A. 1913 1938   Covered by peonies; South of Samuel & Lucy Loughry. Photo of both markers
LOUGHRY Lucy H. 10/30/1884 10/23/1963 In God we trust Same stone as Samuel Loughry. Photo of both markers
LOUGHRY Samuel A. 3/9/1874 6/13/1958 In God we trust Same stone as Lucy Loughry. Photo of both markers
LYON Ella I. 2/9/1869 6/16/1915     Photo of both markers
LYON George E. 8/4/1859 3/29/1926 Aged 66yrs. 7ms. 25ds.   Photo of both markers
LYON Novy E.   3/21/1892 Son of J.E. & E.I.; Aged 5m. 24d.   Photo of both markers
MANN Goldie F. 12/14/1899 2/14/1900 Infant dau of C. W. & L. L.   Photo of both markers
MARTINDALE James I. 1852 1914   Same stone as Martha Martindale. Photod
MARTINDALE Martha A. 1859 1933   Same stone as James Martindale. Photod
MATHES James 1829 1914   Same stone as Mary Mathes. Photo of both markers
MATHES Mary A. 1837 1920   Same stone as James Mathes. Photo of both markers
McKIE James 9/14/1815 2/9/1891 Our father   Photo Close-up photo
McKIE James C. 1861 1934   Same stone as Jane McKie. Obit. Photod
McKIE Jane E. 1872 1934   Same stone as James McKie (b. 1861). Photod
MORGAN John F. 9/20/1892 9/30/1923 Brother   Photo of both markers
NICHOL Grace L. 9/24/1889 6/25/1969 Mother Same stone as James Nichol. Photo
NICHOL James 1/16/1877 7/1/1954 Father Same stone as Grace Nichol. Photo
NICHOL Leslie T. 6/30/1916 2/26/1975 Our dear brother Also military marker: SSgt Army Air Forces WWII Photo  Portrait
NICHOLAS Charles T. 8/17/1870 9/18/1932 Father   Photod
NICHOLAS Cora Belle 2/10/1870 9/21/1950 Mother   Photo of family marker Photo
NICHOLAS Glenn E. 6/23/1903 2/16/1920 Son of Mr. & Mrs. C. T.   Photo  Military Marker
NOSTRAND Electa J. 1861 1907   In Brunt lot. Photo
OBRIGHT Clara May   12/29/1914 Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. C. Obright   Photo
OWENSBY Jeaneene Carol 9/16/1954 10/19/1954   In Post lot. Photo
PATTON Robert L.   2/10/1893 Son of T. C. & M. F.; Aged 1yr. 27d.   Photo
POST Frank L. 9/15/1905 2/10/1963 In memory   Photo
POST Jacob 1865 1919   Same stone as Mary Post. Photo
POST Lillie M. 1888 1972 Mother   Photo
POST Mary 1883 1970   Same stone as Jacob Post. Photo
POST Walter L. 1919 1920 Infant son   Photo
REEDY Earl G.   3/12/1886 Son of M. & E. Reedy; Aged 4 Yrs. 11M. 16D.   Photo
SADLER Albert H. 1/7/1848 7/3/1908     Photo
SAFFORD Eliza A.   3/1/1891 Our Mother; Aged 76 yrs. 7 m. 12 days.   Photo
SIMMONS Alberta     Age 31 Concrete vernacular marker. Photo Close-up
SINCLAIR Malcolm H. 1850 1926   Oddfellows emblem. Double stone but half is blank. Photo
SMITH Amon I. 1/1/1903 7/29/1992 Married Mar. 3, 1929; Trust in the Lord Same stone as Averill Smith. Photo
SMITH Averill Lula 6/19/1905 1/25/1996 Married Mar. 3, 1929; Trust in the Lord Same stone as Amon Smith. Photo
SMITH Samuel B. 8/14/1851 3/11/1920   Off base. Photo
SNYDER Dwight D. 1/3/1929 1/3/1929 Children of John & Ethel Same stone as Euella Snyder. Photo
SNYDER Euella A. 11/11/1924 3/12/1925 Children of John & Ethel Same stone as Dwight Snyder. Photo
SNYDER Marjorie Lucille 12/24/1933 12/27/1933 Daughter of Merl & Maudie   Photo
THIELDS Sophia   4/16/1894 Wife of Wm; Aged 63ys. 4ms. 21 d. All instances of the numeral "4" are backwards. Photo
THIELDS William 7/4/1824 10/24/1898   Off base. Photo
TIMMONS Sarah E.   1887   Most of the stone is too eroded to read. Photo
UMBARGER Walter 1877 1888   In Waters lot. Photo
VanHOUTEN Adalin E. 7/6/1847 4/17/1927   Same stone as Thomas VanHouten. Photo
VanHOUTEN Paul J.   7/6/1887 Son of T.J. & A.E.   Photo
VanHOUTEN Thomas J. 7/19/1843 11/5/1917   Same stone as Adaline VanHouten. Photo
VanHOUTEN W. T.   3/16/1940 Aged 72 yrs. 5 mo. 1 da.   Photo
VOSS Clara 1907 1994   Same stone as Cornelius Voss. Photo
VOSS Cornelius 1907 1970     Photo
VOSS Garrett 1873 1936     Photo
VOSS Gertrude 4/22/1838 3/22/1909 Wife of John   Photo Close-up photo
VOSS Heintje "Etta" Bruinekool 10/2/1884 1/28/1936   Etta Bruinekool and John Voss were married in Marion Co., Iowa on 8/18/1884. Photod
VOSS John Clarence 8/11/1863 2/9/1921   Etta Bruinekool and John Voss were married in Marion Co., Iowa on 8/18/1884. Photod
VOSS John J. 9/9/1895 12/6/1917 Bat. F. 334 F.A.N.A.   Photod
VOSS John Sr. 3/3/1839 1/29/1917     Photo Close-up photo
WATERS S. Z. 1811 1889     Photo
WATERS Susannah 1831 1909     Photo
WEBSTER Amy E. 5/8/1889 5/19/1935     Photo
WILCOX Amos     Co E 100 ILL. INF.   Photo
WILCOX Florence J. 6/30/1904 12/21/1996   Same stone as Joseph Ira Wilcox. Photo
WILCOX Joseph Ira 2/6/1901 5/31/1986   Same stone as Florence Wilcox. Photo
WILCOX Joseph Jr. 2/14/1935 10/19/1935     Photo
WILCOX Virgil E. "Gene" 9/7/1929 4/5/2007 In loving memory   Photo
ZIMMERMAN Carrie (Lesley) 2/27/1872 8/14/1950 Mother Wife of James W. Zimmerman. Photo of family marker Photo
ZIMMERMAN Hester H. 3/25/1899 4/6/1984   Daughter of James & Carrie Zimmerman. Photo of family marker Photo
ZIMMERMAN James   1/9/1916 Baby Son of James W. & Carrie Zimmerman. The plot, located in the far northwest cornver of the cemtery under a tree, has cornerstones containing the letter Z. Photo
ZIMMERMAN James W. 1/15/1869 9/15/1941 Father Husband of Carrie Lesley. Photo of family marker Photo

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