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Gettysburg Cemetery

The small town of Gettysburg was a little less than four miles west of present-day Hill City, north of what is now U.S. Highway 24. It was believed to have consisted of approximately 31 structures. Pieces of glass can still be found at the old town-site. Gettysburg Cemetery was a little further west and north of the town.

The following information regarding Gettysburg Cemetery was provided by Contributor #30 who cautions readers these are merely items published in Graham County newspapers, regarding the Gettysburg Cemetery and burials which may have occurred there. It is not certain all were buried there. While some specifically state interment was in Gettysburg Cemetery, others simply say "brought to town" for burial so it is relatively certain those burials were in the cemetery. Some do not mention the burial location at all. Those may have included "home burials", other local cemeteries or even removal via the rail line at WaKeeney for burial elsewhere.

It does not appear the graves were relocated once the town and cemetery were abandoned. It is possible the W. H. Griffin in Hill City Cemetery is the William Griffin listed below. None of the other names are known to be buried in existing cemeteries. In all likelihood, the remains are still there, beneath the sod, unmarked and long forgotten. Here we attempt to remember and honor those souls.

We are requested to say there will be a meeting held at Gettysburg on Tuesday, September 9, for the purpose of organizing a cemetery association. Now that we have had one death in our midst, we hope the people will become aroused to the importance of having a permanent resting place for the dead.

[Source: Gettysburg Lever (Gettysburg, Kansas), 4 September 1879.]

Report of Cemetery Committee.
The committee appointed at the meeting last week to select a suitable site for the location of a cemetery, after examining several tracts of land have selected as the most eligible for that purpose ten acres lying northwest of town, as will be seen by the following report of the committee:
To the Citizens of Gettysburg: We, the undersigned, a committee appointed at a meeting of the people of Gettysburg to select suitable grounds for a cemetery, do hereby report that the ground included within the following boundaries, namely, commencing at a point 120 rods west of the northwest corner of the southwest quarter of section 8, township 8, range 23; running thence south 12 1/2 chains to a slope; thence west 8 chains to a stone; thence north 12 chains to a stone; thence east to the place of the beginning - containing ten acres-appears to us, after careful investigation, to be the most suitable and at the same time the most available site for a cemetery, and we so report.
Respectfully submitted,
Lucien C. Eddy,
F. E. Bowers,
C. H. Grubb,
C. M. Phelps,
Grubb, Committee.

The committee will meet again at some future time to appraise and condemn the land and take such other legal steps necessary to secure a title to the land.

Note: The measurements are
120 rods = 1980 feet
12.5 chains = 825 feet
8 chains = 528 feet

[Source: Gettysburg Lever (Gettysburg, Kansas), 18 September 1879.]

Bowers becomes undertaker
I am now prepared to attend undertaking, having on hand trimmings and other materials for making coffins on short notice. I have also mae [sic] arrangement by which I can furnish caskets and coffins of any description manufactured.
F. E. Bowers

[Source: Gettysburg Lever (Gettysburg, Kansas), 4 June 1880.]

Surname Given Names Death Date Obituary
BEACH Susan A.
Died October 19, 1879. Susan A. Beach, 47. Wife of Stephen A. Beach.
[Source: Gettysburg Lever (Gettysburg, Kansas), 24 October 1879.]
est 11/26/1880
The little five-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cowle, living about eight miles west of town, died last Friday. The rfemains [sic] were brought to town for interment. Mrs. Cowle is a sister of Mrs. Ed Day.
[Source: Graham County Lever (Gettysburg, Kansas), 3 December 1880.]
est 3/1/1881
"Died at the residence of Reverend G.W. Graham, Tuesday night at 12:00 o'clock, William Griffin, of consumption.
[Source: Graham County Lever (Gettysburg, Kansas), 4 March 1881.]
Died, in childbirth, at her residence, seven miles west of ettysburg [sic], on the 5th, Martha, wife of Almer Monroe, aged 22 years. Her remains were brough [sic] to town for interment. The child is healthy and bids fair to live.
[Source: Gettysburg Lever (Gettysburg, Kansas), 9 April 1880.]
Mr. Monroe has intered [sic] the remains of his wife near our town temporarily, intending to remove them in the fall to a place beside those of a twin sister at Beloit, who died exactly one year before Mrs. Monroe in the same manner-in childbirth.
[Source: Gettysburg Lever (Gettysburg, Kansas), 23 April 1880.]
Died September 1, 1879, of diphtheria, DAVID MOORE, six years, eleven months. Son of Annis and Laura Moore.
[Source: Gettysburg Lever (Gettysburg, Kansas), 4 September 1880.]
MOORE Nettie
Died in Gettysburg, October 3, 1879. Nettie Moore, three years; daughter of Jack and Laura A. Moore; of membraneous croup. Funeral to be October 4.
[Source: Gettysburg Lever (Gettysburg, Kansas), 3 October 1880.]
Died in Gettysburg, September 9, 1879, Lola E. Robinson, one year, 10 months, 16 days. Diphtheria. Daughter of Ira and Annettie Robinson.
[Source: Gettysburg Lever (Gettysburg, Kansas), 11 September 1879.]
est 6/1886
A dear little girl of Mr. W. Smith's family, of Rock Creek, was buried in Gettysburg Cemetery on Thursday of last week. Only fifteen months on earth, but an eternity in heaven.
[Source: Hill City Reveille (Hill City, Kansas), 18 June 1886.]
VanNATTA Infant Daughter
Died on Monday, August 2, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William VanNatta, aged about nine months. the remains were brought to town for interment.
[Source: Graham County Lever (Gettysburg, Kansas), 6 August 1880.]

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