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Directions: On U.S. Hwy 283 turn East at DD Road (13 miles north of intersection of 283 and U.S. Hwy 24 in Hill City; or 1 mile south of Norton-Graham county line). Drive 6 miles to 330 Avenue. Turn North for one-half mile. Turn East on DD Road again. Drive approximately 1.5 miles. The cemetery is on the South side of the road, just before a set of tank batteries.

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Surname Given Names Birth Date Death Date Inscription Other information Photo
BAKER Child       Child of John Baker; first burial in the cemetery. Unmarked.  
BARBEE Matilda A.   7/25/1887 Wife of W. T. Barbee   Link to photo Link to photo of marker top
BOYS Eda A. 7/26/1858 4/3/1908 Mother Same stone as Robert Boys. Link to photo
BOYS Lillie 9/13/1881 5/31/1979     Link to photo
BOYS Robert 3/15/1848 7/5/1913 Father Same stone as Eda A. Boys. Link to photo
BOYS Theodore K. 2/5/1903 11/22/1937 At rest   Link to photo
BROWN Mrs.   6/1909   No marker found when photographed 24 June 2008. Newspaper Item  
CARY ---- Mae 1913 1930     Link to photo
CARY Hazel Irene 1/9/1912 4/1/1916     Link to photo
DAVIS David   12/1916   Unmarked. Obit  
DAVIS R. G.   12/25/1909     Link to photo
DWELLY John S. 1849 1929   Same stone as Margaret D. Dwelly. Footstone: Father Link to photo Link to photo of footstone
DWELLY Margaret D. 1848 1930   Same stone as John S. Dwelly. Footstone: Mother Link to photo Link to photo of footstone
FRAZEY Loyd Eugene 7/28/1928 5/18/2018      
FREDDE Alberta May   11/9/1939 Daughter of Albert & Iva Fredde   Link to photo
FREDDE Henry William   8/31/1929 Son of Henry & Lydia   Link to photo
GIFT Rachel E. 1835 1915 His Wife Same stone as Richard H. Gift. Link to photo
GIFT Richard H. 1831 1914   Same stone as Rachel E. Gift. Link to photo
GOFF Asa J. 1883 1966     Link to photo
GOFF Johnie   1/11/1889 Son of G. W. & A. L. Goff Farther was Eugene/Gene Washington Goff. Link to photo
GOFF Sophia 1890 1989   Maiden name was Steed. Link to photo
HENRY Babys         Link to photo
HENRY Clara I. 9/1/1907 2/13/1908 Dau. of J. C. & A. Henry. At Rest   Link to photo
HENRY Edith O. 1882 1956   Same stone as John W. Henry. Link to photo
HENRY Fred H. 2/22/1912 10/23/1966     Link to photo
HENRY Gertrude M. 10/23/1902 10/19/1990     Link to photo
HENRY James W. 2/23/1843 8/14/1913 Co D 77 Reg O Inf Obit Link to photo
HENRY John W. 1876 1954   Same stone as Edith O. Henry. Link to photo
HENRY Mary J. 1/7/1909 10/31/1910 Dau. of J. C. & A. Henry; At Rest   Link to photo
HENRY Matilda 6/14/1848 12/25/1906 Wife of J. W. Henry   Link to photo
HENRY Theo H. 6/16/1912 10/30/1913     Link to photo
HENRY     8/28/1909 Infant dau. Of J. L. & L. E. Henry   Link to photo
HURST Sarah E. 1837 1925 Wife of M. D. Hurst   Link to photo
LUSE Lawrence L. 7/11/1903 11/8/1929     Link to photo
McLAUGHLIN Anna E. 1832 1904 Mother of M. P. McLaughlin   Link to photo
RUNDLE Grace 1876 1932 Wife of John E. Rundle Same stone as Richard Rundle. Link to photo
RUNDLE James 1845 1915   Same stone as Nancy M. Rundle. Obit Link to photo
RUNDLE John E. 1874 1955 Father   Link to photo
RUNDLE Nancy M. 1847 1940   Same stone as James Rundle. Link to photo
RUNDLE Richard J. 1906 1937 Son Same stone as Grace Rundle. Link to photo
SIMPSON Caroline S. 1832 1907 His wife Same stone as G. W. Simpson & Hattie White. Link to photo
SIMPSON Geo. W.   3/22/1904   2 stones on either side of the tree. The north one is just for him, listing age but not birth year. The south one is the same as the one for his wife Caroline S. Simpson and daughter Hattie White. Link to photo of joint stone Link to photo of 2nd stone
SLAUGHTER Henry W. 2/20/1855 12/19/1939 Father   Link to photo
STEED Joseph 7/12/1887 10/29/1898     Link to photo
STEED William 1850 1938 Our Father Odd fellow symbol. Link to photo
STEWART William Leslie 1/14/1911 8/2/1920 Son of William H. & Stella Stewart Obit Link to photo
TRISLER Stella G. 1877 1968 Mother Same stone as Walter Trisler & Eva Wallgren. Link to photo
TRISLER Walter B. 1873 1944 Father Same stone as Stella G. Trisler & Eva Wallgren. Link to photo
VOSS Garrett 8/9/1903 8/9/1972   Same stone as Thelma Voss. Link to photo
VOSS Gweneth L.   1/9/1915 Inf. Dau. Of H. M. & M. R. Voss   Link to photo
VOSS Irma (Henry) 7/7/1904 7/24/1999 Married 4/8/1925. In God We Trust. Same stone as Louis J. Voss. Link to marker photo
VOSS Leland James 1/5/1930 7/18/1932 Son of Louis & Irma Voss.   Link to photo
VOSS Louis J. 12/13/1892 8/14/1971 Married 4/8/1925. In God We Trust. Same stone as Irma Voss. Also military marker: Kansas Pvt 353 Inf 89 Division World War I Link to photo of joint stone Link to photo of military stone
VOSS Ray   1929 Infant Same stone as Wayne Voss. Link to photo
VOSS Thelma F. 1/7/1907 6/9/1994   Same stone as Garrett Voss. Link to photo
VOSS Wayne 1932 1942   Same stone as Ray Voss. Link to photo
WALLGREN Clifford 1926 1926   Same stone as Harold Wallgren Link to photo
WALLGREN Eva L. 1909 1932 Daughter Same stone as Walter & Stella Trisler. Also, a second stone just for Eva. Link to photo
WALLGREN Harold 1923 1930   Same stone as Clifford Wallgren Link to photo
WHITE Hattie (Simpson) 1874 1906 Dau. Same stone as G. W. & Caroline Simpson. Link to photo
WHITE Kattie N. 4/12/1873 4/6/1907 Wife of S. K. White   Link to photo
WHITE S. K.   8/27/1912 At rest Odd fellow symbol and "No. 562". Link to photo
WHITE       Infant son of S. K. & K. N. White   Link to photo
WITHINGTON Esther 1879 1968 Mother   Link to photo
WITHINGTON Victor Boone 7/12/1912 12/15/1915     Link to photo
WITHINGTON Walter W. 1876 1946 Father Same stone as Esther Withington Link to photo
WITHINGTON       Infant dau of W. W. & E. A. Withington. Not lost but gone before.   Link to photo

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