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Cope Cemetery

Directions: From Norton, go west on U. S. Hwy 36 six miles to KS 383. Turn south and drive 3.6 miles. Just around the curve, turn south on Road W6 for approximately 1/2 mile. Turn east on Road Q. Drive 3 miles and turn north on Road W3. After one mile, the road will curve to the west. The cemetery will be at the top of the hill on the south side of the road.

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There are only five identifiable graves in this cemetery. Jump to the section for
the Cope children
Abram Louk
the Vanmeter children

Photo of Cope Cemetery (or Leota Cemetery)

Cope Children

Close up of inscription
Sept. 16, 1885
Aged 13 yrs. 8 ms. 9 ds.

Albert Cope's grave marker

Close up photo of inscription

Sept. 12, 1885
Aged 3 yrs. 3 ds.

Claudy Cope's grave marker

Close up photo of inscription

Children of
I. N. & C. P.

Isaac and Charity (Cary) Cope,
who are buried in Norton Cemetery, had eight other children: Flora, Pearl (who died in 1879 at the age of ten months), Floyd, Inez, Harrison, Bertha, Roy and Hall.

Photo of Cope children inscription

Mr. and Mrs. Louk

Abram Louk

N. Y. CAV.

Amerian Legion
Harmonson-Redd Post No 63
Abram Louk, Civil War Veteran
8th N. Y. Cavalry, Native of Webster, Monroe County, N.Y.
Chairman, First Convention Norton Co. on Oct. 15, 1872
County Comm. Sept. 24, 1872 Chairman of board.
Mr. & Mrs. Louk died in June, 1877.

Although there is no marker, Hannah Louk is probably also buried here.

Contradicting the sign, both Abram and Hannah were listed on the Mortality Schedule of 1880 as having died in April of pneumonia after residing in the county for eight years. Abram had been born in New York and was 60 years old at the time of his death while Hannah had been born in Massachusetts and was 56 when she died.

Photo of Louk sign
VanMeter Children

Jacob VanMeter

Julian VanMeter

Children of inscription photo

Jacob R. Julian N.
Died Died
Mar. 6, 1873 Apr. 18, 1889
Aged Aged
1Mo. 4d's. 4d's.

Our Boys
J. J. & Celestia

Julius and Mary Celestia (Gray) VanMeter had at least six other children. Those living with them on the 1900 census were Alma, Julius J., John N., Leona, Delsie and Hawley.

VanMeter lot

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