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Bethel Christian Cemetery

Bethel Christian Cemetery is located in the southeast portion of Sheridan County.

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Surname Given Names Birth Date Death Date Inscription Other information
Bailey James Leslie 10/23/1899 9/1/1922 Son of J. E. & S. B. Bailey  
Bonine Anna Hartesen 1910 1916    
Borger John V. 5/21/1882 9/17/1915    
Borger Lilly T. 1857 1927 Mother Borger family stone, smaller individual stones.
Borger Valentine P. 1856 1929 Father Borger family stone, smaller individual stones.
Byrne Z. T. 3/14/1848 3/13/1909   Corrick family plot. Father of Annie Bryne Corrick.
Chapman Clifford M. 9/12/1913 10/15/1913 Our Baby; Infant of Mr. & Mrs. L. G. Chapman.  
Chapman Delmar Lea 1926 1926    
Corrick Annie Bell Bryne 3/24/1872 8/20/1920   Corrick family plot.
Corrick C. B. Bert 1/13/1888 11/17/1968   Reported to be in Corrick family plot. On 4 Sept 2010 the plot was overgrown with irises and no marker was found for this individual.
Corrick Cora M. Duncan James 1875 1941   James family plot.
Corrick Ellis D. 4/9/1864 12/4/1939   Corrick family plot.
Corrick Rebecca G. 1/6/1895 12/2/1917   Reported to be in Corrick family plot. On 4 Sept 2010 the plot was overgrown with irises and no marker was found for this individual.
Corrick Verna M. 5/8/1905 1/12/1996   Corrick family plot.
Daniels Floetta 1872 1935   Same stone as Frank Daniels.
Daniels Frank 1875 1966   Same stone as Floetta Daniels.
Daniels Zella Fay 1905 1929    
Duncan Margaruite 3/18/1854 6/8/1942   James family plot.
James Christle 4/20/1905 2/2/1910   James family plot.
James Infant Girl   1923    
James Malcom Leroy 1/8/1916 6/19/1916 Son of Mr. & Mrs. H. L. James  
James Robert T. 8/23/1845 8/16/1915   James family plot.
James Stewart 1921 1921    
Kirby Francis Lee 3/8/1859 3/21/1940   Same stone as Lucinda Kirby.
Kirby Lucinda Ann 7/4/1862 4/6/1947   Same stone as Francis Kirby.
Miller Phillip J. 3/31/1872 12/7/1914 Safe in the arms of Jesus  
Morgan Deloris F. 3/2/1928 6/5/1929    
Morgan Donald Leroy 1928 1929   Mortuary marker.
Morgan Elden Lee 6/22/1921 1/17/1922    
Morgan Gordon E. 5/2/1921 9/28/1922    
Morgan Infant   10/7/1925   Mortuary marker.
Phelps Bertha L. 1888 1976   Rebeckah emblem separates birth and death year instead of a dash. Footstone inscribed "Mother".
Phelps Cleo Clifford 10/26/1915 11/10/1916 Son of Mr. & Mrs. Geo. Phelps  
Phelps Earl L. 1888 1953   Odd Fellows emblem separates birth and death years instead of a dash. Footstone inscribed "Father".
Phelps Harold Lee 1917 1940    
Phelps Thelma May     Infant daughter of Earl & Bertha; Our little treasure; Laid to rest Oct. 15, 1914  
Quackenbush Emma Thompson 1/5/1885 12/4/1947 At peace with God  
Quackenbush Infent [Infant]   11/10/1916   Mortuary marker.
Quackenbush J. 1854 1932 Father  
Quackenbush Tallie Zaidee 9/6/1852 2/3/1908 Wife of Jonathan Quackenbush; Gone but not forgotten; Asleep in Jesus  
Quackenbush Trilets [Triplets]   3/13/1913   Mortuary marker.
Quackenbush Warren 1922 1923   Mortuary marker.
Richards Gertie M. 4/6/1877 5/31/1938   Richards family marker.
Richards Harold Dell 9/26/1913 9/2/1914 Our darling; Baby Richards family marker.
Richards James W. 11/21/1870 9/3/1952   Richards family marker.
Richards Mamie D. Shafer 6/19/1894 3/13/1920 Wife of L. G. Richards  
Riinger Josiah H. 5/11/1898 9/30/1923 Gone but not forgotten  
Ringer Albert Henry 12/7/1920 12/12/1920 Infant son of Charles & Bertha  
Ringer Catherine 1861 1941   Same stone as Mathias Ringer.
Ringer Eva Shadowen 7/15/1888 10/27/1916 Wife of Chas. H. Ringer  
Ringer Harry Leroy 1924 1925    
Ringer Mathias 1863 1952   Same stone as Catherine Ringer
Ringer Mathias Milton 10/27/1916 11/14/1916 At rest  
Ringer Neil Russell 1927 1927    
Ringer Samuel Gordon 1927 1928    
Ringer Warren 10/22/1921 11/2/1921 Infant son of Charles & Bertha  
Sigsworth Dennis B. 1855 1928 Father Same stone as Mary Sigsworth.
Sigsworth Mary Ann 1863 1917 Mother Same stone as Dennis Sigsworth.
Simon Lonnie Dean 3/10/1922 3/12/1922    
Stillwell Adron 1878 1916    
Transue Clair R. 1/21/1914 2/11/1915    
Transue Pearl E. 7/1/1911 7/13/1914    
Westlund Albin H. 4/12/1885 1/20/1922    

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