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Surname Given Names Birth Date Death Date Inscription Other information
ARNOLD Ella Caroline (Wente) 1897 1975 Mother Beside Fred & Sylvia Wente's graves. Obit
AUMILLER Burtrice Ardelle 10/20/1924 10/28/1924 Dau of R. R. & H. E.  
BRANDT Dr. L. Warren 1920 2000   Same stone as Lela Brandt.
BRANDT Esther B. (Shoemaker) 1900 1981   Same stone as Roger Brandt.
BRANDT Lela June (Walker) 1918 1973   Same stone as Dr. L. Warren Brandt.
BRANDT Roger William 1897 1964   Same stone as Esther Brandt. Also military marker: Kansas Mech Evac Ambulance Co. 27 WWII
BREWSTER Elma Enice 1896 1969    
BREWSTER Emma 1840 1911 His Wife Same stone as Robert Brewster.
BREWSTER Francis 8/16/1869 4/5/1911 Father  
BREWSTER Fred A. 1888 1947    
BREWSTER Gwenna Marie 2/4/1932 12/4/1936   At the bottom of the stone, "And two infant sisters" is inscribed.
BREWSTER Janet Joan 3/8/1937 4/29/1940 Darling  
BREWSTER Lola 1861 1928 His Wife; At rest Same stone as Thomas Brewster.
BREWSTER Maggie L. (May) 9/7/1878 10/31/1901 Wife of J. O. Brewster; Asleep in Jesus  
BREWSTER Norman Fredrick 10/19/1928 9/28/1998 Pvt US Army; Korea  
BREWSTER Ona Fay (Cressler) 1895 1987   Same stone as Robert L. Brewster.
BREWSTER Raymond 6/20/1900 6/20/1900 Infant son of J. R. & D. L. Brewster  
BREWSTER Robert 1834 1903   Same stone as Emma Brewster.
BREWSTER Robert L. 1892 1952   Same stone as Ona Brewster.
BREWSTER Thomas J. 1863 1909 At rest Same stone as Lola Brewster.
BREWSTER William E. 9/4/1904 3/24/1934    
BUEHLER James Elmer 7/24/1931 8/22/2009    
CAIN Laurence B. 7/1/1817 6/18/1908   Unmarked
CARTER Deloris E. 9/8/1935 1/12/1986    
CHARLES Jesse Grant 1890 1918   Same stone as June, Marie & Ralph Charles.
CHARLES Juna Della (Brown) 1886 1967   Same stone as Jesse, Marie & Ralph Charles.
CHARLES Marie Ethelene 1911 1922   Same stone as Jesse, June & Ralph Charles.
CHARLES Ralph 1910 1911   Same stone as Jesse, June & Marie Charles.
CHARLES Sarah A. 1882 1915 Wife of O. J. Charles; Asleep in Jesus  
CLIFTON Emma O. (Slygh) 3/27/1860 3/16/1920   Clifton family marker; individual flat markers.
CLIFTON John T. 1865 1944   Clifton family marker; individual flat markers.
CLIFTON Lloyd R. 6/2/1890 9/24/1922   Clifton family marker; individual flat markers. Newspaper article.
COFFEY M. J. 7/11/1842 11/7/1912 Gone but not forgotten; Remember friends as you pass by, As you are now so once was I. As I am now, you all must be. Prepare for death and follow me.  
COFFEY W. H. 4/4/1865 9/17/1913 At rest  
COOPER Benjamin 1844 1930 He giveth his beloved sleep; Asleep in Jesus Same stone as Jane Cooper. Also military marker: Co. D 30 Ky. Inf.
COOPER Jane C. 1846 1920 His Wife; He giveth his beloved sleep; Asleep in Jesus Same stone as Benjamin Cooper
CRESSLER Baby   4/1925   Same stone as Etta Cressler.
CRESSLER Etta M. 10/19/1898 4/14/1925   Same stone as Baby Cressler.
DONAHOO Lincoln Silvanus "L. S." 3/25/1860 10/30/1910 50 yrs 7 mo 5 dys; We loved him; Husband and Wife Same stone as M. E. Donahoo. Birth date from family member.
DONAHOO Martha Estellah (Smith) "M. E." 4/3/1864 4/17/1917 Husband and Wife Same stone as L. S. Donahoo. Dates from family member.
DUCKETT Esther L. 1861 1943 Mother Same stone as Granville Duckett.
DUCKETT Granville 1859 1926 Father Same stone as Esther Duckett.
DUNCAN Elias 1841 1929 Col. 11 RI Vol. Cav. Same stone as Nancy Duncan.
DUNCAN Lewis E. 1882 1921 Father  
DUNCAN Nancy Jane (Woodside) 1853 1905 His Wife Same stone as Elias Duncan.
DUNCAN Rosa E.   5/3/1885 Dau. of E. & N. Duncan  
DUNCAN William 1837 1910   Unmarked; obituary lists this cemetery.
DUZAN Margarette D.   9/9/1899 Dau of Ezeikel & Ellen Duzan; Aged 90 ys. 5ms. 6ds.  
ENGLISH Edna 1894 1987   Same stone as Sherman English.
ENGLISH Ernest L.   3/13/1904 Son of George W. & Ella M. English; Aged 4 yr. 3 mo. 5 ds.  
ENGLISH Josephine 1836 19 His wife Same stone as Sidney English. Death year not completed. Interment here questionable.
ENGLISH Ora Earl 4/30/1889 1/3/1916   Obit
ENGLISH Sidney 1826 1887   Same stone as Josephine English.
ENGLISH Walter Sherman 1889 1961   Same stone as Edna English.
GATES Infant   1/25/1903   Same stone as Infant (1904) Gates. East face.
GATES Infant   6/10/1904 Son of C.S. & E. Gates Same stone as Infant (1903) Gates. West face.
GILMORE Elizabeth B. 5/30/1835 11/13/1906 Wife of S. D. Gilmore; Gone but not forgotten Same stone as S. D. Gilmore.
GILMORE Samuel Dixon 12/23/1828 1/1/1909 Gone but not forgotten Same stone as Elizabeth Gilmore. Full name was Samuel Dixon Gilmore.
GILMORE William Madison 1872 1904    
GROSS Dorothy Fern   9/5/1923 Dau of Mr. & Mrs. J. F. Gross  
GROSS Marion Calvin 6/23/1904 9/26/1904 Our Darling; Son of Mr. & Mrs. J. F. Gross  
HEATER Maletha R. 1876 1914   Obit
HITE Albert 1874 1958   Same stone as Bertha Hite.
HITE Alberta 1898 1906    
HITE Bertha 1871 1941   Same stone as Albert Hite.
HORTON Anne Elizabeth 4/4/1867 12/12/1933 Mother Same stone as George Horton.
HORTON Delpha L. 8/20/1913 6/16/2000   Same stone as Loren Horton.
HORTON George Mark 9/10/1894 6/21/1968 Son Same stone as Anna Horton.
HORTON Loren E. 10/4/1917 12/3/1977 Pfc US Army; World War II  
HOWARD Cora Dell (Duncan) 1/23/1877 4/11/1925   Daughter of Elias & Nancy Jane (Woodside) Duncan; wife of Clayton Albert Howard.
HOWARD Emily J. 2/4/1841 1915   Same stone as Laurel Howard. Death date not inscribed on marker; from family information.
HOWARD Laurel J. 8/21/1835 12/28/1902   Same stone as Emily Howard.
HUSTED Floyd Leroy   5/26/1934 D. Inf  
HUSTED Thelma Morton 9/25/1910 2/19/1936    
JEFFERY Anna F. (Duncan) 7/6/1904 1/11/1977   Same stone as Edwin Jeffery.
JEFFERY Baby       Beside Harry & Edna Jeffery.
JEFFERY Edna Lora (Mowry) 1/14/1876 7/20/1945   Same stone as Harry Jeffery.
JEFFERY Edwin "Jeff" 9/16/1903 5/11/1995   Same stone as Anna Jeffery. Obit
JEFFERY Harry W. 1/24/1871 2/5/1955   Same stone as Edna Jeffery.
KEMP Cora Belle (Mowry) 1900 1997   Same stone as Lee Kemp.
KEMP Lee A. 1887 1953   Same stone as Cora Kemp.
KEMPER Donald C. 12/9/1932 4/19/1989    
KEMPER Dorothy M. 4/30/1916 5/30/1917   Family marker; individual flats with names & dates.
KEMPER James Jasper 1/4/1886 9/8/1948   Family marker; individual flats with names & dates.
KEMPER Nellie Almire (Mowry) 11/28/1891 1/31/1956   Family marker; individual flats with names & dates.
KING Auza F. 7/22/1908 8/2/1908 Our darling; Son of E. R. & G. B. King  
KING Edith Ruth 1/11/1901 9/14/1902 Dau of H. L. & E. King  
MARTIN Alvina B. 2/15/1913 11/2/1994   Same stone as Lyle Martin.
MARTIN James Alfred 2/28/1945 7/13/2009 May you rest in peace.  
MARTIN Jerry Lee 1/17/1950 7/12/1951    
MARTIN Lyle E. 5/23/1907 11/24/1984   Same stone as Alvina Martin.
MARTIN Mary Ann 3/26/1936 3/27/1936    
MARTIN Norman E. 1/4/1933 7/14/1934    
MARTIN Terry Lynn 1/17/1950 4/26/1951    
MARTIN William C. 4/20/1936 7/4/1936    
MAY Alice L. 1886 1971   Large May family marker shared by Alice, Oscar and Harold; individual footstones.
MAY Harold E. 1910 1935   Large May family marker shared by Alice, Oscar and Harold; individual footstones.
MAY Marguerite F. 5/26/1893 3/20/1998   Family marker; individual flats with names & dates.
MAY Mary Anna 3/18/1862 4/9/1918 Mother; At rest Same stone as William R. May.
MAY Oscar D. 1880 1971   Large May family marker shared by Alice, Oscar and Harold; individual footstones.
MAY William R. 2/27/1845 8/27/1923 Father; At rest Same stone as Mary Anna May.
MAY William T. 9/20/1882 4/9/1959   Family marker; individual flats with names & dates. Obit
METHENY Frank 2/9/1858 5/31/1927 Father Same stone as Mary Metheny.
METHENY Ila W. 11/2/1902 7/25/1988   Same stone as John Metheny.
METHENY John J. 2/23/1896 7/26/1977 WAGR U.S. ARMY WWII Same stone as Ila Metheny. Obit
METHENY Mary Ann (Moore) 11/14/1854 11/2/1923 Mother Same stone as Frank Metheny.
MILLS Albert Lamar 4/3/1927 3/13/2015   Albert was the husband of Florence Arnold.
MILLS Florence Nadine (Arnold) 3/4/1928 12/29/2017   Florence was the wife of Albert Mills.
MILLS Norman H. 3/16/1930 9/28/2016   Norman was the son of Paul and Ruth Mills.
MILLS Paul Newman 2/27/1898 1/19/1994 Married 10/3/1925; Parents of Albert, Norman, Lorraine & Lloyd Same stone as Ruth Mills.
MILLS Ruth Elizabeth 9/9/1900 11/19/1990 Married 10/3/1925; Parents of Albert, Norman, Lorraine & Lloyd Same stone as Paul Mills.
MORTON Myrtle 1886 1934    
MOWRY Adrian Leroy 5/3/1884 2/27/1978   Same stone as Bertha Mowry.
MOWRY Alfred   1902    
MOWRY Alfred E. 11/12/1900 10/12/1901 Son of L. L. & E. Mowry Two markers; one for him and one shared with Fred.
MOWRY Almira Charity (Brown)   3/31/1911 Mother; Wife of A. J. Mowry; Aged 77 ys. 4 ms. 17 dys. Note: concrete curbing surround Almira & A. J.'s graves and two metal posts are between the headstones so a fence probably originally enclosed the lot.
MOWRY Andrew Jackson   8/28/1921 Father; Aged 88 ys. 7ms. 6 dys. Both civil and military marker: 2 Lieut. 14 Kans. Cav. Note: concrete curbing surround Almira & A. J.'s graves and two metal posts are between the headstones so a fence probably originally enclosed the lot.
MOWRY Arthur 1905 1965    
MOWRY Aubert L. 3/14/1919 3/16/1991 At the end of our trail, we rest in love and peace; Parents of Sharon K., Aubert J., Mychelle M., Van L. Same stone as Marjorie Mowry.
MOWRY Aubert Lamar 5/13/1874 9/19/1958   Same stone as Maud Mowry.
MOWRY Bertha Olive (Barnes) 10/12/1883 8/22/1940   Same stone as Adrian Mowry.
MOWRY Claire R. (Riillo) 5/12/1929 12/27/2013    
MOWRY Clifford C. 1907 1973   Same stone as Doris Mowry.
MOWRY Clifford L. 10/17/1933 5/13/2002 Cpl US Marine Corps; Korea  
MOWRY Cora Jane (Gilmore) 3/15/1861 12/24/1955   Family marker; individual flats with names & dates.
MOWRY Doris E. 1910 2001   Same stone as Clifford C. Mowry.
MOWRY Emma Jane (Brewster) 1873 1947   Same stone as Lester (b. 1868) Mowry.
MOWRY Eugene Linton 1/17/1862 7/2/1914   Family marker; individual flats with names & dates.
MOWRY Franklin Eugene 6/17/1919 7/16/1989    
MOWRY Fred   1914   Same stone as Alfred Mowry.
MOWRY George 1901 1916   Same stone as Willis Mowry.
MOWRY Gladys Sarah (Small) 1892 1968   Same stone as Walter Mowry.
MOWRY Lester Lisle 1868 1945   Same stone as Emma Mowry.
MOWRY Lester Lisle, Jr. 1897 1972    
MOWRY Lila   9/1902 Dau of E. L. & C. J. Family marker; individual flats with names & dates.
MOWRY Lonnie W. 8/14/1946 9/27/2001 Son of Roland & Waneta; Twin brother of Ronne E., Sisters Joyce & Joan  
MOWRY Marjorie M. 10/21/1919 7/17/1999 At the end of our trail, we rest in love and peace; Parents of Sharon K., Aubert J., Mychelle M. & Van L. Same stone as Aubert (b. 1919) Mowry.
MOWRY Mary Lovira (Storer) 1896 1926   Same stone as Matt Mowry.
MOWRY Mattison "Matt" 1891 1967   Same stone as Mary L. Mowry.
MOWRY Maud E. (Jeffery) 9/1/1873 9/16/1954   Same stone as Aubert (b. 1874) Mowry.
MOWRY Roland K. 1915 1985   Same stone as Waneta Mowry.
MOWRY Walter J. 1893 1963   Same stone as Gladys Mowry.
MOWRY Waneta A. 1919 2004   Same stone as Roland Mowry.
MOWRY Willis 1903 1973   Same stone as George Mowry. Son of Lester & Emma Mowry.
PARKER Mildred M. 5/24/1904 10/19/1972 Daughter Beside Louis & Lizzie Wente's graves. Obit
OBERKROM Carla Nadine (Shoemaker) 7/12/1929 9/7/2013   Nadine was the daughter of Arthur and Eva (Aumiller) Shoemaker. Obit
PICKELL William 4/30/1823 7/28/1908   Same stone as W. A. Pickell.
PICKELL William Adelburt "W. A." 11/12/1858 10/5/1918   Same stone as William Pickell.
RICHMEIER Christopher Glenn 6/9/1975 6/11/1975   Beside Arthur & Eva Shoemaker.
RIILLO Josephine Tonielli 3/10/1908 1/30/1989 WAAC; World War II  
SCHMEHR Dixie Lee 4/25/1934 7/27/2007 Mother of Dixie, Lee, Roberta, Zoe, Scott  
SCHMEHR Raymond Lee 11/17/1957 3/9/1986    
SCOTT Arthur M. 5/4/1900 10/11/1918 P. B. E. 60 F. A. Also military marker: Kansas Pvt 60 Field Atty. 20 Div.
SCOTT Frank M. 8/23/1886 11/30/1959   Same stone as Maudie Scott.
SCOTT Infant   9/15/1883 Children of Lizzie & Matt W. Same stone as Susan Scott.
SCOTT Joseph Daniel 9/8/1957 5/24/1989    
SCOTT LeRoy W. 5/25/1909 11/23/1984   Same stone as Mary Scott.
SCOTT Lizzie 1863 1934   Same stone as Matt Scott.
SCOTT Margette Ellen 11/30/1927 12/2/1927    
SCOTT Mary M. 4/7/1916 9/9/2003   Same stone as LeRoy Scott.
SCOTT Matt W. 1857 1937   Same stone as Lizzie Scott.
SCOTT Maudie 12/23/1887 4/5/1988   Same stone as Frank Scott.
SCOTT Robert D. 11/21/1942 9/21/2013   Robert was the son of LeRoy and Mary (Irwin) Scott. Obit
SCOTT Susan   12/3/1888 Aged 3 mo.; Children of Lizzie & Matt W. Same stone as Infant Scott.
SCOTT Victor A. 10/28/1955 6/30/2013   Vic was the son of LeRoy and Mary (Irwin) Scott. Obit
SHOEMAKER Arthur Bishop 9/1/1902 12/21/1974 Father; Married Feb. 15, 1924 Same stone as Eva Shoemaker.
SHOEMAKER Augustus B. "Gus" 3/7/1861 1/1/1936   Same stone as Viola Shoemaker. Member of Kansas State House of Representatives, 1899-1909.
SHOEMAKER Clara H. (Davis) 11/7/1898 8/11/1916 Wife of L. H. Shoemaker; Gone but not forgotten  
SHOEMAKER Clio M. 3/30/1921 12/25/1922 Dau of L. H. & C. M.  
SHOEMAKER Cora Mae (Follis) 4/21/1895 7/30/1993 Married 8/15/1917 Same stone as Luther Shoemaker. Daughter of Robert & Annie (Williams) Follis.
SHOEMAKER Erma P. 1928 1941    
SHOEMAKER Eva E. (Aumiller) 7/11/1903 6/9/1987 Mother; Married Feb. 15, 1924 Same stone as Arthur Shoemaker.
SHOEMAKER Florence Isabell (Baker) 1858 1940   Same stone as John L. Shoemaker.
SHOEMAKER Ida May (Eilers) 1918 1951   Same stone as Martin Shoemaker.
SHOEMAKER Rev. John Lewis 1856 1921   Same stone as Florence Shoemaker.
SHOEMAKER Lena Alice 11/25/1891 7/11/1926 Sister  
SHOEMAKER Leslie A. 12/28/1926 5/31/1927    
SHOEMAKER Lois I. 1913 1972    
SHOEMAKER Luther H. 10/14/1894 7/22/1963 Married 8/15/1917 Same stone as Cora Shoemaker
SHOEMAKER Mabel N. 1925 1927 Dau of Ira & Maggie  
SHOEMAKER Martin Luther 1872 1950   Same stone as Ida Shoemaker.
SHOEMAKER Robert A. 1/24/1920 11/22/1975 1st Lt. Army Air Forces; World War II  
SHOEMAKER Sophia "Daisy" (Kemper) 11/16/1883 5/31/1934    
SHOEMAKER Victor Kindt 11/6/1933 11/27/1933 Son of Eva E. & Arthur B. Shoemaker  
SHOEMAKER Viola Desire (Wales) 8/11/1862 7/30/1933   Same stone as Augustus Shoemaker. Obit
SMALL Infant   5/18/1899 Dau of J. H. & P. Small  
SMALL Alcie J. 1882 1974 Mother; Married 12/20/1900 Same stone as Willie Small.
SMALL James H. 1861 1942 Father; Pioneers Same stone as Jennie Small.
SMALL Jennie P. 1860   Mother; Pioneers Same stone as James Small. No death year inscribed.
SMALL Joe B. 3/12/1893 9/2/1915 We will always mourn for Joe  
SMALL Willard Glenn 1902 1904 Son of W. G. & A. J.  
SMALL Willie G. 1879 1966 Father; Married 12/20/1900 Same stone as Alcie Small.
SMITH Arza C. 1888 1962 Father; Blessed are the pure of heart for they shall see God. Same stone as Myrtle Smith. Obit
SMITH Daniel W. 1/6/1838 9/18/1917    
SMITH Kenneth Laverne 6/8/1916 9/19/1918 Son of A. C. & Myrtle  
SMITH Lloyd 1/19/1901 3/15/1901 Son of Fred D. & Katie E.  
SMITH Myrtle J. 1890 1951 Mother; Blessed are the pure of heart for they shall see God. Same stone as Arza Smith. Obit
SMITH Roland E. 6/7/1920 7/4/1944 Pfc 358 Inf. 90 Div. WWII; Buried St. Laurent, France; Normandy American Cemetery & Memorial; Son of Arza C. & Myrtle J. Smith  
STAUBER Gronville Roy 9/8/1905 10/1/1907 Our baby; Son of C. E. & B. M.  
STAUBER Bessie M. 1882 1970   Same stone as Clarence Stauber.
STAUBER Clarence E. 1883 1973   Same stone as Bessie Stauber.
STUCK Edson 8/20/1872 2/26/1952    
STUCK Thomas M. 10/18/1849 10/18/1922   Same stone as Willmynah Cain.
STUCK Willmynah Jane (Cain) 9/3/1854 7/29/1938 His Wife Same stone as Thomas Cain.
TAYLOR Clarence E. 1/4/1885 4/7/1904    
TAYLOR Elias 2/27/1860 3/7/1934   Same stone as Mary Taylor.
TAYLOR Mary Malinda (Hayes) 6/11/1861 6/8/1917   Same stone as Elias Taylor. Daughter of Joel and Matilda (Flora) Hayes.
TAYLOR Orville W. 2/10/1918 2/11/1918    
TEATER Alfred   9/14/1923 Infant son of T.C. & M. A. Teater  
TEATER Charles Edwin   10/12/1931 Baby; Son of Cecil & Maggie  
TEATER Irena Grace 10/29/1896 1/9/1986   Same stone as Karl Teater.
TEATER Karl Clarence 12/21/1892 7/12/1941   Same stone as Irena Teater.
TEATER Mary Elizabeth (Smith) 1867 1920 Wife of T. J.  
TEATER Thomas Cecil 5/10/1895 9/28/1935 Father  
TEATER Thomas J. 1868 1930    
TEDRO Clarence 2/18/1879 12/29/1963    
TEDRO Elna 1888 1950 Mother; Wife of R. W.; She did her best  
TEDRO Roy W. 1875 1956 Father; A just man at rest  
TEEL Anna Vera (Shoemaker) 1892 1973   Same stone as Lewis Teel.
TEEL Lewis Artie 1888 1972   Same stone as Anna Teel.
TEEL Luel E.   1907    
TOLL James 4/22/1927 8/22/1986 Son Military plaque on back: AB US Air Force; World War II Korea
TOLL Mary Elizabeth (Brewster) 5/22/1896 11/22/1930   Same stone as Walter Toll.
TOLL Virginia Luella 7/2/1928 7/8/1929    
TOLL Walter R. 3/21/1885 4/29/1950   Same stone as Mary Elizabeth Toll. Obit
WANAMAKER Charles R. 1876 1943   Same stone as Stella Wanamaker.
WANAMAKER Stella O. 1892 1977   Same stone as Charles Wanamaker.
WENTE Allen C. "Hot Dog" 8/2/1955 9/3/1991    
WENTE Bertie 1911 1987   Same stone as Rudolph Wente.
WENTE Fred L. 1902 1957   Same stone as Sylvia Wente.
WENTE Katherine L. 10/27/1944 6/6/2007   Same stone as Rudy Wente.
WENTE Lizzie C. 1873 1960 Mother Same stone as Louis Wente.
WENTE Lloyd Arnold 9/7/1934 9/3/2016    
WENTE Louis C. 1873 1943 Father Same stone as Lizzie Wente.
WENTE Nellie M. 1884 1973   Same stone as William Wente.
WENTE Norris Gene   2/7/1926 Son  
WENTE Rudolph 1908 1969 Father; Married 1/27/1934 Same stone as Bertie Wente.
WENTE Rudy C. 5/10/1938 11/23/1989 Parents of Rudy & Connie Same stone as Katherine Wente.
WENTE Sylvia G. 1906 1984   Same stone as Fred Wente.
WENTE William H. 1877 1958   Same stone as Nellie Wente.

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