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Prairie Dale Cemetery

Directions: On U.S. Hwy 283 turn East at DD Road (13 miles north of intersection of 283 and U.S. Hwy 24 in Hill City; or 1 mile south of Norton-Graham county line). Drive 6 miles to 330 Avenue. Turn North for one-half mile. Turn East on DD Road again. Drive 6 miles to 390 Avenue. Turn North for approximately one-half mile. The road dead-ends with the cemetery on the East. A word of caution: the last half mile is without sand, rock or shale so in the event of recent rain, a 4 wheel drive vehicle may be required.

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Surname Given Names Birth Death Inscription Notes Photo
Bailey Miriam 4/17/1876 2/16/1892 Daughter of S. F. & Mary Bailey   Photo
Beck C. E.   5/1/1909 51Y's    
Beck Mather   5/11/1909 Daughter of C. E. & R. Beck; 11m 9d    
Bennett T. L.   10/4/1898 64y 2m 4d GAR Post 177 flag holder Photo
Brownlee Jane Wilson   3/24/1902 In Honor of Father & Mother; 66ys 11ms 26ds Same stone as husband Walter Brownlee. Her full name was Sarah Jane. Photo   Photo
Brownlee Walter   5/21/1903 In Honor of Father & Mother; 81ys 7ms Same stone as wife Jane (Wilson) Brownlee. Photo   Photo
Cary Harvey Nathan 6/21/1886 1887 Son   Photo
Cary James F. 6/19/1856 3/6/1933   Same stone as his son Harvey Nathan Cary. James was the son of Sylvester and Mary (Quiett) Cary. Photo
Cary Mary M. (Quiett) 7/29/1850 12/5/1920 Mother Same stone as husband Sylvester N. Cary. Photo
Cary Sylvester N. 1/8/1846 1/10/1914 Father Same stone as wife Mary M. (Quiett) Cary. Brother of Harriet (Cary) Hoyt. Photo
Gray Mary Jane 5/25/1856 12/9/1919     Photo
Howard George W. 4/17/1867 6/8/1892 Son of T. A. & R.    
Hoyt Bessie     Infant Dau of D. G. & H. M. Hoyt   Photo
Hoyt Don C. 1844 1897   Same stone as wife Harriet (Cary) Hoyt. Also military stone: Co. B 29th Iowa Inf. Photo   Photo
Hoyt Harriet M. (Cary) 1849 1919   Same stone as husband Don C. Hoyt. Sister of Sylvester Cary. Photo
Hoyt Irena E.   10/27/1888 69 yrs 1 m 22ds    
McClurg Everett H. 4/22/1904 2/22/1984 Married 4/30/1930 Same stone as wife Opal Mae (Nichol) McClurg. Son of Charles and Eva (Chapman) McClurg. Photo   Photo
McClurg Mildred LaVerne 2/15/1931 9/6/2008   Daughter of Everett and Opal (Nichol) McClurg. Photo
McClurg Opal Mae (Nichol) 1/24/1908 8/15/1964 Married 4/30/1930 Same stone as husband Everett H. McClurg. Daughter of Sidney and Nellie (Wallgren) Nichol. Photo   Photo
Morrison Johnnie 9/9/1873 9/12/1873 Son of J. & F. E. Morrison   Photo
Nichol Ann   3/7/1894 We shall meet again; 75ys Same stone as Francis Nichol. Photo   Photo
Nichol Clayton L. 11/2/1907 3/4/1981   Same stone as Leonard Nichol. Photo
Nichol Francis   7/10/1908 We shall meet again; 88ys Same stone as Ann Nichol. Photo   Photo
Nichol James   9/15/1914 52ys   Photo
Nichol John William 10/2/1871 6/19/1953 Husband Same stone as Martha Nichol. Photo   Photo
Nichol Leonard O. 10/30/1904 1/16/1981   Same stone as Clayton Nichol. Also military marker: Pvt US Army World War II Photo   Photo
Nichol Lucy (Curry) 1/3/1852 8/7/1930   Same stone as husband Matthew Nichol (b. 1843). Photo   Photo
Nichol Martha J. 2/8/1883 4/29/1931 Wife Same stone as John William Nichol. Photo   Photo
Nichol Matthew 3/31/1843 1/20/1928   Same stone as wife Lucy (Curry) Nichol. Obit Photo   Photo
Nichol Matthew W. 9/5/1916 8/3/1972 Kansas PFC 7 Conv Hospital World War II   Photo
Nichol Nellie M. (Wallgren) 1883 1960   Same stone as husband Sidney G. Nichol. Daughter of August and Luisie (Brocker) Wallgren. Photo
Nichol Sadie L. A. 2/16/1912 9/10/1920 Daughter of Sidney & Nellie   Photo
Nichol Sidney G. 1881 1939   Same stone as wife Nellie M. (Wallgren) Nichol. Son of Matthew and Lucy (Curry) Nichol. Photo
Nichol Ths.   8/24/1893 47ys   Photo   Photo
Nichol William 1/1/1861 3/9/1939     Photo
Ridgley Daisy   10/25/1888 Dau. of W.E. & M.P. Ridgley; 2 days   Photo
Ridgley George 1896 1897   Mortuary marker. Photo
Ridgley Opal 1906 1906     Photo
Ruff Arthur W. 2/3/1913 3/8/1988 Married 12/25/1938 Same stone as Violet Ruff. Photo   Photo
Ruff Violet R. 10/17/1914 2/22/1996 Married 12/25/1938 Same stone as Arthur Ruff. Photo   Photo
Rundle Frank   8/1/1896 17y 11m 2d Son of James and Nancy (Smelser) Rundle. Photo
Wallgren August 11/12/1846 8/19/1933   Same stone as wife Luisie (Brocker) Wallgren. Photo
Wallgren Luisie C. (Brocker) 6/22/1865 3/25/1937   Same stone as husband August Wallgren. Photo
Wilcox Jesse G. 3/25/1865 8/18/1888     Photo

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