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Brush Creek Cemetery

Directions: On U.S. Hwy 24 turn South onto State Hwy 84 at Penokee. Drive through Penokee and take the curve to the West. Turn South on 200 Avenue. Drive approximately 3 miles. Turn East into a long driveway. When you cross the fence line, the cemetery is at the top of the hill on the South. You will be able to see the wooden gate.

Information on unmarked graves from the Brush Creek Cemetery file at the Graham County Historical Society, including a 1962 letter from Mary Ellen Turner King.

The "Other Information" column may contain information not on the marker as well as data garnered through the transcriber's research.

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Cemetery gate photo

Surname Given Names Birth Date Death Date Inscription Other information Photo
  Gracie       Broken and eroded stone. Possibly Grace E., daughter of Harrison & Mary Turner; born Feb. 21, 1881; died June 15, 1882. Link to photo
BAKER Nola Grace 8/1887 8/1888   Unmarked. Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Charley Baker. Obit  
BEEBER George H. 1/16/1889 7/14/1891 Son of John & Mary Obit Link to photo
BEEBER Son   9/25/1893   Obit  
BIDDLE Elias E. 1856 1898   Son of James & Lucy/Louisa Biddle of Pike Co., Illinois. Brother of Mrs. Matt Findley. Obit Link to photo
BIDDLE Nettie O.   5/24/1888 Aged 21 ys, 11 ms, 5 dys. Wife of E. E. Biddle. Wife of Elias E. Biddle. Obit Link to photo
BOSSLER George B. 5/18/1855 1/9/1941   Unmarked. Obit  
BOSSLER Mary 7/31/1832 7/20/1879 Aged 63y. 11m. 20d. Born in Pennsylvania. Obit Link to photo Link to close-up photo
BOSSLER William       Unmarked. Per 1962 letter from Mary Ellen Turner King to Mae Kobler Troutman. Copy on file at Graham County Historical Society.  
BUNDY Baby     Son of Hattie... Rest of inscription too weathered to read. Link to photo
COVALT Samuel B.   1/22/1889 Aged 22 ys. 8 m. 10 ds.; Son of I. & C. Covalt Son of Isaac & Catherine (Shoaf) Covalt. Obit Link to photo Link to close-up photo
CUMMINGS Ann Elizabeth   4/26/1891   Unmarked. Daughter of William & Sarah Cummings; aged 33. Died of tuberculosis. Obit  
DARROW Dorathy Irene 2/4/1911 7/2/1911   Daughter of Clyde & Mary Eunice (Knouf) Darrow, granddaughter of William & Mary (Collins) Knouf. Obit Link to photo
GOFF Frankie 6/10/1887 4/1/1889 Son of C. E. & T. F. Goff, Jr. Son of Thomas Franklin & Clara Emma (Cole) Goff, Jr. Obit Link to photo
GREEN Infant   1/1889   Unmarked. Obit  
HARRIS Archie Henry 1891 6/16/1902   Unmarked. Son of Mr. & Mrs. I. H. or John Harris. Remains moved to Hill City Cemetery in 1911. Obit  
KNOUF Floyd Clayton 7/11/1914 4/4/1916 Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. N. A. Knouf Son of Nicholas & Mildred (Clark) Knouf, great grandson of Nicholas & Lidia (Lafferty) Knouf. Link to photo
KNOUF Jacob 8/11/1848 4/20/1898   Unmarked grave. Son of Nicholas & Lidia (Lafferty) Knouf. Obit  
KNOUF Lidia C. 11/8/1826 11/16/1909   Maiden name was Lafferty, wife of Nicholas Knouf (d. 1888). Obit Link to photo
KNOUF N. A.   5/14/1888 Aged 64Ys, 25Ds. Nicholas Alexander Knouf, husband of Lidia Lafferty. Obit Link to photo
KNOUF W. J.   5/11/1888   Unmarked. Aged 60. Obit  
SUMMERS Elizabeth   1/22/1894   Aged 92. Obit. The grave was probably moved to Penokee Cemetery where there is a marker for Elizabeth Summers 1801-1894. No marker was found in Brush Creek Cemetery on 8 March 2009.  
SUMMERS Lewis Franklin   12/15/1899   Unmarked. Aged 14 years, 8 months and 22 days. Obit  
THOMPSON Alfaretta   9/29/1888   Unmarked. Aged 1 year, 3 months and 21 days. Obit  
TURNER Essie   11/3/1885 Aged 6 y, 9 m. Dau. of W. H. & M. V. Turner Daughter of William & Mary Turner, possibly named Sarah Elizabeth. Link to photo
TURNER Grace E.   4/5/1879 Aged 18y, 3m, 21d. Dau. of S. G. & S. E. Turner Daughter of Simeon & Sarah Turner. Link to photo
TURNER Infant   10/26/1889 Aged 2 dys, Infant son of W. H. & M. V. Turner Son of William H. & Mary V. Turner, grandson of Simeon & Sarah Turner. Probably named Freddie. Link to photo
TURNER S. G.     Co. G. 10th N.Y.H.A. Simeon Graves Turner. Obit Link to photo
TURNER Sarah E.   1/16/1879 Aged 54 ys, 7 ms, 3 dys. Wife of S. G. Turner Maiden name was Fairbanks; wife of Simeon Graves Turner. Link to photo
TURNER Willie   4/12/1880   Aged 2 years, 8 months. Obit  

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