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Devizes Cemetery

Devizes Cemetery is located about 1/4 mile west of Road W9, approximately nine miles west and 10.5 miles north of the U.S. 283 and U.S. 36 intersection in Norton, Kansas.

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Photo of Devizes Cemetery sign and gate

This cemetery contains a number of mortuary markers devoid of all tiles. There are also several slabs of limestone or concrete that appear to mark graves. If these contain any engraving, it was indiscernible.

Surname Given Names Birth Date Death Date Inscription Other information
Applegate Catherine M. (White) 10/3/1843 5/7/1907   Same stone as Ira Applegate.
Applegate Charles Ira 1887 1937 Father  
Applegate Flora A. 8/24/1865 10/5/1932 (born) New Sharon, IA; (died) Norcatur, KS Same stone as T. E. Applegate.
Applegate Infant   9/1/1917 Son of Wayne & Shirley  
Applegate Infant 5/28/1922 5/28/1922 Dau of Homer & Edith  
Applegate Ira 3/12/1839 3/11/1924   Same stone as Catherine Applegate.
Applegate Mary E. 1874 1954   Same stone as William A. Applegate.
Applegate Matilda Jane 5/3/1895 10/17/1895 At rest Same stone as W. A. Applegate.
Applegate T. E. 5/30/1866 3/28/1949 (born) New Sharon, IA; (died) Norcatur, KS Same stone as Flora Applegate.
Applegate W. A. 10/7/1869 11/8/1895 In my Father's house are many mansions. Same stone as Matilda Jane Applegate, probably the same person as William A. Applegate.
Applegate William A. 1868 1895   This is a modern stone shared with Mary E. Applegate. It is the second from the north in the far west row. Immediately to the north is a another marker for "W. A. Applegate", shared with Matilda Jane, containing differing dates. The stone on the north appears to be contemporaneous to the death (1895-era).
Applegate William R. 5/19/1894 11/9/1914    
Barry Margaret 1/31/1871 2/10/1942 Mother  
Bisbee Mary   4/2/1892 Wife of R. Bisbee; Aged 85 yrs. 3 ms.; Our father and mother Same stone as R. Bisbee.
Bisbee R.   1/28/1887 Aged 82 yrs. 4 mos. 10 ds.; Our father and mother Same stone as Mary Bisbee.
Bisbee Rueben E., Jr.        
Branard J. F.       Mortuary marker; no dates.
Bristow Baby   11/24/1883   Same stone as Joseph and Josephine Bristow.
Bristow Joseph 5/13/1879 8/15/1879   Same stone as Baby and Josephine Bristow.
Bristow Josephine 5/16/1879 8/12/1879   Same stone as Baby and Joseph Bristow.
Burdin         Mortuary marker with only the last name.
Burgan Jno.     Co. B. 11th Ind. Inf.  
Curtis Ellen   10/21/1905 Aged 80 years Same stone as William Curtis.
Curtis Wm.   2/3/1901 Aged 75 years Same stone as Ellen Curtis. Also military marker: Wm. Curtis; Co. H. 100th Ill. Inf.; 2/3/1891. Since military markers were not available in 1891, the death year of 1901 is probably correct as that marker was contemporaneous to the time period.
Dey Elmer E. 10/30/1864 7/18/1947 Father  
Dey Mary J. 3/25/1871 5/18/1923 Mother; Wife of Elmer  
Dey Orville L. 12/3/1893 3/15/1928    
Dietz Mary A.   3/25/1900 Aged 77 yrs. 10 mos. 3 ds.; Our father and mother Same stone as Nicklous Deitz.
Dietz Nicklous   5/29/1904 Aged 79 yrs. 3 mos. 7 ds; Our father and mother. Same stone as Mary A. Deitz.
Ellis Orlando T. "O. T."   4/13/1881 Co. M 9th Mich. Cav. Headstone record
Enoch Henritte F. 11/14/1847 4/22/1906 Aged 58 yrs 5 mos 8 ds; Lie there dear one until Resurrection.  
Fisher Samuel 1/7/1807 1/23/1889    
Fleek Daughter       Mortuary marker without dates.
Fleek Lafayette       Mortuary marker without dates.
Foote Fred 1858 1950   In the same curbed plot as the Hannum graves.
Hackney Carl E.   5/2/1895 Aged 7 mos 25 dys; Children of J. & L. Same stone as Clyde Hackney.
Hackney Clyde L.   6/6/1896 Aged 4 mos 3 dys; Children of J. & L. Same stone as Carl Hackney.
Hackney Eliza 1841 1911 His wife Same stone as Lemuel (b. 1825) Hackney.
Hackney Isabell   9/12/1879 Daughter of L. & E.  
Hackney Lemual   12/25/1913   Same stone as Loy & Roy Hackney.
Hackney Lemuel   7/31/1880 Son of L. & E.  
Hackney Lemuel 1825 1890   Same stone as Eliza Hackney.
Hackney Loy   2/18/1913 Twins Same stone as Lemuel & Roy Hackney.
Hackney Roy   2/18/1913 Twins Same stone as Lemuel & Loy Hackney.
Hannum Caroline M. 9/16/1836 9/4/1925   Same stone as Henry Hannum, in the same curbed plot as Fred Foote.
Hannum Henry B. 7/25/1819 10/11/1892   Same stone as Caroline Hannum, in the same curbed plot as Fred Foote.
Harman Elizabeth F. "Betty" (Bump) 2/5/1915 2/9/1985 Daughter of George & Francis Bump; Parents of Larry, Bob, Rex & Ron Same stone as Max Harman.
Harman Max E. 8/12/1913 2/10/1999 Son of Edward & Cordelia Harman; Parents of Larry, Bob, Rex & Ron Same stone as Betty Harman.
Headley Abigail   11/20/1892 Aged 44 yrs 5 mos 1 dy; Wife of J. M. Same stone as Hattie Headley.
Headley Bertha E. 1877 1908 Mother  
Headley Cora 1876 1913   Same stone as Johney Headley.
Headley E. F. 10/10/1871 5/23/1930 Gone but not forgotten  
Headley Hattie M.   2/28/1892 Dau of J. M. & Abigail; Aged 4 mos 6 dys Same stone as Abigail Headley.
Headley J. M. 1849 1938    
Headley Johney 1898 4/17/1898   Two stones; one shared with Cora Headley inscribed only with the years; the other inscribed "Johney, son of E. F. Headley, Apr. 17, 1898; Age 3 mo.
Headley Rachel A. 1/7/1844 12/18/1914 Wife of J. M.  
Headley V.       Stone is a re-used base with the name Powell on another side.
Hewitt George A.   1/11/1880 Aged 3 mos 8 dys; Son of A. & B. C.  
Hillmon Elizabeth E.   3/1/1894 Aged 62 yrs 9 mos 26 ds  
Jurey Emma A. 1863 1934   Same stone as James Jurey.
Jurey James J. 1856 1919   Son of Jesse D. & Mary (Stillings) Jurey; husband of Emma A. White.
LeBeau Henry       Mortuary marker without dates.
Lindsay Helen G.   1880   Same stone (broken) as Hugh Lindsay.
Lindsay Hugh J.   1880   Same stone (broken) as Helen Lindsay.
Lindsay John W. 12/6/1881 11/19/1935    
Lindsay John.   2/10/1887 Aged 39 y. 7 m. 3 d.; At rest  
Louden Elizabeth Wallace   10/12/1908 Aged 48ys 5 ms  
Magers Addie M. 1867 1944   Same stone as Albert Magers in curbed plot. Obit
Magers Albert B. 1863 1905   Same stone as Addie Magers in curbed plot.
Magers Brian M. 5/24/1960 6/12/1960   Same stone as Jennie Mae Magers.
Magers Della 1892 1894   Same stone as Eddie Magers in plot with curbing.
Magers Dick Wilburn 3/1/1927 6/20/1922 Beloved Husband Same stone as Geraldine Magers.
Magers Eddie 1896 1896   Same stone as Della Magers in plot with curbing.
Magers Elizabeth 10/16/1890 6/7/1920   Same stone as Loy Magers.
Magers Geraldine J. 9/23/1927 3/17/2004   Same stone as Dick Magers.
Magers Jennie Mae 5/18/1928 5/20/1978   Same stone as Brian Magers.
Magers Loy I. 1888 1966   Same stone as Elizabeth Magers.
Maggard Anna 11/22/1813 8/6/1887 Wife of Henry; Look on, you friends, as you pass by Broken stone lying on ground.
Maggard George W. 8/3/1885 4/9/1891    
Maggard Hugh W.   8/19/1891    
Maggard Ione M. ?/23/1847 2/27/1892 Aged 44 yrs 8 mos 4 dys  
Maggard Jesse Merrill 1/28/1847 5/18/1914   Same stone as Mary Isabelle Maggard.
Maggard Laureta May   3/17/1896    
Maggard Mary Isabelle 11/8/1854 4/15/1945   Same stone as Jesse Merrill Maggard.
Maxson Mary A. (Simmons) 1/11/1821 12/23/1893 Mary A. Simmons, wife of Ira Maxson  
McDonald Charlotte E. 4/1844 3/1912   Same stone as Lafayette McDonald.
McDonald Lafayette D. 1/1836 3/1911   Same stone as Charlotte McDonald.
McKinney Alice M. (Bristow) 6/24/1873 12/21/1900 Wife of Lee McKinney; Dau of Mr. & Mrs. J. A. Bristow  
McVean Anna H.   5/10/1881 Aged 38 yrs. 19 dys Same stone as Duncan McVean.
McVean Duncan   7/19/1890 Aged 56 yrs. 8 mos. 25 ds. Same stone as Anna McVean.
Miller Lena L. 10/31/1886 2/11/1893 Dau of B. S. & L. M.  
Nelson Edith 2/25/1876 2/2/1942 Mother  
Nelson Elizabeth 4/4/1796 10/8/1874 Mother of W. U. Nelson Sr.  
Nelson Infant 11/8/1899 1/10/1900 Dau of J. C. & E. E.  
Nelson Ivalee       No dates but the grave was decorated.
Nelson John C. 11/12/1871 11/27/1962 Father  
Nelson Mary J. 4/14/1834 10/20/1911    
Nelson Pearl 1893 1940   Same stone as Reuben Nelson.
Nelson Reuben W. 1893 1960   Same stone as Pearl Nelson.
Nelson William U. 2/28/1827 5/7/1906    
Nelson William U., Jr. 5/24/1870 7/29/1948    
Nelson Wilma 5/13/1911 6/25/1931 Daughter  
O'Brion Sarah   9/1872 First burial Devizes Cemetery Modern marker not contemporaneous to death date.
Page Alice M. 1860 1916   Same stone as W. H. Page.
Page Infant   2/7/1901 Daughter of W. H. & A. M.; Aged 4 days.  
Page W. H. 1852 1931   Same stone as Alice Page.
Rardin Charley 6/17/1874 7/20/1900 Aged 26 ys 1 ms 3 ds; Charley, we loved him.  
Searls Elisabeth M.   9/30/1891 Wife of D. Searls; Aged 58 ys 2 ms 15 ds  
Shaw Alfred M. 1875 1881 At rest In Shaw curbed plot.
Shaw Frank   1881 Baby; At rest In Shaw curbed plot.
Shaw Maria 1850 1894 Mother In Shaw curbed plot.
Shaw Ruby M.   1894   In Shaw curbed plot.
Shaw Walter W. 1/13/1846 1/6/1925    
Shaw William H. 1/1/1845 5/10/1936 Father Also military marker: Co. B. 9 Regt. Iowa Cav.; In Shaw curbed plot.
Simmons H. A.   1/2/1891 Co. F. 5th Mo. S. M. Cav; Aged 65 ys 28 dys  
Smith Gloria Mae 8/15/1933 9/2/2001 May she rest in peace  
Smith Jason Lothrop 1831 1896 Pvt Co F 46 Wis Inf; Civil War  
Smith Pamela S. 1/8/1959 6/13/1978 May she rest in peace  
Smith W. L. "Leon" 11/1/1929 8/8/1983 May he rest in peace.  
Soverns D. A. 2/5/1823 2/27/1897   Same stone as Hattie Soverns.
Soverns Hattie B. 2/11/1835 9/9/1897 Wife of D. A. Searls  
Soverns Infant   3/1/1904 Children of E. E. & N. O. Same stone as Mable Soverns.
Soverns Mable Irene 3/28/1900 3/3/1904 Children of E. E. & N. O. Same stone as Infant Soverns.
Thomas Stella E. (Simmons) 10/16/1870 11/4/1893 Stella E. Simmons, wife of F. Thomas  
Thompson Charlie   1907    
Van Cleave Albert W. 11/2/1844 7/21/1889    
Van Dorn Laura L. 1888 1965    
Wallace C. C.   3/5/1894 Aged 32 ys 3 ms 18 ds  
Wallace Ellen Pearl 1932 1998   Same stone as Herman Wallace.
Wallace Herman Sterling 2/14/1930 2/14/2003   Same stone as Ellen Pearl Wallace. Also military marker: In U.S. Navy; Korea
Waters G       Mortuary marker without dates but GAR flag holder beside it.
West Mary J. 1839 1914   Same stone as Wm. T. West.
West Wm. T. 3/8/1839 11/18/1896 Gone but not forgotten Same stone as Mary J. West.
Wilcox Emma (Scott) 1861 1956   Same stone as Lewis E. Wilcox.
Wilcox Lewis E. 1856 1896    
Wollen Almira 1835 1923    
Wollen John M. 1855 1924   Same stone as Loretta Wollen.
Wollen Loretta E. 1861 1904   Same stone as John Wollen.
Wollen Trustin   12/27/1906 Aged 76 yrs; Gone but not forgotten  
Woods Jane 1856 1922 Mother Same stone as John O. Woods.
Woods Jessie M. 10/13/1888 2/27/1894 Sister  
Woods John O. 1844 1903 Father Same stone as Jane Woods.
Woods Orville K. 5/15/1893 2/25/1894 Brother  
Wycoff Bessie L. 1888 1976   Same stone as Hazel Wycoff.
Wycoff Cleo D. 1886 1971   Same stone as Nellie Wycoff.
Wycoff Floyd A. 10/1915 3/1917    
Wycoff Hazel R. 1889 1971   Same stone as Bessie Wycoff.
Wycoff J. W. 1863 1941   Same stone as Viola Wycoff.
Wycoff Nellie M. 1890 1972   Same stone as Cleo Wycoff.
Wycoff Opal 1909 1915    
Wycoff Viola 1868 1907 Wife of J. W. Same stone as J. W. Wycoff.
Wycoff W. H. 1906 1963    
Young Charlie 4/14/1887 6/21/1893 Son of J. C. & E. J.; Come unto me  
Young Emma J. 2/20/1859   Mother No death date. Same stone as Jemuel Young.
Young Jemuel C. 12/1/1854 12/10/1932 Father Same stone as Emma Young.
Young Lydia J. 2/1/1841 6/20/1909 At rest  
Young Mahala A. 8/22/1816 1/3/1895 Mother; Gone but not forgotten  

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