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Wray Cemetery

Wray Cemetery is located in the northwest portion of Norton County at the intersection of Road W14 and Road E.

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Photo of Wray Cemetery gate

Surname Given Names Birth Date Death Date Inscription Other Information
Butler Daniel A. 4/23/1849 1/20/1921 Our Father & Mother Same stone as Sarah Butler
Butler Georgie       No dates. Same stone as Jennie Butler.
Butler Jennie       No dates. Same stone as Georgie Butler.
Butler Sarah A. 7/1/1851 10/2/1904 His wife; Our Father & Mother Same stone as Daniel A. Butler.
Caldwell Elbert L. 1878 1894 Son of J M Same stone as Mary Caldwell.
Caldwell Mary T. (Sneed) 1851 1894 Wife of J M Same stone as Elbert Caldwell.
Callaway Grace (Shewmake) 1915 1936    
Campbell Johnie   8/9/1892 Son of L S & J R; Aged 10 m. 13 ds.  
Galey Rev. G.H.   5/5/1888 Aged 37 y 5 m 19 ds  
Hakes Rev. F. D.   4/6/1897 Aged 74 ys 5 m 3 ds  
Hakes Roseta E.   5/26/1886 To the memory of; Wife of Rev. F. D. Hakes; Aged 57 ys 7 ms 2 ds  
Halo Infant       Mortuary marker immediately north of the marker for Joe & Maud Railsback.
Hogoboom Christian 8/28/1819 9/3/1898    
Jolly Infant Daughter 1903 1903 Infant daughter and son of Mr. & Mrs. J. T. Jolly Same stone as Infant Son Jolly.
Jolly Infant Son 1903 1903   Same stone as Infant Daughter Jolly.
Keller Bertha M. 4/8/1872 11/20/1930 A wonderful wife and mother.  
Kuch Jacob F.   11/29/1886 Aged 58 ys. 18 d.  
Lansing Infant       Mortuary marker immediately north of the marker for Joe & Maud Railsback.
McCoy Ada M.   9/16/1891 Daughter of A & E; Aged 8 m 16 ds  
McCoy Alexander   2/19/1904 Aged 47 ys 3 ms 8 ds; Gone but not forgotten  
McCoy Elma I.   3/30/1891 Wife of A. McCoy; Aged 35 ys 4 ms 10 ds  
McLaren Alexander 9/9/1911 9/18/1911 Son of John & Sarah This is the only grave in a large curbed plot.
Miner Ella F.   4/28/1890 Aged 16 ys 6m 6d  
Oliver Reson 6/24/1827 9/28/1896    
Post George C.   6/29/1900 Aged 57 ys 8 ms 19ds  
Post Ivon   6/22/1879 Aged 1 ys 7 ms 8 ds Same stone as Matilda Post.
Post Matilda A.   7/2/1879 Aged 36 ys 14 ds Same stone as Ivon Post.
Railsback Celia M. 1868 1901 Mother Same stone as John Railsback. Newspaper item.
Railsback Joe 1870 1941   Same stone as Maud Railsback.
Railsback John E. 1866 1946 Father Same stone as Celia Railsback.
Railsback Maud R. 1876 1912   Same stone as Joe Railsback.
Shewmake Clifton R.   11/16/1904 Son of Jesse L. & Emma L.; Aged 1 yr 1 mo 27 ds  
Shewmake Emma L. 1879 1943   Same stone as Jesse Shewmake.
Shewmake James W. 6/4/1847 1/14/1904    
Shewmake Jessie L. 1874 1956   Same stone as Emma Shewmake.
Shewmake Lula M. 5/4/1896 3/4/1908 Dau of J W & Mary  
Shewmake Mahala   4/26/1889 Wife of J W; Aged 28 ys 6 ms 2 ds  
Shewmake Mary 3/20/1860 2/8/1902 Wife of J W  
Shewmake Orvel E. 1912 1930    
Stevens Hattie 5/25/1860 6/26/1896 Wife of T H; Aged 36 ys 1 m 1 d  
Sumner Elisa 8/7/1825 2/7/1902   Same stone as Thomas Sumner.
Sumner Thomas 3/8/1825 9/21/1905   Same stone as Elisa Sumner.
Unknown       At rest Broken marker next to Sumner marker.
Unknown       Mortuary marker in front of upright pipe in the furthest east row.
Unknown       Large plot in the next row west of John & Celia Railsback. Although the plot is curbed, there are no markers.
Vertrees Emma C.   12/20/1898 Wife of W A; Aged 47 ys 8 ms 1 d  
Vertrees Mary Ellen 1884 1934 Mother  
Watson Bessie F. 2/22/1886 2/6/1898 Dau of C C & R L; A sunbeam from the world has vanished.  
Wray Joseph 1/22/1824 2/25/1913   Same stone as Sarah Wray.
Wray Sarah M. 10/26/1833 7/11/1916   Same stone as Joseph Wray.

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