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To all the contributors of this site: my sincere and heart-felt thanks!

This page lists those who have so generously contributed to making this site a valuable resource. All contributors have been assigned a number which is shown on the contributed data as a link "Src #". If an item is not attributed to one of the below contributors, it was submitted by site-owner.

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Contributor Email Address
2 Jan Beecher  
3 Bob Pocan  
4 Deb Lofgreen imamiler2 at
5 Margaret Lewis queenie_mrl at
6 Roberta Bruinekool  
7 Jane Beach Soder janesoder at
8 Jim Laird jlaird at
9 Silverfox silverfox229 at
10 Gayle James  
11 Sue Soden soden at
12 Gregory Park gbpark1 at
13 Barbara Bowman rbowman1313 at
14 Cheryl Brooks White cwhite02 at
15 Cristy chilaogal at
16 Cindy Kindall  
17 Charlie Cook cookstuff at
18 Ken Rutherford  
19 Walta Russ  
20 Jeanine Welli  
21 Jim Davis kansasjim at
22 Judy Persin jbpersin at
23 Mary Boyce friesfan1 at
24 Herb Gwaltney hgwaltney at
25 Ray Lewis  
26 Joanie Hanlon soytainly at
27 Jo Porter udell47 at
28 Neola Hoover  
29 Lee Jones  
30 Lowell Beecher  
31 DamselDebICT  
32 Layton Shearer  

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