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The Prairie Lark
1925 Hill City High School yearbook

The 1925 Hill City High School yearbook was published by the Senior Class of 1925 and titled "The Prairie Lark". A copy of the yearbook is owned by Src #7, Jane Beach Soder, who has kindly submitted this data. She will look up specifics for those individuals listed below upon request. Please click the above link to be taken to the Contributor page to find her email address. Be sure to include the name of the individual (and for women, don't forget to use her maiden name).

More data from the yearbook will be added in the future as it becomes available.   Solomon Valley Chronicles   extends our deepest appreciation to Jane.

The Prairie Lark

                                         Superintendent:  Mr. R. A. Barns
                                         Principal:  Katheryn Chance Langley, to whom the yearbook was dedicated.

Mr. E. F. Burk
Mr. S. B. Eshelman
Miss Doris Hundertmark
Miss Bessie Killough
Mrs. Ruth Korb
Miss Nellie Lynn
Miss Marie Meyers
Miss Victorine Williams
Senior Class History
Mrs. Langley
Miss Smiley
Ralph Thompson
Hon. James Dye
Alvie Wallace
Calvin Coolidge
Theron Burmbaugh
Victorine Williams
Earl Burk
Bird, Orena Gustafson, Roy Saddler, Francis
Blackford, Maurice Hall, Irwin Sandlin, Glenn
Brandt, Irene Hill, Genevieve Staggers, Ruth
Burmbaugh, Theron Hunter, Walter Stevens, Dorothy
Cameron, Bernard Kline, Wayne Stevens, Rex
Cowling, LeRoy Knouf, Ethel Thompson, Ralph
Dean, Clarence Lewis, Amanda Vorhees, Edith
Dye, James Newman, Ruth Wallace, Alvie
Ellis, Dorothea Quint, Gladys Wallace, Iris
Ellis, Stephen Riggs, Maxine Wheeler, Nola Mae
Fabricus, Mary Rolland, Alverta A. Worcester, Vernon
Goodenow, Vida Rundle, Richard  
Class sponsors: Doris Hundertmark and Sumner Eshelman
Bayne, Gladys Brant, Elmer Kackley, Olive Morris, Harold Stewart, Maurine
Bell, Bernice Crank, Charles Lemon, Lottie Mort, Royalynn Switzer, Gertrude
Bell, Beatrice Gates, Viola Lott, Elsie Pembleton, LeRoy Wagner, Otis
Bird, Lottie Gill, Iva Meyer, Frances Radford, Hylan Young, Lodema
Blackford, Kenneth Graham, Arthur Michaelis, Carolyn Robinson, Gwen  
Brammage, Homer Griffith, Esten Montgomery, Evelyn Sandlin, Edwin  
Brandt, Mary Hildebrand, Grace Morgan, Ray Smith, Elmo  
Class officers:   Frances Meyers, President      Viola Gates, Secretary/Treasurer
Class sponsors: Nellie Lynn and Ruth Korb

Transcriber's note: The Juniors and Seniors have individual photos in the yearbook, but the Sophomores have only a group photo.

Anderson, Clara Louise Depew, Elsie Hatcher, Velma Parker, Bryan Stites, Glen
Bentley, Robert Freeman, Marie Hill, Edna Parks, Mae Thompson, Lucille
Blackford, Clair Fuller, Elwyn Knouf, Joe Quint, Marie Worcester, Frances
Boothe, Lucille Goff, Ida Bell McCoy, Susie Radford, Thaddeus Worland, Robert
Boyle, Albert Goff, Grant McKisson, Ruby Rodman, Leila Young, Robert
Brumbaugh, Vera Graham, Harold McRae, John Spradline, Dale  
Charles, Velma Gustafson, Bert Montgomery, Tom Stites, Rosalie  
Class sponsors: Marie Meyer and Bessie Killough

Transcriber's note: The Freshmen not only do not have individual photos, but only the surnames were used to identify them. If there was more than one person with the same surname, their first name initial was usually but not always included. The group picture was taken from farther away than the Sophomore picture.

Baird Dean Lindley Robinson Thompson
Bassett Engleman Lott Schlingloff Thurlow
Bateman Foster McKisson, H. Staggers, Wanda Truesdale
Bethel Gates McKisson, L. Stuchlick Vesper
Brown, K. Hodson McMullen Summers Voorhees
Brown, R. Jackson Michael Summers Wagner
Brumbaugh Johnson Odles Swank Wallace, D.
Cassell Karat, Ila Olmstead Swank, C Welty
Cook Knox, Russell Price Swank, D. Womack
Criswell Langley, Sidney Pruitt Swank, E. Wray
Daisy Law Rice Swank, E.  
Class Officers
President: Sidney Langley
Vice President: Russell Knox
Secretary/Treasurer: Wanda Staggers
Class Members' Activities
Basketball team: Ila Karat
Debate team: Sidney Langley

Contributor: Src #7

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