Solomon Valley windmill
Solomon Valley Chronicles

New Almelo School
1897 Student Roster


Ignace Looney    1897


Mary Lunney
Rosa Lunney
William Lunney
Orrie Rockwell
Rosa Mindrup
Lizzie Hickert
Mary Ditlinger
Mary Dunlap
Agnes Miller
Johnie Lunney

Henery Hickert
Aloyius Mindrup
Delena Lunney
Nickie Ditlinger
Mary Hickert
Mary Miller
Clarence Rockwell
Rosa Miller
Ralph Dunlap
Annie Ditlinger

Mark Dunlap
Johnie Hickert
Barney Hickert
Josie Ditlinge.
Tony Mindrup

Note: The teacher's name, date and word "Teacher" are hand-written additions to the printed roster.


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