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1940 Norton County Draft Registrants

The following is a partial list of those who registered for the draft as printed in an unidentified Norton County, Kansas newspaper on 22 October 1940. One of Nora Sanborn's scrapbook contains the article in four pieces. The first contained Registrants 1-42. The second contained Registrants 43-337. The third contained Registrants 338-374. The fourth page contained Registrants 375-817; however, the section containing 375-414 was partially torn off.

Numbers that were circled in pencil were 105 (Cecil Earnest Webber), 158 (Frank Monroe Conklin) and 192 (Cloe Floy Witt).

County Draft Registration

The list of registrants in Norton County under the federal draft law is presented herewith, showing serial number, name and address. Under the heading of "race," included with the county draft board report all the 817 men are designated "white." The serial numbers figure in the national lottery, in which the men in all registration districts whose number is drawn first subjects them to possible military training for one year provided they are not placed in deffered classifications on the basis of information given by them in questionnaires to be filled out in the near future.

No. Surname First Name Middle Name Suffix Town
537 ADAMS Donald Eugene   Lenora
693 AITKEN Maurice LeRoy   Norton
190 ALDEN Robert Rose   Norton
248 ALDRICH Charles Townsley   Norton
169 ALLEN Bert Melvin   Lenora
165 ALLEN Loyal Kirtz   Norton
78 ALLEN Paul Adrain   Norton
467 ALLEN Charles Elijah   Norton
556 ALLEN John Wesley   Norton
579 ALTMAN Raymond Lorenzo   Almena
352 ANDERSON Charles Raymond   Norton
449 ANDERSON George Daniel   Clayton
465 ANDERSON Ernest Leonard   Norcatur
281 ANDRE Arthur Gerald   Norton
435 ANKENMAN Galen Ralph   Norcatur
440 ANKENMAN Otis Donald   Norcatur
517 ANKENMAN Lester Harold   Dellvale
88 APPLEGATE Everitt Leland   Norton
433 APPLEGATE Merle Edgar   Norcatur
439 APPLEGATE Ellis Walter   Norton
484 APPLEGATE Lester Emil   Norton
698 APPLEGATE Forrest Everette   Norton
743 APPLEGATE Galen Otis   Norton
759 APPLEGATE Mervin Lloyd   Norton
66 ARCHER Roy Andrew   Densmore
736 ARENSDORF Frank Henry   Densmore
19 ARFORD John Cecil   Almena
647 ARTROBUS Don John   Norton
361 AUSTERMAN Reynold Edward   Clayton
221 BAILEY Lenn Erven   Norton
60 BAIR Vernon Rolla   Norton
733 BALES Robert Carl   Densmore
54 BALLINGER Victor Lee   Norton
567 BALLINGER Dale George   Norton
230 BANKS Howard Davis   Norton
430 BANTAM DeWayne U   Almena
294 BARNGROVER Dale Blaine   Almena
418 BARNGROVER Carl R___mond   Almena
535 BATES Martin Bernard   Lenora
618 BATES James Joseph   Lenora
620 BATES Paul Francis   Lenora
453 BECKMAN Joseph Henry   Norton
626 BECKMAN Mark John   New Almelo
83 BEDEA Albert Devon   Almena
68 BEITZ Arthur Fredrick   Norton
624 BELDEN Merle Elsworth   Edmond
631 BELL Floyd Logan   Edmond
441 BENDER Cecil Guy   Norcatur
41 BENNETT Arby Oscar   Logan
216 BENNETT John Andrew   Norton
547 BERNARD Homer Henry   Densmore
722 BERNARD Raymond James   Densmore
772 BICKNELL Lawrence Roth   Norton
555 BIEBER John Milton   Calvert
810 BIETZ Eric Henry   Norton
227 BILLS Charles Leonard   Norton
614 BILLS Franklin James   Lenora
752 BIRD Leonard William   Norton
659 BISHIP Gilman Everett   Norton
133 BISHOP Ralph Alvin   Dellvale
311 BITTEL Henry     Densmore
86 BIVENS Oran Wilson   Norton
677 BIVENS Johnnie Ellsie   Lenora
707 BLICKENSTAFF Raymond Edwin   Norton
170 BOATMAN Charley Evert   Edmond
194 BOBST Hubert Wayne   Almena
523 BOHL William Elmer Jr. Edmond
745 BOHL Henry Martin   Norton
619 BOLLIGER Charles     Dellvale
212 BONNER James Boyd   Norton
322 BOUCHER Leo Peter   Edmond
360 BOWER Raymond Dwight   Norton
15 BOWMAN Earl Henry   Norton
272 BOWMAN Lee Evart   Norton
283 BOXLER Martin M.   Norton
706 BOXLER Peter John   Norton
335 BOYD Ivan William   Densmore
339 BRADY Stanley     Densmore
274 BRANSCOMB Raymond Everette   Norton
280 BRANTLEY Gordon Luther   Norton
181 BRAUN Bernard Herman   Norton
21 BREATHOUWER H. Vernon   Prairie View
114 BREWSTER Wilbert Denton   Norton
266 BRIGHT Fred     Norton
18 BRIGHT Keith A.   Norton
44 BRITTON Fred Albert   Norton
812 BROOKS Jack Pennock   Norton
350 BROWN Clifford Walter   Densmore
337 BROWN Lewis Edgar   Densmore
645 BROWN Eugene Asa   Lenora
663 BROWN Louis H   Norton
345 BRUINEKOOL Lloyd Simon   Densmore
482 BRUINEKOOL Burton Henry   Norton
38 BRYANT Elton W.   Norton
506 BRYANT Ivan Emer   Norcatur
80 BUCHANAN Joe Alexander   Norton
474 BUCHANAN David James   Calvert
650 BURD Charles Russell   Norton
236 BURNS Oran Frank   Norton
223 BUSTER Elmer Lee   Norton
526 BUTTS Vester Marion   Norton
232 CALLAWAY Fred Lawrence   Norton
175 CAMPBELL William Henry   Prairie View
460 CAMPBELL Charles Earle   Dellvale
691 CAMPBELL Roy G   Norton
30 CAPSTICK Ray Thomas   Almena
662 CARLETON Ray Wilson   Norton
220 CARLTON Glen Everett   Norton
369 CARNES Carl Raymond   Norton
257 CARNES Clyde Harrison   Norton
331 CARR Clarence Willard   Norton
676 CARR Lawrence Doan   Lenora
593 CARROLL Charles DePaul   Norton
120 CART Clyde Arlen   Almena
343 CARVER Ivan Elmer   Logan
77 CATT Orville Wayne   Devizes
185 CHAFFIN George Wilford   Almena
65 CHANDLER Fred Warren   Almena
511 CHEESEMAN Marion Albin   Norton
153 CLAAR Eldon Fremont   Edmond
261 CLARK Harold LeRoy   Norton
634 CLARKE Laurence Benjamin   Densmore
57 CLASON Lewis Jay   Norton
583 CLYDESDALE Russell Kay   Lenora
695 CLYDESDALE Leonard Lee   Norton
156 COCHRAN Lyle     Almena
787 COCHRAN Ross Woodrow   Norton
771 CODER Henry Dwight   Norton
150 COLIP Ivan Manson   Almena
97 COLIP Lewis Wilber   Almena
570 COLIP Charlie Cecil   Norton
326 COLLINS Earl Taft   Edmond
116 COLLINS John Wesley   Dellvale
59 COLLINS Lewis J.   Dellvale
58 COLLINS Littleton Pittillo   Dellvale
75 COLLINS Theron Earl   Dellvale
483 COLLINS Elwood Clarence   Dellvale
298 COLONY Oliver Leonard   Norton
93 COMBS Cloyd Beverly   Almena
423 COMBS Oral Valdine   Almena
309 COMSTOCK Jean Olandus   Norton
121 CONARD Glen Arthur   Almena
128 CONARD Lawrence Hubert   Almena
125 CONARTY Donald Leroy   Norton
43 CONKEY Claud Everett   Edmond
609 CONKEY Lloyd Lee   Edmond
158 CONKLIN Frank Monroe   Edmond
202 CONNELL Benjiman Russell   Norcatur
366 CONRAD Dorcy Ralph   Norton
10 COOK William Estel   Norton
299 COPE Ray Eli   Norton
770 COSBY Harley Gerald   Norton
22 COX Charles Virgil W.   Almena
126 COZAD Lee Floyd   Prairie View
296 COZAD Loyd Merlin   Almena
102 CRAIG Charles Delbert   Norton
764 CRAIG George Edward   Norton
199 CRAMER Leo Alvin   Almena
364 CRITCHFIELD Raymon Leroy   Norton
47 CURRANT Paul     Norton
67 CURREY Lennie Uhl   Almena
458 CUTHBERTSON Leon Frank John   Dellvale
462 CUTHBERTSON Charles Carlyle   Dellvale
585 CUTTING Leonard Arthur   Lenora
604 CUTTING Robert Arthur   Lenora
716 DANIELS Clarence Alden   Norton
271 DARLING Eugene Ray   Norton
145 DARLING Harold G.   Almena
780 DARLING Roy Aubrey   Norton
588 DAVID Benjamin Franklin Jr. Lenora
731 DAVID Howard Thaddous   Lenora
34 DAVIS Charles Oren   Prairie View
64 DAVIS Gail Elbert   Almena
214 DAVIS Gilbert Glenn   Norton
240 DAVIS Kenneth Carrell   Norton
515 DAVIS Cleo Dale   Dellvale
750 DAVIS Gordon Ellsworth   Norton
103 DAVISON Dale Carl   Norton
186 DAVISON Ray     Almena
226 DAVISON Tom     Norton
637 DAY Jesse Allen   Lenora
277 DEAN Earl Harry   Norton
263 DELANO Gerald Burton   Norton
37 DELIMONT Charlie Exavier   Densmore
584 DELP Waymen Delmar   Lenora
791 DELP Dewain Lyle   Norton
795 DELP LaRue Eldred   Lenora
475 DEMAREE Clifford Otto   Clayton
749 DEVERSS George Charles   Norton
129 DEWILD Clarence Henry   Norton
162 DEYOUNG David E.   Prairie View
692 DICKERSON Charles     Norton
255 DIGGINS Lawrence LeRoy   Norton
660 DIXON Leland Leroy   Norton
815 DOLE William Lovejoy   Almena
592 DONALDSON Walter Bridges   Almena
451 DONNELLY LeRoy L.   Norton
638 DONNELLY William Bernard   Lenora
254 DOUGLIS Raymond Franklin   Norton
252 DOWNING Donald M.   Norton
136 DRAKE Cecil Francis   Norton
429 DRAKE Jack Linus   Almena
718 DROEGE Victor Elmer   Norton
561 DROMMER Chrissie George   Norton
597 DROMMER Marvin Roland   Norton
301 DWINELL Leland Lester   Norton
11 EAGLEBURGER Arthur Clifton   Dellvale
90 EAGLEBURGER Vale Leroy   Dellvale
519 EAGLEBURGER Glen Warren   Dellvale
425 EAKINS Vance C   Almena
747 EATIN Edwin James   Lenora
623 EATON Paul Burton   Edmond
111 ECKHART Faye Edward   Clayton
14 EDGETT Ivan Ugene   Norton
115 EDWARDS Robert Riley   Norton
725 EHRLICH Bernard LeRoy   Lenora
106 EICHINGER Lee Elbert   Norton
373 ELLIS Leslie Raymond   Clayton
344 EMERSON Donald Edgar   Lenora
3 EPPINGER Harry Harvey   Norton
790 ERPEDING Louis Francis   Norton
744 ERVIN Otis Edward   Norton
79 ESCOE William Frank   Almena
16 ESSLINGER Melvin Matthew   Norton
596 FISHER Loyal DeWalt   Norton
8 FLY Elbert M Jr. Norton
767 FOCKE LaVern Henry   Norton
297 FOLAND Eugene LeRoy   Norton
222 FORD Clarence Raymond   Norton
536 FORD Harod Barrett   Lenora
765 FORD Henry Alonzo   Norton
100 FORELL Arthur Merle   Norton
259 FOUGHT James Albert   Norton
639 FOUGHT Gordon Ludlow   Densmore
258 FOWLER Virgil Vic   Norton
550 FOWLER Frank Thomas   Norton
278 FRASIER Arthur Edmond   Norton
217 FREDERICK Pershing Dean   Norton
793 FRENCH Kenneth Ralph   Densmore
803 FRENCH Robert Orlando   Densmore
565 FREY Earl R   Norton
632 FRIDAY Wesley Eugene   Lenora
292 FRITZ Joseph John   Almena
544 FRYE Francis William   Lenora
809 GALBREATH Orval Leonard   Lenora
717 GARRISON William Lyle   Norton
726 GARRISON Delmer Lloyd   Densmore
76 GARTON Ralph Wilson   Norcatur
774 GARTON Denton Pease   Norton
641 GEARHART Raymond Edward   Lenora
709 GERNNAN William Vincet   Norton
493 GIBSON Carl Vernon   Lenora
703 GIFFORD James Orville   Norton
82 GILLETT Fay Forrest   Norton
654 GILMORE John Harold   Norton
426 GIMESON Fred Cecil   Almena
797 GIMESON Clyde Edward   Almena
138 GLEASON Lawrence Fraser   Norton
332 GLENN Fred Harvey   Norton
549 GLENNEMEIER Francis Henry   Logan
679 GLENNEMEIER George Bernard   Densmore
754 GOCHENAUE Raymond Leslie   Norton
627 GOLDSBY Elbert Leroy   Dellvale
459 GOODER Gerald William   Dellvale
746 GOSCHA Leo Matthew   Lenora
51 GRAHAM Rollin Robert   Norton
751 GRAHAM Dudley Weston   Norton
73 GRAMZOW Ernest Fred   Almena
50 GREENWOOD Vernon Harold   Dellvale
481 GREGORY Harry Lee   Clayton
328 GRIESSE Arnold George   Norton
122 GRIFFIN Alvah     Norton
728 GRIFFITH Alexander Glenn   Densmore
244 GROSE Wendel Wayne   Norton
642 GULLICK Alvin Henry   Almena
303 GUTHRIE Cyrus Sylvester   Edmond
371 HACKNEY Harold Wayne   Norton
306 HADLEY Philip Marden   Norton
648 HADLEY Weston James   Norton
495 HAFERLAND Karl Frederick   Lenora
450 HAGER Virgil Edgar   Norton
454 HAGER Gene Willard   Norton
711 HALBERT Raymond Clarence   Norton
656 HALL Wendell Graner   Norton
781 HALL Irwin Kenneth   Norton
264 HAMBLIN Everett     Norton
135 HAMILTON Irwin Cabeen   Norton
696 HANCHETT Melvin Theodore   Norton
71 HANDRICH John Thomas   Norton
262 HANSON Sylvester Thomas   Norton
313 HANSON Wilfrid Patrick   New Almelo
571 HARDENBROOK Albert Roy   Norton
734 HARDICK Edward Henry   Densmore
348 HARDIEK Virgil Joseph   Densmore
605 HARDTARFER Oscar Miles   Lenora
13 HARMAN Max Edward   Norton
757 HARMONSON Clarence Omer   Norton
200 HARPER Joseph Robert   Almena
504 HARPER Charles David   Almena
682 HARPER Marion Andrew   Norton
452 HARRAL Orville J   Norton
188 HARRIS Pleasant Monroe   Almena
445 HARVIN Paul Church   Clayton
760 HASTINGS Jay Emmett   Norton
131 HATCHER Fay Samuel   Norcatur
713 HATHAWAY Glenn Loyd   Norton
84 HAVENS Roscoe Wesley   Densmore
501 HAYS Howard Merton   Densmore
318 HAZLETT Harold Emory   Norton
305 HAZLETT Verle Lenard   Norton
166 HEADLEY Roy Edgar   Norton
487 HEANY Wayne Glenn   Clayton
123 HEATON Robert Moore   Norton
683 HEATON Elmon Graves   Norton
629 HEIKES Kenneth Graham   Lenora
674 HEIKES Lomoine Richard   Dellvale
540 HEITZ Elmer Lee   Lenora
17 HELLER Oscar Grant   Prairie View
290 HEMPLER Orval Frederick   Almena
580 HENDERSON Wallace Alfred   Norton
668 HENDRICKSON William Harold   Norton
758 HENDRICKSON Ivan Leonard   Norton
761 HERMAN Harold Edward   Norton
289 HESTER Lendy Billy   Almena
633 HEWETT Francis William   Densmore
488 HIBBS Harold Crutchfield   Lenora
530 HICKMAN Lee Ora   Lenora
172 HICKS Dale Kenneth   Edmond
477 HIGGINS Bert Frank   Clayton
94 HILLEBRAND Joseph Leo   Clayton
602 HINES Roscoe     Lenora
204 HIX Arthur William   Dellvale
690 HIXON Raymond Leroy   Norton
39 HOCK Peter Theodore   Prairie View
108 HOEF Henry Ver   Norton
191 HOLEMAN Burton William   Norton
341 HOLEMAN Johnny Leonard   Dellvale
817 HOLLER Willard Howard   Norton
782 HOOVER Edward Ross   Norton
461 HORNING John Irvin   Norton
528 HOUGHTON Francis Worth   Norton
416 HUBBARD Claude Bruce   Almena
807 HUBBERT Eldon Lloyd   Norton
89 HUFF Russell Levi   Dellvale
154 HUNTER John Hiesler   Edmond
564 HUNTER Arthur W   Norton
800 HUYSER Corneal Andrew   Norton
247 INMAN Lewis Raymond   Norton
198 JACKSON Elmer Earl   Almena
794 JACOBSON Carl Edwin   Densmore
514 JENKINS Loyal Emerson   Norcatur
98 JOHNSON Donald Edward   Norton
288 JOHNSON James Lester   Almena
295 JOHNSON Roy Emory   Almena
499 JOHNSON Joseph Andrew   Norton
512 JOHNSON Dallas Emerson   Norton
594 JOHNSON Andrew Allen   Calvert
598 JOHNSON Lester     Norton
134 JONES Ivel Willis   Norton
542 JONES Ivan Vernon   Clayton
603 JONES James Ralph   Clayton
36 JORDAN Donald Albert   Norton
9 JORDAN James Edwin   Norton
201 JUREY Austin Wesley   Norcatur
62 KARNOPP Floyd Fredrick   Almena
112 KARSTADT Milton Ward   Norton
732 KEELER Ivan Dale   Lenora
242 KEISWETTER Frank Elvin   Norton
196 KEITH Leonard Simpson   Almena
270 KELLER Carl Vester   Norton
738 KELLING Albert Earl   Logan
330 KEMPER John     Logan
319 KEMPER Stephen Bernard   Logan
672 KENDALL Leonard Irvin   Norton
617 KENT Edwin Elmer   Lenora
714 KERR James Leslie   Norton
621 KESSLER Paul Edwin   Lenora
548 KESTER Willard Lorenzo   Logan
763 KIMMAL James William   Norton
356 KING Dale Lesley   Prairie View
503 KINTIGH Everett Louise   Norton
595 KINTIGH Paul William   Norton
159 KISER Howard Francis   Almena
208 KISSELL Jean Wesley   Norton
336 KITZKE Franklin Arthur   Logan
340 KITZKE George Henry   Densmore
737 KITZKE Paul Thomas   Logan
420 KLINE David Karroll   Almena
176 KLOTZ Marthin W. C.   Norton
455 KNAPP Marion Robert   Norton
586 KOEL Francis Leroy   Lenora
211 KREHBIEL Marion Ruth   Norton
55 KUHN Emil Anthony   Norton
353 KUIPER Jacob     Prairie View
417 KUSEL Henry __rl   Almena
705 LAFEVER Ivan Fackler   Norton
239 LAGNEAU John Desire   Norton
721 LAMB Albert Vearl   Norton
25 LAMBERT Vern Ezekiel   Almena
147 LASALLE Elden Menden   Dellvale
786 LATHROP William Myers   Norton
587 LAUGHLIN Harold John   Norton
513 LAWSON Charles Ernest   Norton
520 LAWSON Carl Duncan   Norton
702 LECOUNT Harold Ray   Norton
715 LECOUNT Leslie     Norton
269 LEICHLITER Norman Kirk   Norton
479 LEICHLITER Vyrl Eugene   Clayton
539 LEIDIG Clifford William   Lenora
541 LEIDIG Karl Russell   Lenora
813 LEIGHTY Willard Wesley   Logan
578 LEMON Robert Linn   Lenora
285 LESH Donald Eugene   Norton
52 LESH Edgar L.   Norton
146 LESH Ronald Kenneth   Norton
302 LINDEN Clarence Martin   Clayton
320 LINDEN Lawrence Albert   Clayton
315 LINDEN Virgil Raymond   Clayton
630 LINDEN Carl Joseph   Clayton
219 LINDSAY Robert Christopher   Norton
727 LOHRMEYER Henry John   Logan
735 LOHRMEYER John Edward   Logan
806 LOHRMEYER Stephen Henry   Logan
814 LOHRMEYER Lawrence Aloysius   Logan
324 LONG Andrew Isidore   Clayton
12 LONG Howard Harold   Clayton
1 LONG John Henry   New Almelo
323 LONG Marion Felix   Clayton
421 LOUGH John Henry   Almena
432 LOUGHRY Alvah Edward   Norton
646 LOWRY Clarence Wilford   Norton
189 LUSE Burton William   Norton
56 LYON Audrey William   Dellvale
500 LYON Gererd Samuel   Dellvale
610 LYONS Howard Clayton   Lenora
802 MACOLM Stanley LeRoy   Almena
291 MACY Ray Letcher   Almena
229 MADDY Jesse Beryl   Norton
667 MADDY Lloyd Goldsberry   Norton
710 MADDY Leon Carrol   Norton
529 MAI Bernard     Lenora
287 MALCOLM Andrew Lynn   Almena
268 MANNERS Raymond Glenn   Norton
457 MAPES Hiram Phillip   Norton
708 MAPES Clarence Amer   Norton
168 MARSH Delbert Lemoin   Edmond
608 MARSH Ivan Goldsby   Norton
742 MARSH Lyle     Lenora
468 MART Oscar Norval   Norton
612 MARTIN Lyle Eugene   Lenora
562 MASDEN Bernard Algern   Lenora
137 MATHES John William   Norton
321 MATHEWSON Donald LeRoy   Edmond
560 McCALL William Veryl   Norton
762 McCALMON Edgar R   Norton
471 McCLAIN Deyo Dallas   Norton
5 MCCLELLAND Findley Melvin   Norton
149 MCCLELLAND Kenneth Charles   Almena
95 MCCLELLAND Orland Dale   Almena
476 McCLELLAND Herbert Charles   Dellvale
573 McCLELLAND Clifford Perrill   Dellvale
23 MCCORMACK Lewis Luther   Prairie View
35 MCCORMACK Lloyd Clifford   Almena
687 McCORMACK Lyal Willard   Norton
101 MCCOY Kenneth Brady   Lenora
104 MCCREARY Frederick Earl   Norton
785 McCULLOUGH John Charles   Norton
42 MCFARLAND Joseph Henry   Norton
447 McFARLAND Arthur Floyd   Clayton
246 MCKEE James Randall   Norton
811 McMULKIN Victor Edward   Norton
164 MCMULLEN Donald Fay   Norton
661 McMULLEN Cecil James W   Norton
173 MCNEIVE Thomas Augustus Jr. Edmond
799 McWILLIAMS J Porter   Almena
207 MELROY Bernard Leo   Norton
575 MELROY Joseph John   Norton
576 MELROY Francis Charles   Norton
152 MESMER Alan Edward   Edmond
490 MEYERS Harry Arnold   Norcatur
256 MILDREXTER Herman Casper   Norton
72 MILLER Virgil Boyd   Norton
143 MILLER Warren Fredrick   Norton
518 MILLER John William   Dellvale
521 MILLER Robert Fredrick   Dellvale
643 MILLER William Harland   Lenora
789 MILLER Jene Harlan   Norton
327 MINDRUP Herman Clemens   Clayton
310 MINDRUP Lawrence Edward   Clayton
316 MINDRUP Leo Anthony   Clayton
808 MINDRUP John Benidict   Clayton
20 MINER Lester Glen   Almena
775 MIZELL Carrol Leiin   Norton
538 MOFFET Melvin Forest   Lenora
308 MOODY Donald James   Norton
279 MOODY Duane Ledoyette   Norton
307 MOODY Leo Charles   Norton
510 MOORE Merlin Harald   Norton
719 MOORE Claude Golden   Norton
670 MOREHEAD Eugene Virgil   Norton
644 MORFORD Warren Ward   Lenora
109 MORGAN John Arthur   Norton
611 MOSER Ernest Lawrence   Lenora
249 MUMMA Olen Dee   Norton
768 MURPHY Gerald Earl   Norton
669 MUSTOE Melvin Merle   Norton
675 MUTHS Andrew Jacob   Lenora
243 NELSON Raymond Maurice   Norton
699 NEWSON Paul Thomas   Norton
480 NICKELL John Floyd   Clayton
804 NICKELL Elmer Lee   Clayton
338 NOEL Lawrence Paul   Densmore
312 NOONE Robert Francis   New Almelo
796 NOONE Alfred Clair   New Almelo
792 NORDHUES Francis Joseph   Norton
658 NORMAN Allen Lincon   Norton
148 NORRIS Charles James   Clayton
489 NORTON Samuel Floyd   Norton
351 NUTTYCOMB Stanley Thomas   Norton
778 OLSON Carl Arthur   Norton
74 O'NEAL Roy James   Norton
276 O'TOOLE Paul Bernard   Norton
7 OTTER Leo Edmund   Clayton
174 PADEN Leo Fred   Edmond
788 PALLIA Barney     Norton
469 PARKS Floyd Cleveland   Norton
205 PARSONS Glenn Albert   Norton
273 PAYNE Leslie Earle Jr. Norton
415 PAYNE Harold Arthur   Almena
456 PEAK Neal Ellis   Norton
45 PENCE Floyd Isaac   Norton
317 PERSINGER Raymond Wesley   Norton
534 PERSONETTE Orville John   Lenora
756 PERSONETTE Glenn Edwin   Norton
117 PETERSON LeRoy Alfred   Norton
723 PETRACEK Rudolph W   Lenora
234 PHILLIPS Earl James   Norton
171 PICKEL Chas. Herman   Edmond
463 PITTAWAY Ralph Leonard   Norton
29 POAGE Lloyd Eugene   Almena
655 POAGE Raymond Madison   Norton
141 POPPE Arthur Henry   Norton
507 PORTER Norman Lee   Dellvale
753 POSSON Earl Chester   Norton
183 POWELL Dale George   Norton
224 POWELL John Nelson   Norton
193 PRATER James MacArthur   Almena
197 PRICE Clifford Harold   Almena
206 PROCTOR William Henry   Norton
613 PROUT Lester Barton   Lenora
142 PYWELL Lowell Levern   Norton
49 QUILLEN Charles Alfred   Almena
697 QUINN Joseph Edward   Norton
701 QUINN Thomas Benjamin   Norton
218 RABIS Frank     Norton
748 RAY Lester Wilson   Norton
245 REED Harold Jesse   Norton
551 REED Lester Verl   Clayton
275 REEL Raymond Lawrence   Norton
178 REEVES Neil Walter   Almena
553 REEVES Leslie Burton   Almena
437 REID John Walter   Norcatur
428 RENTSCHLER George M   Almena
144 REYER Charlie Other   Almena
558 RHOADES John Floyd   Calvert
354 RHODIG Ora Leonard   Almena
119 RICHARDS Dean Elmo   Norton
427 RICHARDS Robert Wiley   Almena
649 RIDDLE Lester Earl   Norton
516 RIEMAN Lawrence Nicholas   Norton
347 RIEMANN Louis Thomas   Densmore
472 RIFE Harley Dale   Norton
251 ROBBEN Matthew Herman   Norton
491 ROE Walter Raymond   Norton
26 ROEDER Carl Leonard   Prairie View
24 ROEDER Irvin Lawrence   Almena
505 ROEDER Orville Lored   Norton
657 ROGERS Roland Paul   Norton
372 ROLLAND Cleo Earnest   Clayton
300 ROME Adolph Adam   Norton
209 ROUSE Thomas Eugene   Norton
783 ROUSE William Walter   Norton
260 ROWLEY Johnnie Lyle   Norton
210 ROWLEY Sharrol Ray   Norton
524 ROZEAN Philbert Chester   Densmore
557 RUNNION Lawrence Arthur   Norton
466 RUSINK Lawrence Hermen   Norton
740 RUSS Bruce James   Lenora
267 RYAN William Bernard   Norton
151 SABIN Floyd Liscome   Edmond
625 SABIN Albert Clinton   Edmond
606 SANBORN Albert David   Lenora
607 SANBORN John Ivan   Lenora
776 SARGENT Marion Walter   Norton
333 SAXTON Charles Edgar   Edmond
48 SCARLETT Goerge Mansel   Norton
665 SCHAFER Arthur Eugene   Norton
686 SCHAFER John Seaton   Norton
265 SCHARF Clarence Calvin   Norton
284 SCHARF Leonard Lloyd   Norton
228 SCHATTENBERG Carl Herman   Norton
187 SCHEMPER Peter L.   Prairie View
651 SCHENDEL James Walter   Lenora
286 SCHLICK Pius     Norton
496 SCHOEMAKER Ira Ray   Lenora
729 SCHULTE William Leo   Densmore
325 SCHULZE Harold Victor   Norton
139 SCHULZE Leo Charles   Norton
180 SCHULZE Lloyd J.   Norton
446 SCHULZE John Henry   Clayton
615 SCHULZE Carl Raymond   Norton
498 SCOTT George Elton   Lenora
581 SCOTT Joseph Hughes   Lenora
730 SCOTT Lorhen William   Lenora
436 SCRIVNER Bernie James   Norcatur
91 SEEVER Robert O'Kelly   Almena
334 SEITZ William Glen   Norton
616 SEVERNS Verne Woodrow   Norton
554 SHAW Charles Earl   Norton
777 SHAW Clinton Ellsworth   Norton
801 SHAW Jim   III Almena
40 SHEARER Merle     Almena
28 SHEARER Vernon     Prairie View
419 SHEARER Leslie     Almena
140 SHELTON Charles Luther   Norton
704 SHELTON Joel Wesley   Norton
225 SHEPHERD Willard Iden   Norton
237 SHEWMAKE Clarence Edward   Norton
689 SHEWMAKE Roy Willis   Norton
359 SHORT Noble Algia   Almena
739 SHORT Alven Lafeytte   Lenora
110 SHREVES Clarence LeRoy   Norton
522 SIDMAN Paul Reynolds   Dellvale
127 SIEGRIST Jessie Jefferson   Prairie View
370 SITES Russell Charles   Norton
443 SKILES Loren Chester   Norcatur
563 SKRDLANT Charles E Jr. Norton
566 SKRDLANT Emil Lloyd   Norton
358 SLEFFEL Cale Alexander   Norton
293 SMITH Ivan Raymond   Almena
53 SMITH Lauren Elmer   Almena
365 SMITH Lloyd Martin   Almena
473 SMITH Lawrence Evertt   Densmore
508 SMITH Ira Morse   Densmore
805 SMITH William Floyd   Densmore
46 SNYDER Howard Wilson   Norton
113 SNYDER John Wesley   Norton
635 SNYDER Forrest Eugene   Densmore
600 SPARKS Lyle Dean   Lenora
636 SPENCER Elvin Robert   Lenora
304 SPERRY Carl Harrison   Edmond
314 SPIESS Martin Francis   New Almelo
628 SPIESS Bernard Charles   New Almelo
502 SPROUL Lloyd William   Norton
559 SPURRIER Alvin     Almena
590 ST. JOHN Ross Alonzo   Lenora
720 STADEL Maynard Fred   Norton
688 STAMEY Lyle Elmer   Norton
582 STANLEY Lyle Martin   Lenora
680 STEELSMITH Albert Clayton   Dellvale
31 STEFFEL Merle Lynn   Norton
724 STEICHEN Edward Francis   Lenora
367 STEPHEN Cle Levertt   Norton
235 STEPHENS Floyd James   Norton
215 STEPHENSON Charles Lenard   Norton
231 STEPHENSON Raymond DeWayne   Norton
527 STEVENSON Ivan Dale   Norton
118 STEWART Gerald Franklin   Almena
61 STONE William French Jr. Norton
525 STOYER Horace Elton   Densmore
132 STRAYER Ralph Ward   Norcatur
107 STREET Albert Leroy   Norton
478 STREIT Henry Frank   Clayton
678 SUCHSLAND Harold Ernest   Lenora
681 SUCHSLAND Lester Gerhard   Lenora
346 SWEARINGEN Clarence Alden   Densmore
486 SWEELEY Carl     Norton
362 SWIFT Ralph Jacob   Norton
671 TAYLOR Kenneth Warren   Norton
434 TEMPLE Lester Loyal   Norcatur
442 TEMPLE Gerald Elmer   Norcatur
342 THOMAS Vergil Clifford   Densmore
329 THOMPSON Bud     Edmond
253 THOMPSON Harold Clarence   Norton
182 THOMPSON Rex Clifton   Edmond
92 THOMPSON Robert Calvin   Almena
422 THOMPSON Thomas J   Almena
652 THOMPSON Ralph Leroy   Norton
63 TILLOTSON John Charles   Norton
81 TORREY James Rodney   Norton
755 TRAXLER Marshall O   Norton
532 TROUTNER Floyd Carter   Lenora
589 TROUTNER Edward Thomas   Lenora
591 TROUTNER Jesse Lloyd   Lenora
282 TUBBS George Duaine Jr. Norton
546 TURLEY David Thomas   Densmore
497 TURNER Elmer Ford   Lenora
470 TWEED Doral James   Norton
509 TWEED Clifford Kenneth   Norton
685 TWEED Dale Thomas   Norton
238 TWEEDY Frank Arthur   Norton
543 TYRRELL Budd Eriel   Lenora
545 TYRRELL Bunnie Marion   Lenora
700 TYRRELL Roy Albert   Norton
779 TYRRELL Laurel Tobie   Norton
195 UNDERWOOD James Loyal   Almena
160 VAHLING Aloysius Francis   Clayton
161 VAHLING Joseph Henry   Clayton
448 VAHLING Henry Lawrence   Dellvale
531 VAHLING Bernard Francis   Clayton
32 VAN DEWEGE Alfred Richard   Prairie View
374 VAN METER Kennith V.   Dellvale
485 VANCE Eldred Francis   Norton
241 VANDERWEGE Lyman James   Norton
599 VANDIEST Henry Arnold   Lenora
664 VANDIVER Francis Loren   Norton
233 VANLOENEN William John   Norton
368 VANPATTEN Loren Ellsworth   Almena
357 VEHIGE John Willman   Logan
816 VERDUSCO Rudolph Hernande   Norton
349 VOSS Cornelius Bud   Densmore
355 VOSS Tommy     Prairie View
85 WALKER Frank Everitt   Norton
494 WALKER Vance Dwight   Lenora
640 WALKER Lawrence Elwood   Lenora
741 WALTERS Ray Charles   Densmore
712 WARD Maurice Lawrence   Norton
784 WARD Lawrence Francis   Norton
96 WARREN Forest F.   Almena
167 WAUFLE Bernard Owen   Norton
2 WAUFLE Stanley Eldon   Edmond
568 WAUFLE Waldo Raymond   Norton
424 WAUGH Richard Greyson   Almena
105 WEBBER Cecil Earnest   Norton
177 WEBSTER Harold George   Norton
155 WEGENER Lorenz     Norton
179 WEGENER Werner Herman   Norton
184 WEGENER William Herman   Norton
766 WEIGEL Edgar Daniel   Norton
27 WENDEL Darwin Meade   Almena
6 WERT Kenneth William   Norton
438 WEST Harold Roy   Norcatur
444 WEST Noel Wilbur   Norcatur
492 WETTER Henry George   Norton
684 WHITAKER Forrest Spencer   Norton
694 WHITE Phil Franklin   Norton
70 WHITENEY Charles Vernon   Almena
666 WHITFORD Delbert     Norton
798 WHITFORD Clarence Richard   Norton
213 WHITNEY John Wesley   Norton
552 WHITNEY Lewis Edwin   Norton
569 WHITNEY Walter Lyle   Norton
69 WILLIAMS Byron Edward   Norton
33 WILLIAMS Glendon Keith   Almena
533 WILLIAMS Maurice LeRoy   Lenora
601 WILLIAMS Joseph Butler   Lenora
769 WILLIAMS William Franklin   Norton
124 WILMOT Kenneth William   Almena
363 WILSON Donald Franklin   Norton
192 WITT Cloy Floyd   Norton
4 WOLFE Cyril Byron   Norton
87 WOLFE Dale Everitt   Norton
130 WOLFE John D.   Prairie View
99 WRAY Harlan Guy   Norton
157 WRAY Noal N.   Norton
653 WRAY Harold Mark   Norton
163 WUDTKE Herman William   Norton
572 WYATT Lewis Raymond   Norton
577 WYATT Hervey Aden   Norton
622 WYATT Eldon Fuller   Norton
773 YATES Donald Dale   Norton
203 YOUNG Edgar Frank   Dellvale
464 YUNT Harold Wayne   Norcatur
673 YUNT Glenn Burton   Norcatur
431 ZELLMER John August   Norton
250 ZICKEFOOSE Harry Lewis   Norton
574 ZIERLEIN Elmer Henry   Dellvale

[Source: Two undated clippings contained in a scrapbook kept by Nora Sanborn; now owned by Src #18 who granted permission for use on Solomon Valley Chronicles.]

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