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Lenora Service Bulletin

The following was found in a scrapbook kept by Agnes Mindrup and submitted by Src #28.

While transcribing the bulletin, the original format was retained as much as feasible. You can
also view the original image files:

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Lenora Service Bulletin
Published The First Of Each Month By The Lenora Chamber of Commerce
"The longer you gaze at a difficulty the bigger it looks. Tackle it at first sight and lick it"

Volume 1 Number 1                                                                                 May 1, 1943                                                                               Lenora, Kansas

"Avenge Us"

Cpl. Vincent Dempewolf
of New Almelo killed in action, February 26, 1942 on Bataan.

Pvt. Harold L. Allen
Serv. Co. Marine Barricks
Camp Joseph H. Pendleton
Oceanside, Calif.
Private Allen is a recent proud papa and was home on a short furlo to see the offspring.

P.F.C. Harold L. Adams
U.S. Naval Hospital
Ward 13
More Island, California

R. E. Arnold RM 1|c USN
U. S. S. Helena
o-o Fleet Post Office
San Francisco, Calif.

Sgt. R. L. Alsdorf
Post Hq. Camp Pinsdale
Fresno, California
Bob was very recently promoted from a Corporal to a Sgt.

Sgt. Norman C. Albright
U. S. Army 37151995
Hq. Btry. 410th C. A. Bn. (AA) (Sep)
A. P. O. 437th o-o Postmaster
Los Angeles, Calif.

Vernon Albright S. 2|C
U. S. Navy Station
Navy Yard
Philadelphia, Penn.

Reynold E. Austerman
Btry. A. 118 F. A. Bn
Camp Blanding, Florida
A. P. O. 30

Pvt. Carl Austerman
Co. B. 26th Bn. M. P. R. T. C.
Barracks No. 2321
Fort Riley, Kansas

Pvt. Mark J. Beckman 37224054
Hq. and Hq. Squad. 51th Serv. Gp
A P O 629
o|o Postmaster
New York, New York
Is now in India after never being out of Norton County all of his life. Took him only 4 months to get there after he went to work for Uncle Sam.

P.F.C. A. J. Bruggeman 37148320
A. P. O. No. 4002-A
o|o Postmaster, New York, New York
To Those In Service

The Lenora Chamber of Commerce has for some time been proposing something, that would be of real and equal value to all those in service, whose habitual acquaintance has been within the Lenora territory. We want you to know that the old gang of 4 F's, producers and non-producers, are doing their damndest [sic] to uphold or hold up the detail work you surrendered at home, when lot chose you to do our dirty work.
Just for your information, to let you know that we at home are also on the job, we challenge the nation in Patriotism and War Spirit. Kansas has led the Nation in her quota on War Bonds, Red Cross Drive, Scrap Iron Drive and also breaking the ice in passing a Labor Union Law. The Lenora C of C has also just purchased a $1000 War Bond.
The origins and nourishment of the roots of real Americanism are right here in Western Kansas, and "Be Gad" we are going to continue to grow and send real Americans all over the World.
We invite you to attend our bi-weekly C of C dinner on Monday night whenever you are home on furlough. If you like our idea of this monthly service bulletin, be sure to send us your address if changed, the last week of each month, and your friends will know where you are. Also enclose a note of interest that we can print with your name in the succeeding bulletins.
As a final word, especially to those of you in foreign service, remember that when things look the toughest, give thought to your Mother and Dad. I can from experience vouch, that every parent is earnestly praying for you and riding out the same storm with you.
Edward F. Steichen, M. D.,
President of the Lenora Chamber of Commerce

Pvt. Arvold W. Belden
852nd Ord. Dept.
American Air Force
Bombadier School
Big Springs, Texas

A|C Willard F. Bills
S. A. A. C. C.
Harmon Flying School
Ballinger, Texas

Cpl. F. J. Bills 37151991
Hq. and Hq. Sq. 23rd Serv. Gp.
A. P. O. 982, o|o Postmaster
Seattle, Washington
We understand Frank would rather see a little Western Kansas dust instead of so d-m much Alaskan snow.

Sgt. Wauneta R Baker
151st WAAC Tech. Co.
o|o 89th CA (AA)
Washington, D. C.

P.F.C. John M. Bieber
Ordnance School
Lansing Section
Lansing, Michigan

Cpl. Chester D. Bishop 37332154
342nd Navigation Training Squad.
Mather Field, California

Cpl. Eugene A. Brown
Hq. Btry. 1st Btn. 195 F A
East Garrison, Fort Ord, California

Starlin F. Best S. 2|C
U. S. N. A. S.
A. and R. Maintenance
Barracks 2, Wing 2A
Olathe, Kansas
Pvt. Victor G. Briener
Btry. Floor C. A. (AA)
Long Beach, California

Cpl. John L. Costello
C. C. 151st Engr. (C)
A. P. O. 941
Seattle, Washington

Urban S. Costello A. U. M. 3|C
6th Div. USS Ranger
New York, New York
c|o Fleet Post Office

Cpl. Lawrence D. Carr
A.S.N. 37033702
Co. C. 635 TD. Bn.
Camp Hood, Texas

O. W. Cleveland
U. S. S. Detroit
o|o Fleet P. M.
San Francisco, Calif.

Aviation Cadet Lourde G. Costello
2-B-43 Naval Air Station
Pasco, Washington

Lt. Anthony F. Costello
Co. C. 746 M. P. Bn.
Fort Bliss, Texas

T| Sgt. Joseph P. Costello
U. S. M. C. Unit No. 220
Fleet Post Office
San Francisco, Calif.
Joe Costello is home on furlo at present.

Lt. C. R. Curtis
Hdqs., Director of Schools
B. I. R. T. C.
Camp Robinson, Arkansas
Dick was home several months ago to attend the funeral of his mother.
"Avenge Us"

Pvt. Russell Clydesdale
Died March 27 in North African Hospital of Yellow Jaundice.

D. Donnelly B. 2|C
Sub. Repair Unit o|o Postmaster
San Diego, Calif.

Nick Dellere
War Training Service
Tioga Hotel, Chanute, Kansas
Nick hopes to end up with the aviation ferry command.

Sgt. Joseph Dellere
Btry D. 55th F. A. Bn.
Camp Roberts, Calif.

Pfc. Oscar Von Elling
Weapons Detachment
C. R. T. C.
Fort Riley, Kansas
Oscar and wife were in Lenora this week visiting. He is the only four-time winner in the C. of C. Script Drawing enriching him by two $50's, $25 and $5.

Cpl. Clifford Edgington
330th Sig. Co. Wg.
Drew Field, Tampa, Florida

Pvt. Benjamin F. David, Jr.
423 M. P. E. G.
Fort Custer, Michigan

Pfc Donald Emerson
Denver M. P.
1400 Broadway Co. B.
Denver, Colorado

Lt. Perry C. Emmons
Ludwick Ave.           61st AAFFTD
Military Academy
Avon Park, Florida

Bernard Ehrlich RT 2|c
N-A-T-T-C Ward Island
Co. A-Bks. No. 1 Section 4
Corpus Christi, Texas

Pvt. Milford Erwin
Hq. and Hq Company
12th Armored Division.
APO 262 U. S.. Army
Camp Campbell, Kentucky
Another proud Papa.

Pfc. George Eggers 37153511
Co. A 46 Armd. Med. Bn.
APO- 254 - 4th Armd. Div.
c|o Postmaster, Los Angeles, Calif.

Pvt. William Fuller
Serial No. 36358135
Btry. B, 125th F. A. Bn.
APO 34 New York, New York
Dear Bill: Doc Smith has a "new" 1933 Ford V-8 DeLuxe Coupe. (Send home set of tires at once!)

S|Sgt. Arron T. Goble
T. S. S. 417 School Squadron
Barracks 581 Sheppard Field
Wichita Falls, Texas

Pfc. Lawrence A. Gibson
War Dog R_cpt. Training Center [cannot read the second letter of that abbreviation. jwg]
U. S. Army T-8 San Carlos, Calif.
Another proud Papa but hasn't seen the offspring yet.

Cpl. Lester Hazlett
Hq. Btry. 381st FA Bn.
APO 102 U. S. Army
Camp Maxey, Texas

Lt. Meredith J. Huff
669th Bomb. Sq.
416th Bomb. Group
Will Rogers Field
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Corp. Verle Hazlett
Co. C. 635th T|D Bn.
Camp Hood, Texas

Marcellus H. Hickert 17165657
Btry. B. 410 C. A. Bn AA
APO 39-29 c|o Postmaster, New York

Pfc. Karl Haferland
Co. D, 214th Q. M. Gas Supply Bn.
APO 312 Fort Jackson, So. Carolina
Dutch is still in the gas business, but not in Lenora.

Pvt. W. P. Hanson 37037678
Co. C 1st Bn. 591st Engr. Boat Regt.
APO 302 c|o P. M. New York, N. Y.

Pvt. A. W. Hooper 37336156
Co. C 753rd TK Bn.
APO 4504 c|o P. M. New York, N. Y.
Hoop has gained his ambition "tanked" inside and out.

Cpl. Orrin Heitman 37153601
Hq. Co. 1st Bn. 68 A. R. APO 256
Camp Cooke, California

Pvt. Loren E. Horton 37332097
Hq. Co 111 Ornid Corps
APO 353, Camp Polk, La.

Cpl. O. L. Hendricks 37217038
Co. A 377 Trans. Corp APO 997
c|o Postmaster, Seatle, Washington

Pfc. Edwin E. Kent 37336158
Hdq. Battery 456 C. A. Bn. AA
APO 407 c|o P. M. Nashville, Tenn.

Cpl. Loren D. Keever 32479376
44th Evacuation Hospital (S.M.)
APO 402 c|o Postmaster
Nashville, Tenn.

Sgt. Loyal W. Knoll 37033483
697th Q. M. Co. M. M. APO 528
c|o Postmaster, New York, N. Y.

Cpl. Francis L. Koel
Co. C 807 T. D. Bn.
Camp Gruber, Oklahoma

Pfc. Walter H. Koel
Hq. Co. 1st Bn. 337 Inf.
APO 85 c|o Postmaster Shreveport, La

Pvt. Frank H. Kent
USAT 2795 S. F. P. E. Fort Mason
San Francisco, California

Cpl. Joseph G. Kinser
Anti-Tank Co. 513th Inf. APO 104
Camp Adair, Oregon
We understand Joe's Jennings girl friend (or is she?) and his sister are

Pvt. Thomas W. Kirk
Co. B 718 M. P. Ba.
Fort Mason, San Francisco, Calif.
Still has the weight on his middle. He is doing clerk duty with the M P's
Pfc. Clifford W. Leidig
Co. E-317th Inf., APO 35
Camp Forest, Tennessee
While Cliff is out in the brush, (the former Hazel Arasmith) his wife, is in Lenora visiting relatives.

Pfc. Henry J. Lohrmeyer
E. S. C. 26, Bldg. 382
E.M.E. T. A.S., Det. W.
Fort Sill, Oklahoma

Pfc. Robert Linden 37119704
H-2 Btry. 246th FA. Bn. APO. 716
c|o Postmaster, San Francisco, Calif.

Pvt. John H. Long
C. Troop 7th Rec. Sqd. APO 201
Fort Bliss, Texas

Pfc. Carl Linden
Co. C. Hdq Platoon
851st Engr. Avn Bn
Geiger Field, Washington

Pvt. Guy F. Linden 37220525
Wm. Beaumont Gen. Hospital
El Paso, Texas, Ward 9
Back in the hospital to get out of the noon hour rush. P. S. He got his leg broke some 6 months ago during rush to Mess.

James Earl Myers S 1|c
Naval Air Station ZP Squadron 21
Richmond, Florida

David H. Mizer S 1|c
U. S. Naval Air Station
Aerology Dept., Hutchinson, Kansas

Harold Francis Morford, AMM 3|c
T. T. S. A. Maint. Div.
N. A. S Breezy Point Brunch
Norfolk, Virginia

Pfc. John B. Mindrup
Boat Unit Detach. Hq. Camp E.A.C.
Camp Edwards, Mass.

Cpl. Paul Mindrup 35156371
Co. B. 131st. Angr. Regt.
APO 502, c|o P.M. San Francisco, Cal.

S|Sgt. James Kenneth Mindrup
Co. 151 Inf. APO 38
Camp C_rrabelle, Florida

Pfc. H. Patrick Mindrup
1st Bn. Service Battery 166 F. A.
Fort Sill, Oklahoma

Pvt. James Mindrup 37336152
Co. H. 56th A.I.R APO 262
Camp Campbell, Kentucky

Lt. Mary Katherine Mindrup, A.N.C.
Station Hosp. 1580th Service Unit
Camp Campbell, Kentucky
Congratulations on being the first Army Nurse from this section.

Sgt. Archie Miller
C.A.S.C. No. 1907 Cas, Sec
Fort Lewis, Washington
A.S.N. 37139342

Pfc. Joe Masden APO 668 c|o P.M.
2nd P. O. Base New York, N. Y.
Joe: "you'd better come home at once." Pop is riding the City grader.

T|S V. L. Masden
824th S. F. R. S. Co. T-3321
Camp Crowder, Mo.
Vic is home on furlough this week

Cpl. William H. Miller
A. S. N. 37338389
Hq. Hq. Co. 407 Inf., APO 102
Camp Maxey, Texas

Pvt. Edward F. Mindrup
F.A.B. Test Battery
Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Cpl. George E. Morgan
A.S.N. 37033696
Co. C. 365th T|D Bn.
Camp Hood, Texas

Cpl. J. P. McWilliams
Ser. 1st Bn. 195 F.A.
E. Garrison, Fort Ord, Calif.

Pvt. Thomas G. Noone
Co. C. 862nd Avn. Engr. Bn. A.A.B.
Richmond, Virginia
S|Sgt. Robert Noone
Co. F. 471st Q. M. (trk) Regt.
APO 312, Fort Jackson, So. Carolina
Bob hasn't been in Lenora for some time so things are pretty quiet. He doubled his money in a 10c crap game at Xmas time for a marriage license. But no takers?

Pvt. Lawrence P. Noel 37203148
Or. Co. 120th Med. Bn. APO 45
Pine Camp, New York
Wonder what's cooking on the Phillips-Norton County line on old No. 9?

Lt. Paul M. Nauer
A. 467 A.A.A. Bn.
Camp Stewart, Georgia.

Pfc. Clarence Nusse 39242526
Hq. Co. 1st Bn. 551st Para. Inf.
APO 832 c|o P.M. New Orleans, La.

Lt. Dan Nusse
Tank Destroyer Bn.
Camp Hood, Texas

Pfc. Arthur Otter A.S.N. 39151176
260th Signal Construction Co.
APO 3502 c|o Postmaster
San Francisco, California

Sgt. Leonard J. Organ 18070265
Hdats. Advance Signal Section
Base Sect. 2, APO 922
c|o Postmaster, San Francisco, Calif.
Hope your kangaroo punch is improving.

Lt. David C. Organ
APO 913 San Francisco, Calif.
A. C 390th Bomb Sq.

Cpl. Ivan M. Paugh
Co. A 321 Inf. APO No. 81
Camp Rucker, Ala.

Sgt. L. J. Perrill
302nd Btry. "B" C. A. (B.B.Bn)
Camp Tyson, Tenn.

Darryl E. Perkins
U.S.S. Mackinac c|o Fleet Postmaster
San Francisco, California

Pfc James E. Perkins
Service Co. 9th A. R. U. S. Army
Camp Campbell, Ky.

Pvt. John L. Rigg
424 M. P. E. G. Co.
Fort Slocum, New York
John was home last week to attend the funeral of his father.

S|Sgt. Sharrol Rowley
Hq. Btry 195 F. A. Bn.
Fort Ord, California

Lt. Wayne Steele
4002 Prescott
Dallas, Texas

Pvt. D. G. Saltzman
4th Platoon Co. C. 79th Inf. Btn.
Camp Roberts, California

Cpl. Stanley Shoemaker
S. M. D. T. No. 1 Co. C Brcks 9
Fitzsimmons General Hospital
Denver, Colorado

Pvt. Earl H. Schreiber 37343127
Fort Knox, Kentucky

Cpl. Bernard C. Spiess
U.S.M.P. Unit 820 Co. C. 5th Bks
c|o Fleet P. O. San Francisco, Calif.

Pvt Claude V. Stroup
Med. Dept. Lab. Goodfellow Field
St. Angelo, Texas

Pvt. Doyle B. Schoen 37338458
A-2 AFRTC Fort Knox, Kentucky

Pvt. Anthony Schnabel
Antibank Co. 152 Inf.
Umpire APO No. 38 c|o Postmaster
Leesville, La.

Pvt. Arthur J. Spohrer
c|o Postmaster, San Francisco, Calif.
Cpl. Bernard Spiess U. S. M. C.
Unit No. 800 c|o Fleet Post Office
San Francisco, California

Pvt. Leo Schlim
Btry C-306th C. A. B.B.B.
120 West G. Street
Wilmington, California

Lt. J. A. Simpson
Co. Q 302 Brd. Regt.
Ft. Lewis, Washington

Pvt. James G. Shoemaker
88th A. A. F. College Tr. Dept.
Air Crew Squadron A.
University of Minnesota (Stadium)
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Cpl. John L. Shoemaker
A.S.N. 37224045
4th A.F.R.D. Squadron A
Hammer Field, Fresno, California

T|Sgt Lester Suchsland 37071541
Indiantown Gap, Military Reservation
U. S. Army APO nO. 253, Penn.

Pvt. Harold Suchsland
Co. B 524 M. P. Bn., 1360 Mission St.
San Francisco, California

Pvt. Willis L. Smith
458 Ord. Eva. Co. Camp Santa Anita
Arcadia, California

Cpl. Crusen V. Smith ASN 18046278
Bt. M. 64th C. A. (aa APO 953
c|o Postmaster San Francisco, Calif.

T|Sgt. Wilbur Toll
Hq. Plat. 559 Sig. A. W.
APO 847 c|o P. M. New York, N. Y.

Cpl. Bunnie Tyrrell ASN 37336154
Second Army Umpire Pool APO 407
c|o Postmaster Nashville, Tenn.

Pvt. Robert D. Taylor
3715045 M. P. Fleet APO 939
Seattle, Washington

Pvt. Edward Troutner
Co. A 846 Serv. Photo Btn.
35-11-35th Ave. Long Island, N. Y.
Last report from Eddie he was holding first camera seat with his unit.

Pfc Lyman Troutner AS No. 37233281
381st Inf. Med. Det US Army P.O. 96
Camp Adair, Oregon

Lt.-Col. F. G. Volkel
904 N. Wayne
Arlington, Virginia

Pvt. Henry Vahling
306th C. A. Btry A-B B. Bn.
120 West G. Street
Wilmington, California

Pvt. Joseph H. Vahling
102nd Co. RCN Tr. APO No. 102
Camp Maxey, Texas

Pvt. Norbert Walhmeier
22 Replacement ANT Training School
Boat Basin, Oceanside, California

Pvt. Lawrence E. Walker
"C" Btry. 379th F. A. Bn
APO 102 U.S. Army,
Camp Maxey, Texas

Cpl. Vincent W. Walker
Hq. Btry. 1st Bn. 205 C. A. (aa)
Santa Monica, Calif.

Pfc. Ardith R. Walker
Enlisting Tech. School
Army and Navy General Hosp.
Hot Springs National Park, Ark.

Pvt. James Williams
Co. D. 26th T. R. Bn.
MPRTC Bks. 2425T
Fort Riley, Kansas

Pvt. Sam D. Williams 37224055
1795th Ord. M. M. Co. AVN (Q)
Stockton Ord. Depot.
Stockton, California.

Pfc. Martin Wilson
Co. K 3rd. Bn. 304th Ord. Regt. B
Ordnance Unit Trianing Center
Red River Ordnance Depot Texarkana, Texas

[Source: Lenora Service Bulletin (Lenora, Kansas), published by the Lenora Chamber of Commerce, 1 May 1943 contained in a scrapbook of Agnes Mindrup. Sbumitted by Src #28 and transcribed by site-owner.]

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