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A special tribute
A very special woman

Janice Born Goddard was an incredibly wonderful and beautiful woman, inside and out. She welcomed both my son and I into her family with open arms, first as friends, then as her step-grandson and daughter-in-law. No one could have had a better mother-in-law. Janice and I could talk for hours about everything under the sun. She was one of the sweetest people I have known. She was an inspiration and a role model to many who knew her. Possessing a delightful sense of humor, Janice dealt with her deafness with grace and courage while having a deep and abiding love for all.

After I began researching the Born and Goddard families, she gave me immeasurable help and frequently asked if I had found anything new or interesting. Janice and Bill's annual Christmas gift enabled me to subscribe to to further my research on our families.

The Solomon Valley Chronicles logo photo is of a windmill on the land that Janice's maternal grandparents had owned. After Janice's death, I learned that, as Rick's widow, I would inherit a small share of oil income from that land. It was that income that enabled me to purchase the Solomon Valley Chronicles domain name and rent the server space. There is no doubt in my mind, Janice would be tickled pink that income from her family land is providing this independent web-site to others researching this area and help them with their research just as she helped me.

On behalf of all the researchers this site benefits,
From the bottom of my heart,
Thank you, Janice.
My love always,

Solomon Valley Chronicles

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