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World War II
Honor List of Dead & Missing

Status   Rank  
DNB: Died non-battle   Cpl: Corporal Pvt: Private
DOW: Died of wounds   Lt: Lieutenant Sgt: Sargeant
FOD: Finding of death   Jg: Junior grade S Sgt: Staff Sargeant
KIA: Killed in action   Pfc: Private First Class Tec: Technician

Last Name First Name, Middle Initial Rank Serial Number Status County
Billinger Andrew A. Pfc 37153786 KIA Graham
Bradley William J. 2 Lt O-778009 DNB Norton
Brown Armand V. Pvt 37711493 KIA Graham
Brown Robert G. Cpl 39190279 KIA Graham
Campbell Michael G. Sgt 37705898 KIA Sheridan
Carnes Carl R. T Sg 37203253 FOD Norton
Clydesdale R. K. Pvt 37203298 DNB Norton
Davidson William R. 1 Lt O-727701 DNB Norton
Dempewolf Vincent C. Cpl 6291203 KIA Norton
Desbien Earl F. Pfc 37009614 KIA Graham
Dreiling Raymond H. Pvt 37710961 KIA Graham
Eckhart John F. Pvt 17083469 DNB Norton
Farber Ronald W. Pvt 37361064 DOW Sheridan
Fitzgerald Jack D. Pvt 37343112 KIA Norton
Gage Gilbert L. Pfc 6954287 KIA Graham
Hamilton Charles A. Pfc 6548189 DNB Norton
Hare Joseph B. Tec4 37033679 KIA Norton
Heitman Orrin W. Tec5 37153601 KIA Norton
Jakubowski Martin F. Pfc 373348490 KIA Norton
Jones Charles E. S Sg 37014182 KIA Graham
Kent Edwin E. Tec5 37336158 DNB Norton
Kobler Wayne F. 1 Lt O-806697 KIA Graham
Koster Harold T. Pvt 37707671 KIA Sheridan
Maske Edward J. Pvt 37201619 DNB Sheridan
McKisson Paul F. Pfc 37153831 KIA Graham
Mindrup James G. Pfc 37336152 KIA Norton
Muir William L. Capt O-386785 DNB Norton
Neal James E. Sgt 37706230 FOD Sheridan
Nickerson Lemeul E. Sgt 37033192 DOW Norton
Niehaus Harold E. Cpl 37201145 KIA Graham
Porter Jerald G. 2 Lt O-537647 KIA Norton
Roper Charles E. 1 Lt O-363182 DNB Graham
Runyan Rex V. T Sg 37347330 KIA Norton
Scheck Mike Tec5 37336283 KIA Graham
Smith Roland E. Pfc 37156170 KIA Graham
Spillman Roy A. Pfc 37017802 DNB Sheridan
Stegeman John M. Pvt 37705673 KIA Sheridan
Stiawalt Zack L. S Sg 37242019 DNB Norton
Thompson Don D. T Sg 37001798 KIA Sheridan
Trexler Philip B. Pfc 37705630 KIA Graham
Trueblood Clayton E. Tec5 37014641 KIA Sheridan
Tyree Kenneth O. Pfc 37726931 DNB Sheridan
Walsh Ralph J. 2 Lt O-696289 KIA Norton
White Truman H. Pfc 37213083 DNB Norton
Whitford Durward L. Sgt 37033694 KIA Norton
Wieland Albert J. 2 Lt O-664483 DNB Norton

[Source: National Archives. Transcribed by site-owner.]

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