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Military Personnel
Brought Home For Burial

This is a partial list of military personnel who died while on active duty and were brought home for burial.

If you know of others who belong on this list, please submit them here.

Surname Given Home County Circumstances Interred
Clydesdale Russell Norton Died in North Africa Lenora South Cemetery
Goldsby Orrin Norton Died in France Lenora South Cemetery
Horton William Mark Norton Killed in action in Okinawa Lenora South Cemetery
Kent Edwin E. Norton Died in Germany Lenora South Cemetery
Kline Warren S. Norton Buried in France Lenora South Cemetery
Larrick Louis Norton Died at Gt. Lakes Training Camp of Spanish Influenza Lenora South Cemetery
Stenger Joseph F. Norton Killed in action Heartbreak Ridge - Korea Mount Calvary Cemetery
Sullivan Otis Graham Died of influenza at Ft Bliss, Texas 10/12/1918 Morland Cemetery

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Last updated 8 February 2016.