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Solomon Valley windmill

Solomon Valley Chronicles

Marriage Index

Alphabetically by Grooms

Announcement or License in the Source column link to a transcription of either the newspaper item or the license.
"Gradan" refers to the book "Gradan, A Memory", by the late Ruth Gross McCalister.

County Groom Bride Date Source
Graham Abernathy, John Moyers, Maggie (d/o Joe Hite) 1926 Gradan, page 213
Graham Acheson, Olen Bangle, Letha 12/1940 Gradan, page 282
Graham Ackley, Orin A Welty, Margaret A 1908 Announcement
Norton Allen, Edward Williams, Virgie 1904 Newspaper
Graham Alsdorf, Ora Braynard, Mary 1904 Gradan, page 89
Graham Alsdorf, William H. Morgan, Zula I. 1908 Announcement
Graham Anderson, Daniel Paintin, Ruth 11/1897 Gradan, page 59
Graham Anderson, Robert J. Edwards, Livenia 3/1892 Gradan, page 40
Graham Ashcroft, Robert Brandt, Cecile 1921 Gradan, page 191
Norton Atherton, Fred Booth, Bernice   Newspaper
Graham Baer, Charles Braynard, Edith 1901 Gradan, page 76
Graham Bangle, Austin Tebo, Ilah 1942 Gradan, page 287
Graham Bangle, Harold Montgomery, Ruby 7/1937 Gradan, page 270
Graham Bangle, Jesse Hite, Alta (d/o John M.) 10/23/1904 Gradan, page 94
Graham Barbo, Guy Baird, Annabel 1914 Gradan, page 171
Graham Barnes, Arthur Finley, Ida 7/5/1930 Newspaper
Graham Barnes, Frank Vail, Veda 1904 Gradan, page 94
Graham Bashford, Vern Dunning, LaVon 1943 Gradan, page 289
Norton Bean, Ernest Breeden, Lillian Unknown Newspaper
Graham Beecher, Carol Desbien, Leona 8/1/1932 Newspaper
Graham Bell, Claude Hite, Maudie 1921 Gradan, page 190
Graham Best, Chester Carl Born, Pearl I. 1908 License and Gradan, page 133
Graham Bills, James V. Emmons, Ola P. 1901 Gradan, page 73
Graham Bird, Andrew G. Anderson, Mary 1915 Gradan, page 173
Graham Booth, Albert H. Scott, Alma J. 6/23/1897 Gradan, page 57
Graham Born, Earl Thomas Seltzer, Edith Belle 1917 License and Gradan, page 176
Graham Born, Francis Thiesen, Marie 1926 Gradan, page 212
Graham Born, Frank R. Stanfil, Josephine 1/1888 Gradan, page 29
Graham Born, John Blazier, Gladys 1922 Gradan, page 197
Graham Born, John Straum, Emma Frances "Minnie" 1910 License
Graham Born, Thomas Madison Bullingon, Elmira Ruhama "Ella" 1890 License and Gradan, page 37
Graham Boss, Warren Moore, Lois 5/1928 Newspaper
Graham Brainard, Alex Holt, Unknown 1903 Gradan, page 86
Graham Brandel, John A. Godard, Rhoda J. 3/20/1888 License, Newspaper and Gradan, page 29
Graham Brandt, Elmer Gillispie, Mary 1934 Gradan, page 253
Graham Brandt, Roger Shoemaker, Esther 1919 Gradan, page 186
Norton Breeden, Orville Conklin, Myrtle 1909 Newspaper
Graham Brooks, Ross Clubb, Oakie circa 1917 Announcement
Graham Brown, Virgil Prentice, Anna 5/1930 Newspaper
Graham Brown, William G. Sutton, Alta May 9/1932 Newspaper
Norton Bunker, Byron Wilson, Ella 6/22/1917  
Graham Carney, M. V. Ashurst, Lula 10/1922 Newspaper
Graham Carter, Wayne Mowry, Irene 1931 Newspaper
Graham Carver, E. E. Smith, Della 1901 Gradan, page 77
Graham Charles, Ray Mowry, Blanche 1904 Gradan, page 93
Graham Clarke, John R. (Jr.) Emmons, Opal 12/1939 Gradan, page 279
Graham Coffey, Charles Hisey, Edna 1917 Gradan, page 178
Graham Colvan, H. J. Johnson, Ida 7/23/1899 Gradan, page 65
Graham Cook, James Bangle, Virginia 1944 Gradan, page 291
Norton Cruzen, Cleve Darling, Faye 6/1911 Newspaper
Graham Cullum, Dewey Brown, Lulu 9/7/1931 Newspaper
Graham Daily, Frank Anderson, Elva 1922 Gradan, page 198
Norton Dannar, Robert Barker, Georgia 6/5/1911 Newspaper
Graham Davidson, Samuel Stanfill, Mrs. Elizabeth 1907 Gradan, page 122
Graham Davis, Albert Rohr, Margaret 3/8/1930 Newspaper
Graham Dawson, Hubert Howard, Bertha 1920 Gradan, page 189
Graham Dawson, John S. Kline, Mary 1/1/1896 Gradan, page 52
Graham Dawson, John S. Purcell, Circea 8/2/1893 Gradan, page 44
Graham Delaney, Frank Young, Abell 5/17/1931 Newspaper
Norton Donelly, Peter Donelly, Mrs. Maude 1/27/1931 Newspaper
Graham Dowty, Archie Bashford, Florence 12/1921 Gradan, page 194
Graham Dowty, Leonard C. Anderson, Margaret 1922 Gradan, page 195
Graham Dreiling, Joseph Norman Richmeier, Anna 1906 License
Graham Dugdale, Leo Toll, Zelda 1937 Gradan, page 271
Graham Emmons, Fred Mathers, Lucy 10/1937 Gradan, page 271
Graham Emmons, George A. Cain, Cordie 1913 Gradan, page 168
Graham Evans, Ova M. Carver, Mary 1922 Gradan, page 197
Graham Fink, Bert Byerts, Lily 1908 Gradan, page 134
Graham Fink, Lawrence Nusse, Barbara 1936 Gradan, page 266
Graham Fink, Leon Morris, Vera 1943 Gradan, page 288
Graham Ford, Harold Lutz, Ethel 7/1931 Gradan, page 237
Graham Fox, Elmer Earl Keith, Barbara Ann 1907 License
Graham Fox, John L. Fink, Lorraine 1941 Gradan, page 285
Norton Fry, Stephen Wilson, Mrs. Emma 12/28/1892 Newspaper
Graham Fullen, Ernest W. Hisey, Letha Goodrow 1923 Gradan, page 200
Graham Fullen, Glen Gross, Edith 8/1940 Gradan, page 282
Graham Fullen, Lawrence Nicholson, Iva E. 1906 Gradan, page 115
Graham Fyler, Earl McNeil, Anna 1926 Gradan, page 212
Graham Garst, J. F. Wanamaker, Ferne 4/1938 Gradan, page 273
Norton Garton, Lewie Palmer, Miss Unknown Newspaper
Norton Gassman, Andrew R. Hicks, Donna Rae 7/2/1955 Newspaper
Graham Georgeson, Albert Carpenter, Opal 5/1931 Gradan, page 236
Graham Germany, Bruce Brown, Naomi 8/21/1924 Newspaper
Graham Glick, Loren Fink, Marie 1942 Gradan, page 286
Graham Gnagy, Ray Nesbitt, Anna 12/24/1930 Newspaper and Gradan, page 236
Graham Godard, Cornelius Howard "Neal" Toll, Lottie 1904 License and Gradan, page 90
Graham Goddard, Edward Paul Fox, Katie Lou 1916 License
Norton Goodman, George Simpson, Susan 7/3/1932 Newspaper
Graham Goodrow, Ed Waters, Nancy 1906 Gradan, page 114
Graham Graff, Beneventura Wittman, Katherine 10/1931 Newspaper
Graham Graham, Arthur Bangle, Eva 1934 Gradan, page 253
Graham Grandstaff, Clarence Kline, Willa 1942 Gradan, page 286
Graham Griffith, Wilford Jackson, Veda 5/8/1932 Newspaper
Graham Gross, Leverett Turner, Hazel 7/15/1933 Gradan, page 247
Graham Gross, Samuel K. Camren, Ida Maine 1887 License
Norton Gustafson, Bennie Curtis, Frances Mildred 5/31/1942  
Norton Hackney, Orville McKie, Pearl Unknown Newspaper
Graham Hall, Abraham Henrie, Jennie 2/20/1888 Newspaper
Graham Hall, Marvin Keiswetter, Edna 1/27/1932 Newspaper
Norton Harting, Roger Duane Malone, Penelope Gay 8/1966 Newspaper
Graham Herman, Andrew Riedel, Rosa 1/26/1932 Newspaper
Norton Haskins, William E. Reedy, Mrs. Emma 12/20/1913 Newspaper
Graham Heskett, Charles E. Hayes, Marinda 1918 Gradan, page 181
Graham Heskett, Charley Hill, Grace 1901 Gradan, page 75
Graham Heskett, Robert Scott, Mabel 1912 Gradan, page 159
Graham Hickert, John Fink, Mary 1924 Gradan, page 202
Graham Hill, Benjamin H. Jr. Godard, Hattie E. 1901 License
Graham Hillman, Arnold Bell, Oakie 4/1931 Newspaper
Graham Hinkle, Clifford Frickey, Ura 1928 Gradan, page 222
Graham Hisey, Edward A. Moyer, Winnie 1898 Gradan, page 63
Graham Hisey, Harry Hansen, Zephy 1918 Gradan, page 180
Graham Hisey, Samuel W. Edwards, Bermetta 10/1895 Gradan, page 50
Graham Hisey, Warren Hanselman, Hattie 12/25/1900 Gradan, page 72
Graham Hite, Al Antrobus, Bertha 1/25/1895 Gradan, page 49
Graham Hite, Josiah Baird, Jennette 10/1888 Gradan, page 30
Graham Hite, Omer Mangold, Lucille 1929 Gradan, page 225
Norton Holt, Chester Trent, Berna 5/20/1956 Newspaper
Graham Howard, John Nicholson, Bessie 12/1899 Gradan, page 67
Graham Hughton, Dannie Johnson, Josephine 1922 Gradan, page 195
Norton Hugley, Burl Abbott, Ada 12/24/1913 Newspaper
Norton Hunter, Donald D. Hake, Carolyn 6/12/1955 Newspaper
Graham Hunsicker, Owen A. McManimie, H. Maude 3/30/1913 Newspaper
Graham Huntington, Vernon Neeland, Liva E. 12/1921 Gradan, page 194
Graham Jackson, Clifford Cook, Thelma 1929 Gradan, page 226
Graham Jackson, R. S. Coffey, Alice 1915 Gradan, page 172
Graham Jeffery, Edwin Duncan, Anna 1925 Gradan, page 207
Graham Jeffery, H. W. Mowry, Edna 8/19/1897 Gradan, page 58
Graham Johnson, Osgood Shipley, Bessie 1912 Gradan, page 164
Graham Jones, Clarence Karnes, Merle 6/2/1931 Newspaper
Graham / Norton Jones, M. J. Hood, E. E. 7/31/1932 Newspaper
Graham Keith, James A. Fox, Myrtle Ann 1914 License
Graham Kemp, Barney McDonald, Doreen 1942 Gradan, page 287
Graham Kemp, Vergil Chipman, Teresa 1943 Gradan, page 290
Graham Kemper, Luther Scott, Anna 1941 Gradan, page 284
Graham Kemper, Pete Mowry, Nellie 1908 Gradan, page 132
Graham Kemper, Ted Fox, Laura 1941 Gradan, page 284
Graham King, Earnest Donahoo, Grace B. 12/13/1905 Gradan, page 105
Graham Klein, Henry Johnson, Helen 1934 Gradan, page 251
Graham Kline, Gareld Personett, Opal 6/1931 Gradan, page 238
Graham Kline, H. F. Mummert, Carrie 1906 Gradan, page 106
Graham Kline, J. W. Allen, Bessie 1896 Gradan, page 52
Graham Kline, Wayne Johnson, Leona 1935 Gradan, page 261
Graham Kline, Wm. G. Allen, Laura 3/18/1897 Gradan, page 57
Graham Kobel, Wesley Lindenman, Bethea 1939 Gradan, page 278
Graham Kobler, Harold Marsh, Ruth 10/13/1932 Newspaper
Graham Larson, Martin Personette, Addie 1903 Gradan, page 83
Graham Larson, Peter J. Personette, Mae 11/2/1898 Gradan, page 63
Graham Lee, Durfa A. Whipple, Alice 12/13/1888 Newspaper
Norton Lemonds, J. T. McCaskey, Ida May 1/6/1886 Newspaper
Graham Lindenman, Charles Teel, Esther 3/1940 Gradan, page 280
Graham Lunchbaugh, Erwin Horton, Louise 1911 Gradan, page 153
Graham Luse, Burton W. Bailey, Doris 5/7/1930 Newspaper
Graham Lutz, James H. Emmons, Myrtle B. 1901 Gradan, page 73
Graham Lutz, Joseph Alsdorf, Mrs. Rachel 1903 Gradan, page 83
Graham Malone, Wayne Collins, Esther 6/10/1931 Newspaper
Norton Martin, K. B. McCune, Angie 6/1911 Newspaper
Graham Martin, Obie Long, Florence 7/1931 Gradan, page 237
Norton Maxwell, Francis E. Porter, Carrie Samina 11/8/1918 Newspaper
Graham May, Oscar Shoemaker, Alice L. 1905 Gradan, page 102
Graham Mazza, Frankie Bangle, Glenna 11/8/1936 Gradan, page 268
Graham McGuire, Ollie Welty, Cora Mae 7/31/1932 Newspaper
Graham McRae, Harlan Swank, Ruth 5/1931 Newspaper
Graham Miles, Ivan McDaniel, Nola 6/1/1930 Newspaper
Graham Miller, F. C. Benson, Hazel 5/26/1928 Newspaper
Norton Mizell, Claude H. Gallatin, Leona 12/23/1913 Newspaper
Graham Moore, George Grant, Thelma 12/1924 Gradan, page 203
Graham Moore, Hessel Fullen, Florence 4/1928 Gradan, page 225
Graham Moore, R. W. Hite, Eva 1919 Gradan, page 186
Graham Morgan, Earl O. Steeple, H. Ruth 3/27/1922 Newspaper
Graham Morgan, Hillard Brown, Laura E. 4/30/1930 Newspaper
Graham Mowry, Willis L. Warner, Alice B. 8/1888 Gradan, page 30
Graham Moyers, Archie Hite, Maggie 1910 Gradan, page 148
Norton Nelson, Carroll Davis, Isabel 5/8/1964 Newspaper
Graham Nelson, Claus Johnson, Lydia 1906 Gradan, page 116
Graham Nelson, James C. Johnson, Christa C. 1910 Gradan, page 148
Norton Nelson, Jesse Fossett, Loma 4/14/1943  
Graham Nesbitt, Joe McCoy, Alice 1930 Gradan, page 234
Graham Nesbitt, Joseph Anderson, Lizzie 9/1892 Gradan, page 43
Graham Nicholson, Arthur Hansen, Amanda 5/1905 Gradan, page 102
Graham Nicholson, Ernest A. Teel, Blanche I. 1928 Gradan, page 222
Graham Nicholson, Raymond Reh, Olive 1926 Gradan, page 213
Graham Noone, James Leonard, Mamie 1902 Gradan, page 81
Graham Noone, T. M. Unknown 1/4/1899 Gradan, page 64
Graham Noone, Will Roberts, Blanche 1906 Gradan, page 115
Graham Northrop, George Cole, Mary 3/30/1888 Newspaper
Graham Olson, August V. Brandt, Myrtle 1917 Gradan, page 178
Graham Olson, George Henderson, Pearl 1903 Gradan, page 86
Graham Olson, Kenneth Johnson, Clara 12/1933 Gradan, page 250
Norton Palmer, Earl Herrick, Edith 6/24/1919 Newspaper
Graham Parker, Bryan Price, Ruby 12/29/1929 Newspaper
Graham Parks, Jay Anderson, Iva 1929 Gradan, page 225
Graham Parrish, J. C. F. Sweet, Annie 3/28/1888 Newspaper
Graham Personette, Charles Braynard, Minnie 11/2/1898 Gradan, page 63
Graham Personette, Orville Larson, Ada 5/1906 Gradan, page 109
Graham Peterson, Nels P. Larson, Martha M. 1908 Gradan, page 133
Graham Rash, Harvy B. Young, Vernita 4/4/1931 Newspaper
Norton Reedy, Charles Sines, Maud 8/1/1904 Newspaper
Norton Rhode, David S. Delp, Rosetta V. 1/11/1911 Newspaper
Graham Rice, Harold M. Toll, Lottie 1934 Gradan, page 253
Graham Richardson, Oliver Oscar Kirtley, Virgie 5/1899 Newspaper
Graham Roberts, J. E. Tolson, Miss 2/1/1888 Newspaper
Graham Rogers, Joseph C. Best, Ethel F. 1906 Gradan, page 112
Norton Roundtree, Neal Delimont, Adell 12/19/1913 Newspaper
Graham Rusink, Leonard Smith, Blanche 1931 Newspaper
Norton Russ, Millard Elwood Fredde, Walta Wanda 12/6/1961 Newspaper
Norton Saum, Earl Bolin, Lota M. Unknown Newspaper
Graham Sawyer, Earl Wait, Lillian 6/7/1906 Gradan, page 112
Graham Sawyer, Glenn Wait, Myrtle 6/7/1906 Gradan, page 112
Graham Schlyer, Arthur Fink, Pauline 1941 Gradan, page 284
Graham Scott, Adam Jeffrey, Minnie 10/1885 Gradan, page 15
Graham Shoemaker, Ira Duckett, Maggie 1910 Gradan, page 141
Graham Sieg, Carl Voyles, Viola 10/1921 Gradan, page 192
Graham Siegrist, Deane Gross, Ruth 2/1939 Gradan, page 277
Graham Smith, Arza Yocum, Myrtle 1908 Gradan, page 130
Graham Smith, Clyde Crowder, Kate 1907 Gradan, page 122
Graham Smith, Dale Balderston, Doris 8/1946 Gradan, page 296
Graham Smith, Lyle Stevens, Dorothy 5/1931 Newspaper
Graham Smith, Scott Baird, Jennett 10/1895 Gradan, page 50
Graham Snibly, Charles Jackson, Emma 12/1887 Newspaper
Graham Squire, Chester Mowry, Hanna 12/5/1888 Gradan, page 30
Graham St. John, Bruce Baird, Bessie 9/2/1900 Gradan, page 71
Graham St. John, Ross A. Underhill, Leah 1/1927 Gradan, page 219
Norton Stenger, Frank C. Ferris, Alice 5/16/1898 Newspaper
Graham Stephens, J. R. Waggle, Thelma 9/8/1930 Newspaper
Graham Stewart, Harry Boothe, Goldie 12/24/1929 Newspaper
Graham Stinemetz, Fae Clary, Wanda 2/6/1933 Newspaper
Graham Stites, Kenneth P. Freeman, Marie 12/10/1929 Newspaper
Graham Talley, Dale Bashford, Adele 1916 Gradan, page 176
Graham Taylor, Earl Born, Mabel 1914 Gradan, page 169
Graham Teater, Karl Kemp, Maye 1941 Gradan, page 284
Graham Tedrow, Mr. Stuck, Miss 1904 Gradan, page 95
Graham Teel, Chalmer Kline, Lena 1908 Gradan, page 129
Graham Teel, Hugh Kline, Elizabeth 1913 Gradan, page 166
Graham Toll, Harry E. Crowder, Mattie 1916 Gradan, page 175
Graham Toll, Jack Dreiling, Regina 4/1946 Gradan, page 296
Graham Treu, Ernie Bird, Olive 10/1925 Gradan, page 209
Graham Vesper, Claude Bell, Ella 12/24/1930 Newspaper
Graham Von Riper, Nelson Sturtevant, Ida May 3/1894 Gradan, page 45
Graham Voyles, Frank Hinkle, Mrs. Emma 1919 Gradan, page 186
Graham Waggoner, Wiley Emmons, Ina 1912 Gradan, page 164
Graham Wanamaker, C. R. Clifton, Stella 1910 Gradan, page 149
Graham Watson, Joseph Smith, Rebirdia 4/5/1930 Newspaper
Norton Welch, (Unknown) Miller, Dollie 2/14/1891 Newspaper
Graham Wells, Willie Richards, Eva abt 7/1/1880 Newspaper
Graham Williams, Sidney Fitzgerald, Etta 1912 Gradan, page 164
Norton Wills, Roy Stuenkel, Esther Unknown Newspaper
Graham Wing, George "a Chicago Lady" Bef 1880 Gradan, page 3
Graham Winters, Joseph Kline, Line 1912 Gradan, page 164
Graham Wood, John A. Dawson, Circea 1914 Gradan, page 170
Graham Woodside, Chester Lee Jones, A. Lois 1940 License
Graham Woodside, Marion Columbus Gross, Ida Maine (Camren) 1893 License
Graham Worley, Clarence Parks, Bernice 6/28/1930 Newspaper
Graham Yocum, Mark Gnagy, Leela 1909 Gradan, page 135
Graham Young, Howard Gage, Ethel 6/4/1932 Newspaper
Graham Zink, Vernon Cox, Rosetta 4/7/1930 Newspaper

[Unless otherwise noted with an "Announcement", "Newspaper" or "License" link, records are from Gradan, A Memory, by Ruth Gross McCalister, published 1994. Index compiled and contributed by site-owner.]

Solomon Valley Chronicles

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