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Long Inscriptions

Occasionally I run across a long inscription that is difficult to include in the cemetery transcription table due to the length. When that is the case, the cemetery listing will be linked to this page. Please click your browser's Back button to return to the cemetery listing.

Long Inscriptions
Inscription on the markers of Bonnie and Jessica Wilson, Hill City Cemetery

Our Girls
Bonnie and Jessi
One brunette, one blonde,
One shy, one outgoing.
Our girls were so different
And yet so much alike.
Sometimes they were identical;
Other times, night and day.
Bonnie preferred being indoors,
Jessi was always outside.
Always sharing their clothes,
And a love for Barbie dolls and books.
Bonnie was quiet and reserved,
Jessi was daring and vivacious.
Both loved animals and songs.
Our girls were loving and sweet.
They were sisters and friends.
Giggling and laughing as only girls do.
Bonnie and Jessi brought us joy,
Gave us kisses, hugs, and love.
Our girls were precious and precocious,
Each touched our lives in a unique way.
Bonnie enjoyed riding bikes and drawing,
Jessi delighted in running and dolls.
Each was special and very much loved.
They were our girls
Bonnie and Jessi.

Note: The above was written as a eulogy by the girls' aunt.

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